Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Uh Oh

Talked with my mom on the phone today.  She was telling me that she had cooked up a chicken so she could make chicken and dumplings for us when we come visit.  And she will also be preparing biscuits and chocolate gravy.  And no telling what else.  Ughhhhh.  Love my mom!  Love her cooking!  It looks like I won't be getting to have her dumplings this year at Thanksgiving because I don't think we're gonna be able to get together.  But still.  How in the world do you count points for those things?  Hers are amazing!  And the biscuits and chocolate gravy is a childhood thing.  Now my kids expect it when we go, which is not very often anymore.  So I'm a bit disappointed about how my week is obviously going to end.  But I'm going to see my parents and going to enjoy visiting with them!  That is my focus.  I can count points up through Thursday at supper, at least, and then I'll be back home Saturday late afternoon.  Anyway...

I weighed this morning just to see where I stood, and now I'm down to being 1.5 up from my lowest WI on the 10th.

I didn't make it to the gym again today.  First off, I wanted to make sure youngest daughter had been without a fever for long enough.  She hasn't had a single complaint about her throat or anything since early Monday morning, so that's good.  But when my son woke up this morning - pardon me - he had gunk crusted up on his cheeks and in his nose.  So I decided right then I should hold off yet again and make sure he's okay, too.  And he is.  He has always suffered with horrendous allergies, and usually his issues are first thing in the morning.  He's not had a runny nose or anything all day after giving him his allergy pill.  I should've done a video or something, but we were off schedule yet again and that messes up our day.  I stayed on the go all day with school, dishes, sweeping, laundry, doing bed sheets today, cooking, going and getting my eyebrows waxed, etc., etc., ETC!!  Lol  But at least I still tracked today, even with being so busy.

Today, the 21st, is the last day of voting for my cat in the contest.  If you are reading this on the 21st, try clicking HERE and casting a vote.  I'm not sure if the cut off is 11;59 pm Central time or what, but you can try!  :)  Last count was getting close to 1700 votes.  Amazing!

Breakfast was 2 eggs scrambled in butter, a slice of Sara Lee Delightful bread with 1 TBSP apple butter, 2 turkey bacon slices, and black coffee.

Lunch was ravioli topped with shredded 2% Colby Jack, a slice of bread with PB2 on it, and some 100% juice canned pineapples. 

This is PB2 in case anyone hasn't heard of it.  You mix the powder with water, and it's 1 points+ per serving.  I wasn't overly thrilled with it.  I guess it didn't seem as sweet as regular pb or something.  Anyone have any tweaks to it?  Regardless, it was still nice to have pb for less than 3 points+ a serving (and that's only a half serving).  I almost sprinkled some Stevia in it just to see if that would fix the issue for me.

Afternoon snack was a grahamfuls and a banana. 

My husband has been asking for the hot wings I used to make when doing Trim Healthy Mama.  They really are good.  I put 4 on my plate (pictured), but I ended up only eating 3 of them.  I also didn't use any of the blue cheese on my plate past one dip.  I decided I liked the wings better without the dressing.  I also had green beans and mashed potatoes.

I also realized today that I won't even be home to use my own scale for weighing in on Friday.  And I guess there won't be a weigh-in video on Friday considering I won't be home and won't have my scale!!!  I am happy that I've put effort back into tracking this week, even though I obviously won't make it through the whole week.  Bummer.  I don't know how I feel about all this.  I mean what I said about not wanting to use excuse after excuse not to track, but doesn't it seem like there really are some circumstances where tracking just isn't gonna be very possible?  But at my parents' house, NO weight loss plan would be possible.  I'm sitting here thinking of THM, calorie counting, WW, and low carb dieting.  None of those would be doable while visiting my parents.  I just keep reminding myself that it'll probably take me at least a full year to lose this weight.  I know me.  I know my busy life.  I know my struggles around PMS time.  I know the holidays are coming up.  Then there are new holidays right around the corner in 2015.  So I just need to keep plowing along to the best of my ability and losing when I can and hanging in there and not quitting just because things aren't perfect for a short time.  

Well, that's all of the profoundness from me tonight.  LOL  Bye!

Rubber Triceps and Pink Squash

Hello!!!!  I was a total loser on Sunday and failed at getting back on plan.  We pulled in the driveway at 11 pm on Saturday night.  Finally got in bed a bit after midnight.  All of us were WORE OUT on Sunday.  I was able to get up at a decent time, but the poor kids just wouldn't wake up.  I decided it would be an easy hair day for the girls and just let them sleep!  Lol  We all still managed to make it to church on time, even with picking up the elderly lady who rides with me.

Honestly, I did track breakfast.  I even took a picture.  Have you ever tried to eat scrambled eggs while driving?  LOL  Ugh.  I really need to just stick with a bar of some sort on Sundays.  I'm always rushing around and never have time to eat decently.  Anyway, we've had this new family visiting.  They had some questions and asked about going out to eat together after service.  They didn't tell us until AFTER service, which is fine.  I guess it just kinda got our mind off of coming home and making spaghetti and onto which restaurant we should go to.  My husband had some family members visiting the church that morning, so things were kind of hectic.  The new family realized that and decided to just come to church early that evening and talk with my husband about things.  So hubby walks up and says, "So meet you at home for spaghetti?"  But he had that look in his eyes of please no.  Ha  He had mentioned going out for Chinese, so obviously he was craving that.  Anything sounded good to this exhausted woman besides going home to a messy kitchen and making something to eat, so my reply was, "Meet me at the Chinese place!"  And off we went.  I really did MUCH better than in the past.  I ate way less.  I didn't eat any dessert, but then I went to Kroger next door and got a pint of chocolate extreme moose tracks.  I only ate the chocolate chunks out of it, not even all of those, and then I handed it to hubby to get it away from me.  Then I took a 3-hour nap!  Man, did that feel good!

After church that night, I went to one store only and bought just what I needed to get us through the days that we will be home this week.

Hormones are all balancing out now, and I was able to get back on track today.  I took pics of everything. I did have a couple of cravings, but I was able to stay strong.  Amazing the difference that hormones make in your willpower!!!

Breakfast was an apple cinnamon oatmeal pack with Sweet Blend, butter, and cream mixed in.  I had 2 turkey sausage links, a pear, and black coffee.

Lunch was 2 slices of Sara Lee Delightful bread with 10 grams of RF mayo, 1 slice of Sargento Thin pepper jack cheese, and 56 grams of roast beef.  I grilled it but with no butter or anything, so toasted???  I had an individual bag of some cool flavor of Fritos twists on the side.  They were 5 points+ for the bag, but this once I was okay with that.  Also had a banana.

I had 2 Dove afterward.

Breakfast and lunch both ran late today . I got up when my alarm went off at 6:45 am, but it was FREEZING in the house (well, felt like it to me anyway).  I got up and turned the heat on, but I was cramping so terrible that there was no way I was getting up.  So no schedule today.  Even my husband slept in and went to work late.  Had such a fun weekend, but it was just a busy, long weekend.  We all needed some rest!

Since breakfast and lunch were late, no one needed a snack before supper.  I knew I was making spaghetti, but when I pulled my half a spaghetti squash out it had pink freckles.  Figured that wasn't a good thing.  Lol  I was really bummed because that meant I had to eat actual noodles, which meant 5 points+.  I felt a twinge of "oh well, you tried, eat up," but instead I told myself to count the points and just stay focused.  I weighed my noodles dry and then cooked them separately from everyone else's.  I sauteed red bell pepper, onion, and mushrooms in 1 tsp of coconut oil and then added 1/2 cup of Ragu sauce, 2 oz of lean burger meat, and 28 grams of Italian cheese.  I had a slice of  Pepperidge Farm garlic toast on the side.  It was very good.

I had only had 1 bottle of water all day, so I drank 2 more after supper.  I also had 1 more Dove dark chocolate.

I started today with the points I was given at my last lowest weigh-in (the 9-pounds-down one), and I have given myself 20 weekly points to make it through until my points reset on Friday.  I know I don't even deserve the 20, but I tried to work it to where I have no excuse to call it quits until another week has passed by.

I didn't go to the gym today for multiple reasons.  For starters, my youngest daughter complained of a sore throat on the way home Saturday night.  I checked her Sunday morning, and she didn't have a temp or anything . I assumed it was from being outside all day Saturday.  None of us have ever had Strep throat.  She continued to complain on Sunday, and she woke up this morning with a temp of 100.0.  No sick kids at daycare.  I gave her some ibuprofen and she went ahead with her schooling once that kicked in.  No issues the rest of the day.  Odd!

Okay, my triceps have KILLED ME all weekend.  They were definitely sore on Friday evening after my training session.  On Saturday, they were VERY sore.  On Sunday, I took ibuprofen.  LOL  They were seriously THAT SORE.  My right arm is especially sore.  My triceps are even sore to the touch!!!  I had the self checkout guy at Kroger scan my water for me last night because I just knew I couldn't lift that water!  Then I got lucky and a buggy guy was taking in buggies and said he would put my water in the van for me. Thank you, Lord!  Blessed.  Lol  My right arm is still so sore today that every time I try to lift my hand up to rub my eyes or put my hair in a pony tail, I cringe and complain.  I am shocked!  The most exercise my triceps ever get is flapping in the wind while waving goodbye to someone!  I guess hey are in shock!  Hahaha

I have no clue what I weigh because I've not weighed since Friday morning.  I don't expect the # is very pretty, but I do expect it to get better.  :)

So I'm off to bed now.  Late.  Again.  Go figure.  I do want to say that the 21st is the last day of voting in the contest my cat is in.   I'd appreciate if you'd follow THIS LINK and cast a vote for me again.  :)

Friday, October 17, 2014

Results are In

I'm at a hotel and about to sack out, so I'll just post the (mess of a) video.  I won't be back on the blog again until Sunday night since I'm away.  Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Upcoming Plan

Okay, so this week was a total flop!!!  As long as I have time tomorrow, I'm going to go ahead and do my video of shame for WI day!  Lol  I will have to school the kids and pack, though, to leave for KY as soon as hubby gets home from work.  I weighed this morning, and I'm up 1.5 pounds.  Honestly, that's not too bad for all my cheating!!!  But I hate it!  But at least I know why it is so!  Anyway....

I am eating at home for bfast and lunch tomorrow.  Supper will be eating out while traveling.  Last year at this fall get together, chili dogs and several fall desserts were shared.  We will get home super late on Saturday night.

My plan is to get back to tracking on Sunday.  PMS or not, I don't care! I have to track!  I can't allow one week of hormones to undo everything I've worked hard for over the last 3 weeks.  So Sunday, I will be back to tracking and will say I have 29 weeklies left for the week to get me through until my new WW week resets on next Friday.

Next week will bring its own challenges.  I decided today that I am going to go visit my parents next week Thursday evening through Saturday afternoon.  My mom is a food pusher, and she's good at it.  I would eat salmonella off a counter top just to hush her up!  :)  There are all kinds of unhealthy snacks and foods galore.  There is never anything in that house with nutritional value, other than a banana!!!  I'm not joking.  They are mid/late-70s and eat McDonald's nearly every day of their life.  If it's not there, then it's Pizza Hut or Hardee's.  :::sigh:::

My dad is doing bad.  Really bad.  He's 77-1/2 years old.  He nearly died last year in October, got put on a ventilator, was left paralyzed and in rehab to learn to walk again.  Well, I told y'all there is nothing more they can do for his heart.  Another big issue is that ever since he went through what he did last fall, he has had EXCRUCIATING low back pain.  There is nothing they can do for that because his heart puts him at too big of a risk for any surgical help.  My dad is usually so jolly and happy.  Not so much anymore.  He is so depressed over his back.  He has started randomly vomiting.  His chest hurts.  Honestly, at this point my prayer is that he lives until next week when the kids and I can go visit him!!!  :(

So my point in the above is to say that this week it's PMS and traveling, next week it will be traveling, and then the 2nd week in November hubby is preaching a revival, which means more traveling!!!  There's ALWAYS going to be something going on to keep me from eating good and losing weight!  Life is just that way.  I am completely fine with taking off a day here and there occasionally, or even a week from time to time!  But I can't just say, "Well, this is going on, so I can't lose weight."  My life is super busy.  There is ALWAYS something going on!  I just have to face up to that and work around it.  I want this.  I want to not hate having my picture taken anymore.  I want to stop making "fat jokes" about myself so I beat other people to the punch.  I don't want to be asked if I'm pregnant for the rest of my life!!!  So that's that!

I did take the kids to the gym today and we went swimming.  Those kids have begged me for 2 months now to get in the jacuzzi.  It always looked dirty on bottom, so I contacted the gym.  They cleaned it up nicely!  I told the kids we could do it today.  They cheered.  They were in for all of about 5 minutes and said, "Can we go to the real pool now?"  KIDS!!!  I was really relaxing and enjoying the hot water and bubbles.  So we got out and went to the indoor pool and swam for 2 hours.  Good exercise, but I didn't do too much work other than staying afloat!

My eating was carby and junky and processed.  Didn't want to crawl out of the bed again.  I love our new schedule and sleeping in totally ruins our school day!  I can't keep allowing myself to get out of my groove.

Okay, that's all.  I am facing up to the issues, facing up to the numbers, and I'm moving forward! Nothing else can be done but that!  I'm glad to know you all appreciate my honesty on the blog.  I am really bad about being TOO honest, so I'm glad you like it.  LOL

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I Killed It

And in a bad way!!!  I promise this is not me!  I've not given up!  Started out the day with a 2-egg omelet loaded with veggies.  Had grapes on the side.  Whoot!  I went to the gym.  I did 15 minutes on the treadmill, 4 different arm machines, and then 5 minutes on the elliptical.  I would've gotten some more stuff in, but the front desk lady wanted to talk to me when I got there about something that was going on.  So I was already late and then we chatted about 10 minutes.  Anyway, came home and had leftover chili and 2 Dove dark chocolates.  Then the urges started coming.  My eyebrows were twitching.  Demon utterings started coming forth from my lungs.  Fangs grew.  I wanted food and wanted it now!  But I held myself in check because I really had nothing to "sink my teeth into."  Bwahahaha.

Supper was supposed to have been spaghetti.  One of the kids asked if we could have potato soup tonight instead.  I figured that was fine.  Then my husband mentioned the Marie Callendar's pot pies in the freezer I had gotten at 50% off.  I had forgotten about them.  But when he said, PING!  Food trigger!  I didn't figure the points, but I remember from the past that one of those puppies is like 17 points+.  Eeeeek.  Had that with no sides, but still.  :::sigh:::  Then I had a dessert that shall remain nameless.  Bought it on sale when it was b1g1.  I've got to, got to, GOT TO quit doing that to myself!  If it's on sale and I want it and it's a dessert, just get one half price instead of two to "save for later," Staci.  Seriously!

Then I went to church.  I didn't weigh this morning.  I am going to the gym tomorrow for swimming.  I'm not burning as much as I'm eating, but at least I'm still moving.  I've gone from being excited about this Friday's WI to knowing it will be a bust.  Grrr.  I'm not trying to just give up and use the female card excuse, but I can say at least I really do know why I'm suddenly having issues.  It won't last forever.  I'm still checking in and admitting my faults so that I can stay accountable.  I want to dig myself out of this!  I must!

Again, I did take food pics today but I feel it's foolish to post them when it could just trigger someone to have a craving.  I don't wanna do that!  I used to follow a weight loss blog that ended up making me want to eat like a horse instead of eat healthy because that person was always traveling to exotic places and eating amazing food.  I had to unfollow!  LOL

I cannot quit yawning, y'all.  I got a lot accomplished today with grading school papers, filing school papers, preparing tomorrow's lessons, etc.  That feels SO good.  Hopefully that means I will get myself to bed at a decent time tonight!!!

Oh, let me leave y'all with a funny.  My third daughter is a hoot.  She takes everything literally.  I call her Amelia Bedelia.  She is what you would call BLOND.  :)   She got finished with one of her video classes early today, before her time slot was up.  I put everything in 30-minute to 1-hour increments.  I heard her behind me looking at the schedule mumbling, "9:47, 9:47."  Then she said, "Mom, WHERE is 9:47 at on this schedule?!"  She wanted to know what she should do next. LOL  Silly girl!  I told her she'd need to move on down to 10:00.  :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hurry Up

I just have to say I reallllyyyy wish this week would be over with so nature could take its course and I can eat good again and not have a craving every second of the day.  So frustrating!  Plus, I am always tired on this week of the month.  I don't want to get out of bed in the mornings!  Totally didn't get on schedule today.  I already told the kids that tomorrow is back up and at 'em, though!  I love our school schedule.  It either makes me more calm or my kids less annoying.  Not sure which one yet, but it works.  Ha!  So I need to get off here and get to bed!

I did take food pics from today, but I'm not even going to post them.  It's not worth it!  No inspiration whatsoever.  I slept in, so breakfast was a Kashi bar and cofee.  I had a banana as a snack.  Tomorrow was supposed to be eat out for lunch on the way home from the gym, but I asked hubby to bring something home today instead since we were all thrown off schedule anyway.  I wanted a #1 combo, but instead I got a Wendy's Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger and a value fry.  I sent my husband to the Dollar General for a Reese's pumpkin.  They didn't have any.  He went to the gas station.  They didn't have any.  I told him this is Halloween season and people MUST have them. Rofl  We personally don't even celebrate Halloween, but I want my pumpkin!!!!  Ha  He wanted to know if a normal Reese's was okay, but the pumpkins are just so much better because they have more peanut butter.  Can I get a witness?  Lol  Poor guy went BACK to Dollar General (they are just 1 minute away from each other) and bought an assorted bag of mini pumpkins and Hershey's.  I had 3 of the mini pumpkins.  He gets home and realizes all the Hershey's have graves on them with hands sticking up from the dirt.  Oy!  We unwrapped them and stuck the bars in a baggy.  LOL

I managed to drink one bottle of water all day.  I didn't go to the gym OR exercise at home.  Supper was a bagged Bertolli meal and 1 slice of garlic toast per person.  Tonight had to be a quick meal because we were asked to sing at a revival meeting.  In fact, tonight had to be fast, Wednesday has to be fast for church services, and Thursday hubby is preaching in the prison service so there's another fast meal.  We leave for Cunningham, KY after my husband gets off work Friday, so supper will be out.  This week is crazy in a lot of ways when I think of it!

To be honest, I was so freaked out about the pizza that I weighed yet again this morning.  I WAS DOWN 0.5.  What in the world???  But that's not going to stick.  My food choices have had a lot of sodium and junky ingredients this week.  At some point the tide will turn on me, and I'm sure it will be in time for WI on Friday!

I am going to the gym tomorrow.  No way I'm missing an entire week now that I've gotten used to it!  I dread going now that I haven't been in several days, but once I get there I'll love it again.  My kids are complaining that they haven't gotten to go see the babies in the daycare anyway.  Middle daughter loves babies.  Oldest daughter loves that she can take a novel and read without being bothered.  My youngest two love playing with all the toys.  Lol   I may be having cravings, but that doesn't mean I can't still go exercise!  I will say, though, that I've been way better than I normally would have during this time.  Small steps!

Someone asked about my fried radishes.  I take a small, 8-inch skillet.  I put it on medium heat and let 1 teaspoon of coconut oil melt in it and get hot.  Meanwhile, I'm washing off a few radishes and cutting off both edges.  Then I just cut them into chunks, just like I would potatoes.  I also cut up part of an onion.  Drop it all in the skillet and stir it around occasionally.  Find a lid that you can place on top of the pan after it's cooked for a few minutes uncovered.  Let the lid sit on the pan but be vented/half open.  Occasionally stir until everything is cooked through, no longer tough, and as browned as you want.  Season with sea salt, onion powder, pepper, garlic powder, or whatever desired seasonings while cooking.  I eat these now in place of fried potatoes, and for me it's a really great substitute!  Give it a try sometimes and save on carbs or points.

Well, that's all.  Nearly midnight!  I'm going to blink my eyes and be in bed.  Goodnight!  My cat is over 1200 votes note!  Please click here and keep voting!!!

Strong Winds and Storms

Wow, what weather we had here in TN tonight!  I'm sure some had much worse, but I'm not used to my screen door being blown completely open and shut repeatedly before I can get to it!  Lots of limbs and things in the driveway from the neighbor's tree.  My ceiling is leaking.  We never did lose power, though, which really surprised me!

Someone asked about yesterday's post why not turn the Saturday evening dishes job over to the girls.  Funny because I actually suggested that to him.  When I do mention wishing we had a dishwasher, he always replies that I'm raising some and use them!  LOL  So I told him if he couldn't get to them, put those older two to work for him.  :)  Well, the girls do some dishes in the evenings, but A Beka homeschool curriculum is very involved with seatwork and book reports, etc.  I want them to pitch in and help and have their responsibilities, but I do also like to have them go outside and play or read and do things that kids do, too.  I try to keep a good balance.  Oh, and the reason we've never gotten a dishwasher installed is because this is an older house and two different professionals have said that it wouldn't be an easy install.  :::sigh:::  We are actually really praying about selling and purchasing something different anyway.  I'm def looking for a house with a dishwasher if we ever buy again!  We've lived in this home nearly 10 years now.  Time flies!

As far as putting the issue out here, he knows how open I am about things.  I've always been that way.  I tend to blog about whatever is on my mind.  Now had I come and said, "My husband is the biggest jerk on earth and lazy and no good!" I would think horribly of myself for venting online.  However, I tried to keep good humor about the situation.  I recall bunches of times posting how I couldn't make it without the help my husband gives, and I definitely mean that!  I am quick to point out on my blog when I am wrong and tell all my faults.  I have admitted some pretty embarrassing things that I've done on this blog!  I don't want to tell anything personal or embarrassing towards my husband, but a fight over the dishes just isn't something I feel I can't talk about.  I think most marriages have these little petty arguments that seem like SUCH a huge deal at the time but in reflection you realize you overreacted.  Both of us have apologized to each other for how we handled the situation, flared the situation, or reacted to the situation.  I definitely don't agree with airing out hateful, angry, dirty laundry online.  I didn't think of mine as that.  I'm sure to some men, they would be livid that the story was told.  My husband just laughs at me and tells me I'm crazy.  Everyone out there has different personalities!  :)

A friend of mine asked last week about coming over this evening.  Hubby and the kids went out for a few hours by themselves.  She had purchased Mom's Night Out and wanted me to see it.  I have to admit it was cute.  It was nice seeing some of my thoughts and feelings on screen because that lets me know that I'm not the only human being with those thoughts and feelings!  If I was, no one would write an entire movie with it.  Lol  My friend suggested bringing over a pizza, so I tried to eat very light all day to save up for that!

Breakfast was just 2 turkey sausage links, 1 slice of Delightful bread, with 7 grams of butter, toasted, and 1 Tbsp of apple butter on top, and coffee with cream.

Not sure why I didn't grab any fruit!  I know the bananas aren't ripe yet.  I set my alarm for 7:50 am instead of 6:50 am.  :(   I woke up on my own at 7:48 and panicked.  I checked my alarm 3 times before going to bed last night!  Obviously, I wasn't thinking clearly!  So I guess I was just cramming in some breakfast and getting ready to school.

My daughter had her piano lesson moved to 10:30 am at my house today, so we didn't go to the gym.  Piano teacher ran behind by 30 minutes, so I told her I'd just keep the kids moving along with their schoolwork until she arrived.  While oldest daughter was having her lesson, I did a 1-mile walk and cool down with Leslie Sansone.  This was NOT the walk to pick.  It's really fast paced (for me, lol), and I didn't enjoy it at all, just to be honest!  This used to be one of my very favorite ones back two years ago or so.  Hopefully I can enjoy it again soon!

After the piano teacher left, we had lunch.  The husband and kids had pizzadillas, but I chose something different since I would be having pizza tonight.  I grabbed a Lean Cuisine panini out of the freezer.  Instead of having chips, I had Cottage Berry Whip (cottage cheese, frozen berries, and Truvia) as my side.

A bit later, I had 2 Dove.

In the afternoon, I became motivated to do something with my laundry room!  It is the size of a large bedroom, which is nice, but because of that it becomes a dumping ground for EVERYTHING.  Well, I recently asked my husband to bring all of our clothing and shoe totes to the back porch.  I decided I wanted those things in my laundry room.  My poor husband has to go out there when there's something I thought we had in the closet that is not.  There are spiders out there, so he prefers I just stay out and let him get the stuff.  Well, I hate doing that to him.  He has to deal with spiders, hot, cold, rain, no lights in there if it's evening, and rummaging through a bazillion labeled totes on a mission.  LOL  So now, I can get this stuff myself!  I took everything out of the laundry room except the washer and dryer. I swept everything.  Then I started lugging stuff back in and putting it where I wanted it to go.  When my cat came in the laundry room this evening, he sniffed around a while wondering what had happened!  Lol

Finally, it was time for supper!  I made chili for my family before they headed out tonight.  My friend brought over one large Pizza Hut pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms.  I didn't take a picture because we ate on the couch in the dark while watching the video.  We both drank two bottles of water after.  I didn't make any dessert or anything, but we did each have 2 Dove dark chocolate pieces.

I weighed this morning just because I can FEEL the struggle I'm having.  I really think it's just the timing of where my hormones are at this week.  But I'm not getting in my f/v, eating more processed, etc.  To my surprise, I hadn't gained a single ounce since Friday.  I realllyyyy wanted to get to 10 pounds lost at this Friday's WI, but I'm starting to feel like maintaining is going to be something to celebrate!  We shall see.  I'm still counting points and trying.  This too shall pass!

Everyone stay safe tonight if it's storming in your area!