Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Doctor's Visit

I was just about to go to bed when I remembered that I meant to do a post today!  It is/was Tuesday, but I didn't weigh this morning.  I haven't been counting points.  :(   I have lost all my WW text buddies, and that's just no fun at all!  Lol

I did go to the Community Clinic today and had to get on their scale.  I weighed 3 pounds less than when seen there 6 weeks ago.  This is consistent with the 6 pounds less I weighed at the other office last week.  I'm happy to continue to see maintenance.

Over the past year, my heartburn has only gotten worse.  I am pretty sure it is because of my weight gain, but at the same time my mom has Barrett's esophagus.  In fact, she just had two places biopsied during her EGD last week and was told one was precancerous.  I decided I should stop ignoring my heartburn and be seen.

I also never heard back about doing a trial of metformin for fatty liver disease.  Instead of trying to find out over the phone again, I decided to just make an appointment.

The NP did decide to try me on metformin at 500 mg twice daily.  The lady said to take it at morning and bedtime.  The pharmacist said to take it 30 minutes before breakfast and supper.  The bottle says to take with food.  The internet says to take at the end of a meal.  Good grief!  I took it 30 minutes before supper for the first time.  About an hour later, I had some upper stomach pain.  Two hours later, I couldn't stop burping and wanted to bend over with pain in my stomach!  That's when I googled and found the recommendation of waiting until directly AFTER a meal to take it.  Apparently it causes much less stomach upset that way.  I am going to give this a week and see if the side effects subside.  It's supposed to take about that long.

I was sent to the lab to have my A1c checked (average of blood sugar levels) and to have blood drawn to check for Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori for short).  This is a bacteria that gets in the stomach and really usually doesn't cause issues until you have an ulcer.  The clinic is closed the rest of this week, so I suspect I won't hear anything until middle or end of next week at the earliest.  If I've not heard anything by Thursday, I will call.  Hubby and Mom have both had H. pylori in the past.  I don't feel that I have it, but I guess it's a possibility with the heartburn.

I asked about omeprazole, but she seemed to think I only needed 6 weeks of a different medication.  She's thinking I've let the heartburn go on so long that my stomach lining is just irritated and needs time to heal.  I hope so.  If I test + for H. pylori, I will start the 2-week treatment regimen for that as well.

The good news is, the above problems should go away with weight loss.  The bad news is, I really stink at weight loss!!!  I told the NP today that I tend to lose 6 pounds in 2 weeks and then gain 3 and try again in 3 months and lose 6 and gain back 3 again.  So at the rate of maintaining a 3-pound loss every 3 months, I should be a normal weight in about 10 years!  LOL

I definitely am happy to know that by getting to a normal weight, I should be able to stop both of my new medicines.

I am back to being confused.  Do you all ever get confused?  I love WW and it definitely works for the 2 weeks I stick to it every so often.  The other night, though, I stumbled on the "new research" that shows that full fat milk and dairy is "better for you" than the skim, reduced fat, and fat free that I've been using probably since I was a pre-teen because my parents switched to it back then.  Now I feel at a loss.  Using full-fat dairy on WW would use many more points.  But would doing that actually be healthier for me and keep me more satisfied?  Should I just switch to goat's milk and call it even??  :)   But you see my point - what to do?!

I also recently had a friend tell me that she believes people shouldn't eat fruit past lunch hour because that way your body can get rid of the sugar before the evening meal and bedtime and time of inactivity.  That's not quite how she said it.  How she said it makes sense.  Ha!  So now I find myself only eating fruit for breakfast and lunch, not for afternoon snacks.

You can really drive yourself nuts if you just start researching, yanno?  You can find something on the internet to support whatever your personal opinion is.  Seriously!  A friend today told me to ditch metformin and do coffee enemas instead.  Eww, but I researched it anyway.  I found an equal amount of sites claiming it was healthy as I did claiming it could kill me and cause serious complications.  I am going with the latter.  I reallllly wasn't liking the sound of enema, but definitely not COFFEE enema.  I'll just drink my one cup of joe, thanks.  :)

Oh, we had 5 calls on our house being for sale by owner on Saturday and Sunday!  A man actually came to look at the house Monday evening.  He just moved here from FL for his wife's job.  I think he is a lawyer and said he just recently opened up an office in town.  He said he refused to move here if his 6-year-old granddaughter couldn't come.  So he was told, "Find us a house, and we'll come!"  Wow, I need new parents.  LOL   Jk  He was very interested in the house, but who knows how that will turn out.  So then I couldn't sleep last night because I was hoping the house would sell so we could be out of the bondage of debt and make a new beginning.  At the same time, though, we have lived in this house almost 11 years now.  It's the only home all 4 of our kids remember.  It is an older house, but the rooms are big and spacious, making it easy to have a family of 6 here.  I feel nervous yet excited about the prospect of moving.  So I laid there until 2 am before finally being able to calm down enough to close my eyes and fall asleep.  I hate that!

Well, my parents are coming in tomorrow for Thanksgiving.  Yay!  I'm so glad they are coming.  With my dad feeling like he does, they haven't been up here to spend the night in months on end... maybe a year???   So I know I will be busy, and I'm sure many of you will, too.  So have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and enjoy your many blessings, big and small!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Down at the Doctor

I ended up at the doctor today, but it wasn't for me.  A friend of mine was having a really hard day.  She's started having panic attacks.  She was so upset on the phone that I really felt she needed someone to be with her.  I met her in town and drove her to her doctor's appointment.  My kids were at our homeschool group, and I had four friends I trust keeping an eye on them.  My friend is seeing the same doctor I did before going to the local Community Clinic for uninsured patients.  Since she wanted me to go back with her, I asked the nurse if she cared if I weighed.  I was super excited to see I was 7 pounds down from my last visit in April.

On Tuesday night at Publix, the higi machine showed me another pound down from my last weigh in a couple weeks ago there.  It's nice to know that my scale at home isn't messed up.  While I've not lost any more over the past 3 weeks of being pretty pathetic, at least I'm maintaining the loss that I did have and can just keep subtracting from that number!

Speaking of the Community Clinic, I have to say I'm a bit disappointed.  I'm sure they will be great for being seen with sickness.  However, I never received a call back from the NP that saw me on my initial visit.  She told me I didn't need to come back for 6 months, but she said once she received my lab results she would give me a call.  She had talked about starting me on metformin for fatty liver disease.  She thought it would help my liver enzymes along with curbing my craving for sweets and help with any elevated blood sugar levels.  I was kind of eager to try it and see if it would help me.  A lot of people just feel sick to their stomach on it, but others feel it has helped them.  I dunno.  It just sounded like something I wanted to try!  I called back 2 weeks after my appointment and was told she wouldn't be back in the office until the following Friday and that she had not yet reviewed my records that were sent from my doctor.  That's the thing.  Since the cost of the visits are discounted down to $20, they have doctors who volunteer and rotate hours.  Apparently, that is going to be a problem for me if they can't even remember to follow back up with me like they said they were going to do.  :-/  I'm sure by the time 3 weeks passed, I was a distant memory.  I am debating on getting another appointment and being seen, but I just hate that it was supposed to be something handled over a phonecall that now will cost 20 bucks.  Oh well.  If I decide I'm not happy, I can just go back to seeing my previous doctor.

My parents are coming up next week for Thanksgiving.  We are moving our mid-week church service to Tuesday so that ladies can prep and cook on Wednesday evening for their Thursday meal.  The church I went to growing up always did that, and the ladies loved it.  I convinced my husband to carry on that tradition each time he has pastored.  We are keeping it simple.  I am like - turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, green beans, dumplings, and pumpkin pie.  My mom is like - with corn, peas, rolls, sweet potato casserole, and an apple pie.  LOL  We are so different.  I prefer to keep things simple, and she prefers to have EVERYTHING and end up horribly stressed.  I have convinced her that less is more since there will just be the 8 of us.  I am doing everything except the dressing and dumplings.  I have no clue how to make either of those.  That's kinda sad but a good thing, too, because I'm better off without them in my life on a regular basis.  Ha!

All my kids are finally well.  My son still has a bit of leftover cough, but he hasn't had a breathing treatment since Sunday evening or Monday morning.

Oh!  We had terrible winds here on Tuesday evening.  Before going to sleep around midnight that night, I thought of our trampoline and said, "I hope our trampoline does okay in this wind!"  I got it a year or two ago off of Craigslist.  It was new in the box, top rated, with a net enclosure for $175!  It's like $500 brand new.  Anyway, I woke up at 5 am Wednesday and went to the restroom.  I looked out the bathroom window and didn't see the trampoline.  I'm seriously blind without my glasses or contacts, though, so I wasn't sure if it was there or not.  I woke up my husband, who thought that was a bit silly, and sure enough it was blown away!  He looked all over and couldn't see it.  It was still dark outside and raining, too.  After about 20 minutes, we finally spotted it quite a ways from our house in our elderly neighbors back yard.  Ugh!  He was able to get it home today, and it looks like it is all fine except for the net.  Some of the poles were messed up, but they went back into shape fairly easily.  Time to get an anchor for that thing!

I am so looking forward to this weekend, and I don't even know why.  I just feel like this week has had its stressful points, and I really hate stress.  I am trying to simplify things in my life.  We are about to quit piano lessons for a while.  I would like to quit our homeschool co-op, but the kids really enjoy it.  Lately it just feels like going ANYWHERE makes me feel stressed.  Going to the gym doesn't, but going places in the middle of our day for the most part just makes me feel stressed.  Does anyone else feel like the more they are gone the more their house falls apart and a decent dinner gets pushed to the side, etc?

I told a friend today whose son has every toy you can imagine that I won't be able to buy him a gift for Christmas this year so please don't buy my kids one.  For the last two years, she has bought all four of my kids a gift.  I felt silly not to get her son one after that, yanno?  But I don't even buy for my nephews or nieces.  Things are very tight around here, especially after smashing in our back windshield here recently.  I thought I'd just put a stop to it before it starts this year.  I just can't keep trying to do things because it's expected.  I think it's great that some people are able to do and give, but we just aren't at this point.  We're still very seriously thinking we need to sell our house and rent for a year or two so we can be debt free and get smart with our finances like we now know that we should've done 16 years ago but didn't, messing us up for years now!  Hubby bought a bigger, better for sale by owner sign tonight and a couple smaller ones to put at the end of the road so people on the main road can see it.  Also, he has found out for sure now that his job will begin trickling down by the end of  December and be phased out completely by mid-year.  That was just another reality check to get things in order!

Well, this was quite long and pointless.  But hey, I promised a mid-week post and here it is!  Lol  I hope everyone out there is doing great and has a nice weekend.  :)