Friday, December 19, 2014

Flu Update

Because I know the entire blogosphere is awaiting an update on our household.  Ha!  So we went to bed last night with two sick girls, one well girl playing nurse, and one little boy who had just woke up all chipper from a nap because of a headache.  That stinker was wide awake.  I, however, was not.  He slept in the bed with me since hubby was in a different room.  That boy wanted to talk!  This girl wanted to sleep!  Every time I would drift off, he would start talking or coughing or roll right over nearly on top of me and disturb me.  Around 4ish, he started saying his throat hurt.  He reminds me so much of oldest daughter by seeming EXCITED to be sick.  He gave me a play-by-play report every minute or so.  "Mom, my throat hurts.  Mom, my throat hurts 'worser' now.  Mom, now my throat REALLY hurts."  Shut up!!!!  Lol  I felt his head and could tell he was hot.  I got up and stumbled to the bathroom to find the thermometer.  His temp was 100.4.  I was pretty grumpy from zero sleep at this point, so I got up feeling everyone's heads, including my husbands, and was sure to let him know I had had NO sleep.  He just sorta looked confused.  Lol  He came into our room and coaxed our son to be quiet and let me sleep.  He did fall asleep, but at this point he was feverish and kept coughing directly into my face.  :(

I tried to sleep in but it was pointless.  I did lay in bed until about 9:30, but oldest daughter was in and out asking permission to give this one Sprite or that one crackers or could she wash the thermometer with alcohol and take her sisters' temps.  She was really going to town with those whole nursing bit.'

Of all things I started this morning, too, so that didn't help how I felt with being sleep deprived and needing to run around taking care of people and stuff!  So I ended up going back to sleep later in the early afternoon and resting for a while as the kids watched a video.  I felt much better after some rest, so I hopped up and got busy on a bunch of things.  Hubby had brought home some Subway per my request.  Things just seem really topsy turvy around here right now, and I just wanted something immediate instead of fooling around in my currently-understocked kitchen!

Little man acted completely fine despite his fever and sore throat.  He couldn't seem to get enough to eat all day.  He had a couple of clementines in the morning and an apple later on the in the day as well as his Subway and even a full supper at night.

I have a shower chair back from when I was paralyzed.  My husband got that out of the shed for me and cleaned it off.  Middle daughter has by far been the sickest.  She hasn't wanted to get off the couch at all, even wanting help to go to the restroom.  I told her she had to shower because she hadn't since Tuesday night.  Eeek!  She tried to refuse, but I made her get up.  I helped her to the shower and did her hair and everything for he.  I could tell she was starting to come alive from getting up and enjoying the hot water.  After getting cleaned up, I gave her some ibuprofen to combat her fever.  She was a different kid!  She has barely taken a bite since Tuesday evening, but she finally asked for some chicken noodle soup.  Then she asked for some more.  She wanted a small bit of mashed potatoes tonight at supper.  I am so glad that she is able to eat again!

Littlest daughter really did great as long as she had ibuprofen.  I got her all cleaned up, too.  Her and middle daughter sat on the couch laughing and giggling, acting like their normal selves.  Middle daughter got to feeling so good that she began arguing with her older sister, to which Miss Nurse did not respond well!  Lol  Middle daughter is just completely the instigator in the family.  If there is conflict anywhere, she is always involved in some way.  Ugh.

So tonight everyone was doing so good!  I got all the windows cleaned inside and out in the bedroom that we are fixing up.  Hubby came home and primed the walls for painting.  I got dishes washed and some things cleaned out of cabinets.  I was so hopeful that we were actually on the good end of this flu deal and the virus had weakened as it went through the family!

Well, around 10 pm the flood gates opened.  Oldest daughter finally started in with a fever and sore throat.  Our son couldn't control his sneezing.  He was sneezing every 2 seconds or so, really hard, and at 5 he's not yet good at consistently covering his mouth.  :(   Germs were flying all over having a grand party, I'm sure!  Littlest daughter started looking terrible under her eyes again, and middle daughter's temperature had returned.  And my throat hurts.  Waaaaahhhhhhh.

Everyone's emotions are running high from sickness, exhaustion, and being cooped up in this house.  Somehow hubby ended up in an emotional spat with oldest daughter.  She was crying hysterically and he just stood there looking really confused, a lot like I remember him looking early in our marriage.  Lol  She is so much like me that it's not even funny!  Then she swore up and down that middle daughter told her she was the worst sister in the world.  She was hyperventilating she was crying so hard.  Middle daughter was boo-hooing, denying saying that.  Oldest daughter asked her younger siblings if she had really said that.  One said yes, one said no.  GO FIGURE!  I ended up walking in the room and offending hubby by telling everyone off, letting them know there would be no solution to the argument so just drop it!  Haha  It was a crazy moment in this household for sure!  We all got calmed down.  I was able to talk with the kids, still not settling anything.  Hubby showered and I made stress cookies and now we're all good.  Whew!

Oh.  All this going on and Disabled Man just wants to know when I'm ever gonna get him his Slim Jim packages I promised him.  LOL  That man!!!

Three out of four kids are now asleep.  It's nearly midnight.  I'm going on to bed so as not to repeat last night!  I really wonder if tomorrow I'll wake up with this wicked flu that is trying very hard to ruin our Christmas plans.  ::sigh::  I don't care.  I'm fighting back!  I've already sent out all Christmas cards.  We have our gifts here at home at least.  My house is mostly clean.  I'm having a room redone, which is exciting.  If for some reason we don't get to go to my parents' house for the first time ever in our lives, so be it!  I'm still gonna enjoy Christmas!

Def the Flu

Middle daughter woke up in the middle of the night and threw up what she had tried to eat before bed last night.  Hubby took her to the walk-in clinic for me when he got off work.  She tested positive for type A flu.  I guess because oldest daughter had such a high fever two weeks ago but was well within 24-36 hours, I was expecting the same of middle daughter.  Nope.  It's technically Friday now (1 am), and she's still consistently running a temp of 102 to 103.  I filled a prescription for Tamiflu tabs, but that's only supposed to cut off about one day of symptoms.  Not sure if it's really worth it.

Around 7 pm, our son said he was getting "one of those headaches."  I haven't talked about it on the blog yet, I don't think, but we've finally realized he has been having migraines since about age 3.  They have always been infrequent, but recently they have started coming about every 2 weeks pretty consistently.  He has a referral to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital neurology, but they are booked until April 1st.  If I wasn't so sure it was migraines, I would be panicking and asking for the appointment to be made elsewhere.  Anyway, he had to have silence and no lights and fell asleep immediately.  He has been asleep since.  I don't know if the headache is the flu coming on or actually another migraine.  Time will tell!

About 9:30 pm, youngest daughter started saying her head hurt.  Then she complained of her throat.  Next thing I knew, she burst out crying.  I don't know if she was really hurting that bad or just disappointed that she had caught the flu!  Her temp was only 99.3, but before bed it was already up to 102.4.

Obviously I've not been back to the gym.  :(  I'm just sitting at home waiting on kids and waiting on my turn to be the sick one!  I had to cancel our already-rescheduled Christmas pics for Friday.  This time, I rescheduled for Tuesday the 23rd.  I guess we still may not get to make that, depending on how long all this lasts.  Since mailing out professional pics was not gonna happen before Christmas, I went to and made up a photo card.  It's just so convenient to get a photo card with your pic, message, and free envelopes.  LOL  You don't have to sign the cards or anything.  I had a 30% off coupon, so I got 60 cards with 5 pics each for $34 after tax.  I made my own mailing and return labels on the computer tonight, so everything is ready to go in the mail tomorrow.... IF hubby can take them.  He started sneezing before bed.  Noooo!!!

I am concerned at how little middle daughter has eaten.  She managed to eat some oatmeal tonight before taking her Tamiflu since you have to take it with food.  She didn't eat much, but at least she ate some.  Well, about an hour or so later she vomited.  It was still very yellow looking, although this time it looked more like just bodily fluids or bile than phlegm.  Ummm... are any of you reading this while eating?  Lol  I'm sorry!   She is at least drinking plenty of water and Sprite and still able to urinate good, so I'm glad about that.  She just hasn't really eaten anything of worth since Tuesday night at supper.  Poor kiddo.

Youngest daughter is so tiny, skinny, and frail looking as it is.  She can't afford to lose any weight!  I have had her drinking whole milk for the past year just to beef up, but she's not beefing.  LOL  She could care less about food except for raw veggies with ranch, fruits, a Wendy's Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, and dessert.  She hates meats and casseroles and cooked veggies.  She could care less about eating.  I sort of envy her.  :)

Well, I'm obviously delirious and need to go to bed.  The two sick girls are on the couch and love seat.  Oldest daughter seems to be completely thrilled with our sickness and is taking the job of nurse very seriously.  It's really funny because she reminds me SO MUCH of me when I was young!  I loved caring for sick people.  Now, not so much.  Ha!  So oldest daughter has made a pallet in the living room floor right between the couch and love seat so her siblings can alert her if they'd like a drink or help getting to the bathroom or getting me.  She has such a servant's heart.  However, she is also a little annoying mommy figure and her siblings get aggravated with her.  Lol  I have made hubby sleep in the girls' room since they aren't in there.  I don't like it that he was sneezing. He needs to keep away!  Lol  Our son was on a pallet in our bedroom floor, but he just woke up and is completely chipper at 1:20 am after sleeping for so long.  Lovely!  Good news is that his headache is gone and he feels fine.  Whew!

Well, looks like I may be MIA for several days.  I'm worried that this flu is going to prevent us from going to see my parents for our Christmas Eve family gathering. If so, it will be the first one I've ever missed in my entire life.  Now that I know for sure we have the flu going around here, though, there's no way I'm taking the chance on getting anyone sick - especially my ailing daddy.  So prayers for a speedy recovery around here, please!  :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Pics Cancelled

Bummer!  Had pictures scheduled for this morning at Portrait Innovations.  My husband was gonna take off work and go with us and everything.  I went out last night and bought new tights for the girls and some pearl earrings for the two that have pierced ears.  We were all set and ready to go!  At 4 am, middle daughter woke up shivering.  At 6:30, she threw up phlegm and had a temp of 103.2.  So there went Christmas pics!  I hope no one else gets it, but I guess we'll see.  Oldest daughter was sick with a 103 temp, but that was two full weeks ago. Middle daughter doesn't have any of the same symptoms.  I really wonder if going to the gym daycare has anything to do with them getting sick recently.  If so, hopefully their immune systems will build up a bit.

I talked with my mother-in-law about Disabled Man's bird.  Turns out he was 20 years old, not 30.  Oops!  Well, I knew he was super old for a bird, right?!  :-D

Anyway, God love that man.  He is such a kid at heart (and mind)! He was 110% ready to get new birds to replace the one who passed, and the sooner the better.  MIL has a friend who raises cockatiels and sells them.  She said they are usually $100 or so each, but the friend had two who are unwanted because they don't like to be handled.  That is perfect for DM because he wants to look at the birds, hear a bunch of noise and chirping, but he never wants to handle them and get them out.  We've made him a few times, but the entire time he panics that the bird will fly away (even though it has clipped wings).  So MILs friend sold her the two cockatiels for $15 each!  She brought them on over to DMs house last night.  He was tickled!  One of the birds even knows how to say hello.  They are fairly young, so hopefully they will live a long life.  He named one of them Shelby, Jr after his deceased bird and the other one Fred, Jr after his deceased dad.  He's such a mess.  I'm just happy he was so easily consoled because I really thought the death of his bird would be a major point of depression in his life.  Whew!

At the gym yesterday, I did 15 minutes on the elliptical.  Then I did three different arm machines.  I resolved to do the full-body/abdominal exercise that the lady taught me a couple months ago.  In case I never explained it before, you lay flat with knees bent and wedge one of those giant exercise balls between your calves. Extend your arms above your head.  Raise your bent knees up and raise your arms up.  Grab the ball.  Now place your feet back on the floor, knees bent, while you take the ball in your hands out above your head again.  Repeat.  This absolutely killed me!!!  I did two reps of 10, but I made one count getting the ball to my arms and then back to my legs.  I can't remember if that is right or if every pass was one.  So I possibly did more than I should've. Either way, my stomach is SORE today!

Obviously, I didn't get to go to the gym today. I hadn't planned to anyway since we were going to the portrait studio.  The way my legs and abs feel, I think I needed the rest day!  I have tentatively scheduled our pics for Friday now.  I let them know I may have to cancel depending on what this illness is, how long it lasts, and if it spreads.  We shall see.

Well, that's it for today.  The man that is fixing up one of the bedrooms is doing his last stuff today.  I can't wait for the new baseboards and window trim.  We have always had that styrofoam junky stuff that just looks like wood.  Hate it!!!   After his part is done, my husband will be doing the painting.  I am so excited to fix up this room for my two youngest kids!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

RIP Shelby

Got a call at 6:06 this morning.  We thought it was a telemarketer because of the number, so we didn't answer it.  But they left a message.  Telemarketers don't normally leave a message.  Imagine our surprise when the lady on the other end says something about Disabled Man called and somebody died and he needs our assistance.  WHO DIED???  So we had to hit replay.  Well, it was his pet bird - Shelby.  Bless his heart.  DM apparently woke up this morning at 6 am and found him laying in the bottom of his cage.  So his first reaction was to press his Lifeline necklace button!  They have our number programmed in to automatically call.  About 6:20, DMs home health agency called.  He called their answering service and had the nurse paged, so she called me.  My husband called him, and he was sobbing like a baby.  Bless his heart.  Well, my husband is working 30 minutes away from the house today, so he hopped in the shower to get down there and hold a funeral for this pet so DM doesn't have to look at him laying there all day.

What a way to start the morning!  This is going to be so hard on Disabled Man.  Remember that he has the mind of an 8-year-old child.  This bird was like 30 years old.  He had Shelby for 5 years, then he got rid of him in 2013 when he had his hip replacement.  My mother-in-law took him.  She had him about a year.  When DM stopped smoking, he requested to get his bird back.  So he's had him about a year this time around.  I guess I'll have to be finding out if he wants to get a new bird or just heal for a while without a pet.

Okay, so 7 of you are my readers. Ha!  Just kidding, but it was nice to get a comment from 7 people saying that you actually do faithfully read all the crazy things I have to say!  :)

I went to the gym again yesterday morning.  I did 27 minutes on the treadmill, two leg machines, and then 7 minutes on the bike for cool down. I felt a little sluggish and slow yesterday from inadequate sleep, but at least I moved.  I have plans to go back again today.  Our church group went out to eat together last night for a Christmas get together.  It was a buffet.  It actually wasn't that great, though, so I didn't eat as bad as I normally would at a buffet.  LOL  I came home with intentions to make no-bake cookies, but then I just never did.  Yay!

The man we know who is repairing the sheetrock in one of our rooms started on yesterday.  I'm so excited to turn that room into a bedroom for my two youngest kids!  Hopefully we can get it all accomplished in time for Christmas, which I definitely think is doable.  Regardless, that man will be here in a bit less than an hour, so I'm off to hustle to get ready for the day.  I will try to do a post sometime again this week!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Round Two

I made it to the gym on M, W, and  F this week.  I started going one hour later, and there are even  LESS people there.  In fact, yesterday, when I left, I was the ONLY person left!  Wow!  And imagine my shock when I walked in and the gym had ALL NEW equipment!  That was a shocker!  They kept some of the old ellipticals and treadmills that I am used to, though.  Those aren't very old looking at all!  I was happy I didn't have to feel like an idiot figuring new machines out.

So I made it 20 minutes on the elliptical again!  Woohoo!  That is victory in my book.  :)  A gray-haired lady got on when I was halfway in.  I was thinking, "Lord, please don't let her outdo me!!!"  Lol  It's always hard on your ego to be beat by a grandmother.  And in my shape, there are plenty of them out there who can be me.  :-D  But she only stayed on for 5 minutes.  As I saw her getting off, I was panting and near the end of my time.  I said, "I hate this thing!" and laughed.  She bragged on me for being able to stay on longer than 5 minutes, so I was able to tell her my first time was only 5 minutes!  She said her first time was only 2 minutes, and I told her that's when I really WANTED to stop but felt silly to since I'm only 35.  Lol  We had a good laugh.  I told her I had just worked up to 20 minutes and this was only my second time of that.

After the elliptical, I found two arm machines that were the newer version of what I've already been used to doing.  I did 3 reps of 10 each at various weights until I found what was comfortable for me.  Then I finished off on the treadmill for just 7 minutes until it was time to hit the showers so I could get the kids out of daycare before it closed at 1 pm.

I weighed this morning, and it really seems that I am maintaining.  I'm definitely not losing, but at least I'm not gaining.  That's a good thing.  I just keep thinking if I can get my exercise in line at the same time as my eating, I'll see some progress!  I just need to keep pushing through until things click.  Surely one day they will!

Well, I'm off.  We have to do a couple school lessons that we never got to the other day because of our homeschool group.  At 4:30, our local town has it's Christmas parade.  We always love to go and see the lights and floats.  Is anyone even still out there reading at this point, besides Lori, Stephanie, and Sarah?  LOL  Sometimes you wonder when you're a blogger!  Well, unless you are a really awesome blogger with 600 followers.  Then I bet you don't really wonder too awful much.  Ha!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Feeling the Burn

Nothing major to report here, but it's still exciting to me.  You all know how 2 minutes on the elliptical nearly killed me, right?  Well, then I worked up to 5 and then 10 minutes.  That is the most I've ever done - 10 minutes at a time.  So when I went today, I decided that I wanted to do the elliptical since I did the treadmill on Monday.  I told myself to do at least 12 minutes.  Then I talked myself into 15.  I was seriously breathing hard, but I went ahead and pushed through to 20 minutes.  Woohoo!!!  I can't wait until I can conquer 30 minutes.  It asks me to enter my weight for accurate calories burned, and I end up burning 10+ calories per minute.  So I burned 217 total today in that short amount of time!  Then I got on the treadmill for 12 minutes and burned 63 calories.  LOL  See the comparison on calorie burn???  :)  Then I had to shower because I was running behind again today with school, go figure, so gym time was cut a bit short.

So already I'm feeling that my thighs are heavy and burning.  Even my arms are sore!  The arms especially surprised me, but it makes sense considering they are moving the entire time I am on the elliptical, too.  Maybe the Elliptical of Death will end up being my friend after all!  :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Life Happenings

So last Wednesday, as reported, I didn't get to go to the gym.  My oldest had woke me up at 6:30 am saying she had a sore throat and didn't feel good at all.  At the time, she didn't feel feverish.  I gave her some ibuprofen and we went ahead with our school day.  She continued to feel bad, so I rechecked her temp.  It was 100.7, even with the ibuprofen not worn off.  Hmmmm.  None of us have ever had Strep, but the way she was complaining I was starting to wonder.  Poor kid didn't want to eat a thing.  By bedtime, her temp was 103.0.  She had already had the max does of ibuprofen for her age for the day.  I told her we were going to let her fever run its course overnight.  I knew she would be miserable.  We put her on the couch so she would be close to us.  I was a bit nervous.  She was up and down quite a bit until about 2 am.  Then she never got up again.  I got up to check on her because a mom just can't rest when she knows her kid is sick and is worried about her temp.  I felt her head and it was totally normal.  I have read that God created fevers to attack whatever is wrong in the body and "burn out" the problem.  Usually I would treat a high temp, but I really couldn't since she was at her max med dose.  So looks like letting the fever do its job worked.  She slept until after 8 the next morning and was fever free all day.  Her throat still hurt badly.  She would only eat chicken noodle soup, mashed potatoes, and sherbet. She lost 3 pounds in 2 days.  So far, no one else has gotten sick!  I don't like to go around spreading sickness, so we stayed home from the gym Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  I did my Walk at Home video on Wednesday, but I never did fit it in on Thursday or Friday.

We did really good with not eating out last week!  I had planned to eat out zero times.  With a sick kid, though, I decided everyone could sleep in on Thursday and we would decide on school when she woke up.  I have two kids in the same grade doing video school, so if one misses the other does, too, so they can stay on the same lessons and watch together.  Anyway, Thursday was thrown off from sleeping in and doing a modified school schedule.  Hubby brought something home for lunch at my request.  I cooked on Friday and Saturday as planned.  So we only spent $21 at restaurants last week.  Woohoo!

This week has started out differently.  We love Chinese food, but my oldest is now considered an adult at all Chinese restaurants at 11.  So we can only go for lunch times and afford it.  We hadn't had Chinese in a couple months, so I planned that for Monday at lunch.  My kitchen never got cleaned up really good on Saturday night, though, so we ended up doing Chinese lunch on Sunday.  That was supposed to be our only eating out for this week.  Then I found something on Craigslist pertaining to the kids' Christmas.  It was about a $250 value for only $50!!!!  I immediately responded to the ad and then prayed about it.  The woman contacted me the next morning.  She lived about 45 minutes away from us.  I'll explain after Christmas what the gift is.  Anyway, I called Mother-in-Law for emergency babysitting services that evening.  Hubby and I made a date of it and had Mexican while out.  We got the Craigslist item and then went to Toys R Us and Walmart to finish up the kids' Christmas.  They are getting three gifts each from us, but we plan to take them to the Dixie Stampede in Pigeon Forge before too long as part of their gift.  They are saving up to pay for part, and we are going to pay for the other part.

We didn't get any dessert while out like usual.  Time didn't allow it, and it was too cold for ice cream anyway!  Hubby started scolding the van for wanting to gravitate towards the Krispy Kreme hot doughnut sign when we drove past it.  Lol  But we didn't stop.  Oldest daughter did a great job of making spaghetti and garlic bread as planned for that night for all of the kids to eat while we were gone.  She also did Bible Time for her siblings since her daddy wasn't home to do it.  So sweet.  The kids put themselves to bed around 9:30 as told to do.  When we got back to relieve Granny, it was 11:30 pm!  She knew it was gonna be a long night, though.  All she has to do is be here.  The kids take care of everything.  They just can't legally be left alone.  Lol

We aren't on schedule today simply because I didn't get in bed until 12:15 am.  Then I laid there until I finally got up at 1:00 am to use the restroom and decided to turn off the alarm clock.  We're still schooling today, but we're just doing the main 4 subjects as a modified school day.  Everyone slept in, and I think we needed the sleep!

I went back to the gym yesterday.  I had some errands to run while out, too, so I had less time at the gym.  I walked 35 minutes (1.44 miles) on the treadmill.  Today was supposed to be a day at the pool, but I'm not sure we'll go now.  I'll go back to the gym on Wednesday and Friday, but Thursday is our last homeschool meet-up for the year.

A friend of mine text me yesterday while I was at the gym.  She said, "At the gym?  You trying to make the rest of us look bad?"  I told her no, that I apparently just exercise so I can eat more.  I'm not losing a thing.  I just can't seem to get myself in check.  It's a miserable feeling knowing that you are out of control but not really doing anything about it.  For now, all I know to do is to just keep exercising.  At least that is something positive I am doing for my health.  I'm hoping the eating will eventually click in my brain, too!!!

I wasn't able to find any coordinating outfits that we already owned for the kids to have their Christmas pics taken in.  I ended up looking on ebay and found the exact same dress for each of my girls!!  I sure hope they fit right.  They should all come in this week.  They are Bonnie Jean dresses, and I got them for a good price.  We will go to Portrait Innovations again this year.  I love that I walk out the door for $20 and that they print your pics the same day!  Such an awesome thing for a cheap-o procrastinator like myself.  I definitely know they hate me because I am strong and stick with only the advertised package each year.  Haha

Someone loaned us the movies Courageous, Fireproof, and Facing the Giants.  The husband and I watched Courageous the other night after putting the kids to bed.  Oh. My. Word.  Even my husband cried!  I won't say why, in case any of you haven't seen it.  There is one obvious reason why he cried, and he said it was his worst nightmare in life.  But it was also hard for him for the emphasis to be about kids growing up without a dad in their life.  His dad has never been involved, and that fact still messes with him.  It was a very emotionally charged movie, super clean, had some great points in it, and the humor was great, too.  We both agreed it is the best movie we've ever seen in our entire lives.  I definitely had resolve to be a better parent to my kids when it was over.

Well, I can't think of anything else to report.  There are several nights that I plan to do a blog post about this or that, but when we're on schedule I am just too tired to do it!  Oh, I've also been working really hard at making sure everything gets done before I sit down at the computer.  At the end of a long day, if I sit at the computer I am done for!  Each night, I make sure the kitchen table, counters, and floors are clean, the dishes are done, and any prep for the next day's meal is taken care of.  I also have to prepare my second grader's seatwork papers, write anything needed on the dry erase board, and prep for my kindergartner's phonics lesson.  If at all possible, I prep my gym bag as much as possible, too.  I feel like there is ALWAYS something to do!  And I guess there is.  But that's just life with four kids.

Hope everyone out there who reads is doing great!  I know this is a super busy time of year for most people.  Be safe!