Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Woohoo Wednesday Wecipe

I was going for alliteration! Ha

I had a perfectly on-plan day yesterday and also have today.  Supper is in the crockpot, and I'll even have 2 points left after that.  I was up 1 pound from last week's weigh-in this morning.  I am really thinking I'll have to report a gain tomorrow.  That's not okay, but that is why I said if I "average" losing 1 pound a week.  A gain here and there is usually going to happen, and I most definitely can say I earned it this week!  Lol

Those of you in the south no doubt know what Cracker Barrel is.  We don't go there real often anymore because it just feels hectic.  They bring things on so many plates and little dishes rather than just all on one plate per person.  Does that annoy anyone else?  Lol  I feel like there is clutter all over the table by the time we have their sinfully delicious biscuits topped with jellies, set aside those saucers, and then get 3 dishes per person when our food comes!  :)  Plus, it always ends up costing us quite a bit with a family of 6.  Still yummy food, though!

Almost every time we eat at Cracker Barrel, I order their grilled chicken tenders.  I really love it when they let them get good and blackened.  I found a recipe that claimed to be theirs on a copy cat website (years ago, can't remember!).  One day while in there, I asked the manager.  She agreed that it was the same, only they use less than this recipe calls for.  Either way, it's yummy and you can't mess it up.  Enjoy!

Cracker Barrel Grilled Chicken Tenders

Fresh chicken tenders, pre-cut or cut them yourself
1/2 cup FF Italian dressing
squirt of lemon or lime juice

At least the night before you plan to have these, put the tenders in a bowl.  Add the Italian dressing and squirt of juice.  Stir. Let marinate all night and the next day.

When ready to cook, pour dressing and all into a skillet or griddle heated to medium.  Stir/flip chicken occasionally.  Turn heat up or down as needed.  You want to make sure the chicken gets cooked through.  

The longer you cook these, the more caramelized the dressing with become.  I cook ours on a double burner griddle, turn them to high near the very end and cook until all dressing is soaked up and blackened onto the chicken.  The lady at Cracker Barrel said they only use the dressing, not the lime or lemon juice. However, the juice helps to tenderize the chicken, or so I'm told.  :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Accountability Check-In

I'm here to admit I messed up!  Sunday was a really hard day for me as far as cravings.  It was just a real battle.  I started wrong by allowing myself 2 blueberry PopTarts for breakfast.  I hadn't bought any in a few weeks.  I like that they are easy and fast for Sundays and can be eaten on the go if need be, but at the same time I feel guilty for buying them much because they are so awful for you.  Well, 2 of those was 11 points+.  I had my whole day planned out, so it really shouldn't have been a problem.  The problem was that I was already craving junk and should've told myself no and had a much healthier breakfast!  By the time I added half and half in my coffee and points for two turkey sausage patties, breakfast was 14 points+.  If I had some weeklies or APs left, that would've been a little more okay.  But I didn't!

We had salmon, baked potatoes, and broccoli and cheese for lunch that I cooked at home.  Hubby had 2 dinner rolls with his. I passed.  I was really trying to be good!  I felt irritated and hungry still after lunch.  Why does PMS make me want to eat?!  I washed some fresh raspberries that I had bought the night before at Kroger.  As I was eating them, I was wishing I hadn't forgotten to buy some Dove.  Then I remembered leftover chocolate morsels from the pancakes.  I dug them out and poured a few on my napkin.  I would guess I had 4 points+ worth, but I didn't even want to know at that moment.  I feel irritated that I have to try to lose weight.  So I enjoyed having the chocolate with the raspberries.  I lied to myself and wrote down the raspberries on my journal but not the chocolate chip morels.  That's pretty pathetic.  It made me mad at myself.

When heading out to church, I grabbed a chocolate chip granola bar and thought FORGET IT!  When church was over, I told hubby I wanted fast food.  We went through a drive thru.  Then we took home a carton of ice cream and had some. <sigh>

Of course, I went to bed feeling like a loser.  I knew better.  I went over in my mind how I could've handled things differently.  When I woke the next morning, I decided to go ahead and write down EVERYTHING that had went into my mouth the day before!  No deceiving!  So I did.  Besides being bummed at my choices, it felt really good to journal and be honest.  It made me feel more like moving forward if that makes sense.  The air was clear!

Bad thing is, yesterday was our girl's day with my friends R and V.  R and I realized it was V's bday.  We decided to pretend we didn't know and let the Mexican restaurant embarrass her with the big sombrero and whipped cream on the face!  I met up with them at about 1:45, and we went straight to eat.  When I found out I would be eating Mexican, I decided to only eat 2 turkey sausage patties and a pear for breakfast.  I mean, the Mexican was gonna badly mess me up but at least I could save points here and there.  :-/  We had a nice meal, and we were surprised to find out V had never had that done before!  Lol

We had a blast shopping together for several hours.  We are an odd mix of friends.  V is 43, I am 36, and R is 28.  When we get together, we act like kindergartners - especially V and I, according to R.  Ha!  On the way home, we got some ice cream from McDs.  We didn't eat again while out, though.  I decided to honestly journal again because I need to be honest with myself.

R had some pictures on her phone from her wedding shower.  Ouch!  When I'm standing, I don't feel so horrible about myself.  She had 3 pics of me SITTING.  Not a pretty sight! Not pretty AT ALL.  I had her email me the pics this morning so I could use them for motivation.  It worked today!  Lol

Today, I have been tracking every bite, staying on plan, and I made sure to get to the gym.  Piano lessons were cancelled for today.  I did 6 minutes on the elliptical for warm-up, 3 arm machines, and then 6 minutes cool down on the treadmill.  I got there 35 minutes before daycare closed, so I really had to hurry up.  I really feel like I got a good workout, though.  I burned 100 calories between the elliptical and treadmill, and I have no clue how many calories you burn when doing weight machines.  That's the first time I've done weights in like 3 months.  It felt good to do them again.  Plus, my ankle is really messed up since Saturday.  I knew I couldn't walk the treadmill for 30 minutes, and I knew 30 minutes on the elliptical would mean I'd die.  LOL

Oddly enough, when I weighed Monday morning after my Sunday night fiasco, I was back down to my weigh-in weight!!!  After Monday, though, I was back up the 2 pounds I lost last week.  Hated seeing that, but I knew that I deserved it.

Let's see.  Someone mentioned I should take a picture of what I got myself for 5 pounds off.  Here ya go.  Nothing fancy.  Some $1 nail polish from Dollar General and my Cover Girl Smoochies in a new shade that I've never tried.  :)

I promised an update Monday or Tuesday, so I decided to follow through on that, even though it's not a good report.  I'm disappointed in myself, but at the same time I'm proud of myself for jumping right back in head first and deciding to finish out my WW week despite many fails!  I may post a recipe tomorrow.  Is anyone enjoying that?  I don't get many comments on those days, so I'm not sure if the recipes might be too boring.  Lol  I'm no fancy cook!  :)  I will def be back on Thursday to report how my WI goes, whether good or bad!