Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Humble Decorations

Since my parents are coming tomorrow, we've taken time to clean and organize things that normally get neglected.  To accomplish this, I allowed two of my kids the week off school.  My other two kids are only playing catch-up this week with subjects they are behind in.  I now realize that my theory has been truth:  If I wasn't a homeschool mom, my house would be clean because I would have the time to clean it!!!  But whatever.  At least it can be clean sometimes.  :)

As things became clean, I got in the mood to put up the meager fall decorations that we have.  I'm not a decorator.  I will tell you that in a flash.  I have cousins and sister-in-laws who are A-MAZING with transforming things, creating things, and decorating.  Somehow, I missed that gene when it was being handed out.  But I try to do things for the kids' sake.  I want them to always be able to be excited about holidays and birthdays.  I had bought some window clings back in August, but I never put them up.  I did today.  Also, I pulled out my door sign and my little mantle sign.  Youngest daughter was given some fall paper decorations at her last co-op class, so I found a way to use those, too.  Oh, I also bought a tablecloth I really liked a few months back but never put it out.  I really hate trying to decorate a dirty house!!!  The kids were tickled with the few changes.  I will post pics, but mind you this is nothing that you will find Pinterest-worthy.  LOL

Then I remembered that my mom had given us a framed collage photo of her and Dad.  She ordered each of her 4 kids one just in case something happened to them soon, we would have a recent picture.  Well, we immediately hung it up behind our bookshelf and it immediately fell to the floor!  Sadly, we just left it there.  LOL  The bookshelf is heavy, and we were tired because I remember it happened late one night.  So suddenly I felt the need to hurry and dig out that picture and display it!  Haha  It wasn't that I didn't love the picture.  It just fell and then we forgot about it!  I had a few other items that I have been buying to make a collage wall in my kitchen.  It hit me that the framed picture of my parents would fit right into the collage!  So I started working on that.  I'm gonna need some more pieces to add to the wall, but it's a good start.  Yay!  I had to take the pics at weird angles because our chandelier lights block some of the pics if I take a straight-on shot.  That's also why there's a glare.  Sorry!

So there you have it.  A look into the full extent of my decorating!!!  :)  But at least it's a blog post, right?  Better than nuttin!

So while I was blogging, my son just came to me with the most wiggly tooth ever!  I was able to get it out in a flash.  My kids are always older when they lose their teeth.  My first born was 6-1/2, and my next two daughters were both 7 years old before losing their first!  Our son is only 5-1/2, so he set the new family record.  He is SO excited.

Well, there are still a few things to do so I'm off.  Once again, Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Goodbye Facebook

I'm sorry for not blogging for so long.  I guess I just stay quiet because I feel like I have nothing to contribute when I'm going through times where I have ZERO structure.  I know some of you have said you prefer when I blog, regardless of what the topic is.  So I really should put forth more effort.

Well, I cancelled fb.  I had several reasons.  They boil down to these few points:  My husband absolutely hates fb; I allowed it to suck up more of my time than I ever intended to; I learned stuff about people's lives that I wish I had never known.

Hubby isn't the type who is going to "forbid" me to have something, even if he doesn't like it.  Fb was "safe" for me because our computer is in our living room.  I only had people on my newsfeed that I could trust not to post garbage and bad things.  But for him, he hated hearing all the things about people's lives.  There are just some things on fb that you will encounter that will destroy the picture you had in your mind about someone. Hubby called it being a busybody in other people's matters... quoted straight from the Bible.  Ha!  So I guess I'd have to agree on that.  :)  He has been praying I would get rid of it, but he didn't tell me that.

I have an addictive-type personality.  In other words, I become easily addicted to things.  Thanks to the Lord that I never started smoking or doing drugs because I'm sure it would have been a nightmare for me to come off of those substances.  I had to delete Bejeweled from my computer not too long ago because I cannot just play one game of something!  I would hop on fb for "just a minute" and end up being on for an hour, shooing my kids away and not giving them my full attention when they needed it.  Hey, just being honest here.  I have several friends who have fb and get on it once a day, if that.  I, however, felt the need to get on and hit like on everyone's posts so that no one would be offended or thing I had ignored them.  Lol  It's crazy.

I really felt like the Lord was nudging at my heart to cancel my account.  I guess I've been on fb about a year now???  But I kept saying no to canceling because fb does have some good aspects.  My parents love that they would get to see uploaded pictures of field trips and outings they normally would never get to see.  My homeschool group here utilizes fb for announcements and things.  I was getting to watch great-nephews and great-nieces grow up through pics, whereas I normally only see them once a year.  I could do health updates on my dad when he was sick and be able to update hundreds of people at once instead of texting 20 people and still receiving phonecall after phonecall.  Also, I made quite a bit of money by quickly selling items on the fb yard sale pages I was a member of.

I know that I will miss fb in some ways, but for someone who has issues managing the use of it, it's just not worth it.  Anyone else ever encountered this?!

So excited that my parents are coming up for Thanksgiving!  They are coming up on Wednesday morning and will go to church with us that night.  They will leave sometime on Friday.  Mom and I are cooking just a small Thanksgiving meal.  I prefer simple and non-stressful over extravagant and miserable.  LOL  Some people can pull off big celebrations.  My mom and I aren't those people!  We will be doing good just to get through the day in the kitchen without killing each other.  :)  But I am so happy they are coming here.  We couldn't go down there this week since hubby already had to have the week off work for his revival meeting.  Plus, we actually don't own a television, so my parents are forced to spend time with the kids when here.  Haha  And they love it!  They sit on the couch and watch them play, read them books, listen to them sing, and interact with them.  I know they don't mean to pay them no attention when we're at their house.  It's just that when there's a TV around, you're gonna be watching it, yanno?  So instead of spending time together, everyone just sits in different rooms ignoring one another while being zombied out.  What are my readers doing for Thanksgiving this year?

I have SOOOO much cleaning to do with my parents coming!  I am sad to admit that I have been to the gym one time in two weeks, and that one time was swimming last week.  I had intended to get back to the gym this week, but instead I have decided to use today and tomorrow to get the house in order for overnight company.  Then my parents will be here Wednesday.  The gym will be closed on Thursday and open for just a  few hours on Friday.  So that means I won't be going back until next week on Monday.  Eeek!  I can't believe it will have been three weeks of missing!  I really hate that.  I look forward to going back, and I need to make it a priority to get back on our schedule where gym time is included.

I haven't weighed since the last time I tried and got three different readings after new scale batteries.  <sigh>  I don't want to give up and go wild or anything, but at the same time it seems almost a lost cause to consider starting any kind of weight loss mode right here at Thanksgiving and Christmastime.  Why do holidays always have to come with some sort of once-a-year food attached?!  But in reality, I'm just a weight loss sissy.  It definitely can be accomplished, holiday or not!  I will try to remember to weigh at the gym next week before exercising.  The scales in the pool locker room seem to be very nice and were in agreement with my home scales before they messed up.

Well, I must get off of here.  My husband is currently cleaning the bathroom in full, including the yucky baseboards.  Why on earth I ever switched from dark wood baseboards to white is beyond me.  Hate them!  If we ever build a house, I'm going with dark, dark wood all the way!  LOL  Anyway, love him and his helpful heart! So I'm off here to dust and then clean the kitchen baseboards.  I love that having company forces you to do things that you've put off far to long.  Haha   :)  If I don't get back to do a post beforehand, hope you have a Thanksgiving full of blessings and thankfulness!

PS - If any of you ask me questions in the comments, just be sure to go back to that comment and read my reply.  Since I have comment moderation on, it is no longer showing me the "reply" option.  I have to leave a separate comment.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New Batteries

Did I tell you all I was having scale issues?  I guess I've had this Health O Meter scale for at least 10 years now.  It's always been so reliable!  Loved it.  It's really been there through so many ups and downs. LITERALLY.  Ha, I crack me up!  Anyway, I stepped on last week and got a weight that wasn't my latest lowest of 9 pounds down but was much nicer than I expected.  So I stepped back on.  Then I stepped on a third time.  Each time, I got a higher number.  Thankfully, none of them were cruel numbers.  It's just that they are all three in the range of where I am lately, so I don't know which one is accurate!  Maybe they were all accurate.  Maybe I was literally gaining weight every single second that I stood there.  ;)

So the above scenario happened again on Sunday.  Monday evening, I took Disabled Man to the store to get some new clothes.  He recently quit smoking after alllll those years of smoking, and he's turning to food in place of cigarettes.  The new clothes were a MUST.  So while we were at Walmart, I picked up a new pack of scale batteries.

I put the new batteries in this morning, and to my dismay I still got three different readings on the scale - one right after another.  Grrr.  That is so aggravating!  I did step on the scale in the dressing room at the gym today.  It always seemed to line up with what I was getting at home.  When I stepped on, I was fully dressed and had wet hair.  I did get a very reasonable reading, so that was reassuring.  But I still have no accuracy to what I actually do weigh right now.

It's not as if I'm losing anyway!  I keep telling myself I'm going to get back to tracking, but then I just don't do it.  I just can't bring myself to do the weighing and measuring.  I go through this all the time with WW.  I really do love WW!  It's just that I get so burnt out on being meticulous and having to write everything down before I even get to eat so I don't forget exactly what I've eaten.  When I was actually doing that here recently, it didn't seem so burdensome honestly.  But should eating be so filled with chores?  I guess for some of us, it has to be.  Obviously, I have lost all touch with reality about what is good food and what is a good serving size and how often one should have "cheat foods" when living daily life.

I think I am just so sick of "needing to lose weight."  And yes, I do NEED to lose weight.  I realize that.  I am really not comfortable in my skin at this weight, and even though my labs and all are good right now I'm not sure how much longer it is reasonable to expect them to be.  I am approaching another Thanksgiving and Christmas at yet another heaviest weight.  I will be 36 in March.  One year closer to 40.  Another year of "this is the year" thrown out the window.  How does that happen?  How do I allow that?

If I'm sounding down and out, I promise I'm not.  I'm just thinking out loud right now.

My husband started having pain in his right upper quadrant last week while we were out of town (under his right rib cage).  I told you all we ate out one meal a day every day that we were in KY.  Well, he came home and after every meal he would complain and rub that area.  It finally hit me - GALLBLADDER!  Ugh.  I looked up all the symptoms associated with gallbladder problems.  Yep, he agreed to nearly every one of them.  He even has the pain in his back that is radiating from the gallbladder.

My husband does NOT want his gallbladder out.  I personally know three people who have had their gallbladder taken out and now will literally - pardon me for this - poop on themselves and there is no controlling it!  Of course, this tends to happen after greasy, fatty meals, which apparently is why the gallbladder starts to have issues to begin with.  It's not the good fats that cause the issues.  It's all this American junk food fat that does.  So I started researching natural ways to help the gallbladder.  Everyone has a pill or product to sell to help cleanse your gallbladder and liver together, but I noticed one common denominator on all the sites.  They all suggested drinking some unsweetened lemon juice mixed with warm water before bed.  Then you lay on your right side and fall asleep.  So my husband was willing to try it.

I went ahead and tried it, too, just because I'm sure my poor gallbladder could use a nice cleansing as well.  LOL  Well, the very next morning my husband didn't have any pain after meals.  He said he went ahead and repeated it that morning, which I think he wasn't really supposed to.  Then he has done it the last 2 nights as well.  He hasn't had any gallbladder pain since doing it!  The lemon juice is very acidic and promotes production of bile, which can unclog a sludgy gallbladder.  Supposedly anyway, I dunno.  I think I've told you all before that one preacher he listens to (who is now deceased) calls lemon "Mother Nature's Sweeper."  Lol  He says that if you'll eat a lemon before bed (BLECH) your body will be cleaning itself out allll night.  So maybe there is truth in that afterall.  I don't know.  All I know is I noticed hubby hasn't been rubbing his stomach after all his meals, so I asked if he felt better.  And he does.  Yay.  So hopefully this means he just had sludge and not actual stones or anything.  He's too young for Depends!  Ha!

Okay, so all that to lead to the fact that the natural gallbladder remedy sites all suggested eating a more natural, less processed diet.  Of course.  Why is that so hard to do in 2014???  Is it just me and my lack of ingenuity with how to prepare natural foods into something other than apple slices???  Is it that we're busy people and I tend to need convenience items?  Really, I did try a couple years ago.  Any long time readers remember the plastic lunch containers that I pre-made each night and filled with things like bell pepper strips wrapped in turkey slices?  Everyone complained.  Everyone.  And sadly, we all felt starved 1.5 hours later.  So it just never went over really well.  Junky, carby, processed foods just fills you up and keeps you full longer.  Not saying that's a good thing, but who has time to eat every 1.5 hours because you are starving??  Ughhh.  Completely not saying it can't be done.  I know it can.  But it would be a huge change for us.

Anywho....  Getting back on schedule has been a no go.  We are all thrown off because of our trip last week.  We had late nights and lazy mornings.  The kids are all messed up.  Tonight is the first night since Saturday they have been asleep before 11 pm!  Hopefully that means we are all settling back down again into our "normal" life routine.  I haven't been making the kids get up on schedule (nor myself!!!) because kids can't go to bed at midnight and wake up at 7 am without being total grumps all day.  And a grumpy, sleep-deprived mom lording over all of them isn't a great thing either.  LOL  But at least we did make it to the gym today for swimming.  It was so nice.  I love that heated pool.  And another homeschool mom who has a daughter came while we were there.  She is so nice.  I never knew her before the pool, but we get along really well.

Okay, is this long enough?  :)  Sorry! By the way, if you ask me a question in the comments, please just look back for the answer.  I'm not able to "reply" to the comments anymore for some reason, so I have to create a new comment in the comments to answer your questions!  I'm going to take advantage of the sleeping kids and hit the hay myself.  Not checking for typos tonight.  I apologize in advance.  :)  Goodnight!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Hello, Hello

Back from our week's revival!  I have to say, it was a REALLY good week.  It was a very small crowd each night for revival with a low of 16 and a high of 31, but everyone was so nice and several said they got help.  What was so nice about the week to me was just a COMPLETE week of no responsibilities!  LOL  I just don't get that often.  The two Sunday School rooms were on either side of the pulpit and were converted into bedrooms for us for the week.  All four kids shared one room, and hubby and I had the other.  Our mattress was comfortable, and thankfully the heating system was good.  It dropped down to 32 for the high a couple of days.  Brrr!  It was seriously upper-60s just the day before.  Where was my transition time?!  :)

There was a kitchen where we had our breakfast and lunch each day.  We went out for one meal every day.  It's always nice to get out for awhile.  There were some really cute mom and pop restaurants in Greenville, KY in the downtown area.  We ate at My Friend's Place and Mustang Grill.  The first was oldies style and the latter was kinda sophisticated.  Both were yummy.  Hubby found a Dairy Queen, and I enjoyed a small strawberry sundae... in the freezing cold.  Not sure what was up with that, but it sure was good.  LOL  Regardless, I'm glad they had some new places to try out instead of having to eat at the same old stuff all week.

Get this.  Remember how I posted a family picture because the pastor had asked for one for a flyer?  Well, we get there and they had these AWESOME flyers made up!  They looked so professional.  They cut our picture down to just chest up on the kids to make it smaller.  It was kinda faded in, and they made sure the flyer matched our outfits.  How cool is that?  Well, then they told us they put our picture on the scrolling marquee sign across from Walmart.  What????  Hahahaha  I told them they should've warned me so I could've lost 50 pounds before submitting a picture!  How hilarious!  It was only $65 for the week to run it, they said, which was much cheaper than a 1-time newspaper ad of $100 for a small section!  They sure tried to advertise.  I hate it for them that they didn't have a bigger turnout.  We all burst out laughing upon seeing our name in lights and then our family picture pop up.  It was just too funny.  We all joked that people would surely flog us in Walmart wanting autographs. Well, no such luck.  :)

This week, my brother called to ask my husband to preach during his camp meeting in April and wants us to sing about 3 of the services.  He asked if we had a family picture we could go ahead and submit to him for flyers.  Nooooo.   People, just forewarn me and give me a chance.  This could actually be very motivational!  Unlike where we were this week, my brother's church runs about 400 people.  Hmmmm.... maybe he could photoshop for me.  :)  Just kidding.  But I really am looking very forward to getting back to the gym this week and hope to shed some of this weight before April rolls around!  Of course it would be nice to LOOK better, but in reality I just need to be healthier and feel better!  A week of eating out each day will quickly let you know just how bad that is for you and make you look forward to cooking again!

Anyway, it was a really nice week of no laundry, no cooking, no major cleaning, no schooling, no internet, and just being able to relax!  We all loved it!

But that means that I have come home to three garbage bags busting open with dirty laundry.  <sigh>  So is life!  I've been working towards all that this morning.  Now I'm about to make meal and grocery lists.  I cleaned the fridge this morning because it just looked way too creepy to put groceries into.  Ha!  The kids are bundled up right now enjoying playtime in the back yard.  I just wanted to drop a few lines on my blog since it has been neglected with being out of town.  I hope everyone is doing great!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Here We Go

Not that I've been around faithfully lately, but I'll def be away for this week.  Just a heads up that I haven't fallen off the edge of the earth or anything.  :)

Wow.  I had forgotten how much work is involved in packing for myself and 4 kids!  I only have to pack partial things for hubby.  He's never been one to be babied.  He likes to pack his own clothes and make his own dinner plates.  Whew!  Packing for this trip caused a huge mess!  I had to search through closets for clothes.  Then I noticed lots of summer clothes that needed taken out of the closets.  Then I had to separate into keep, donate, sell piles.  Then I had to deal with all those empty hangers!  Well, that made the closets look pretty bare!  So I had to pull fall/winter clothes out of totes.  Getting the picture?  Lol  I always dread the change of seasons for the whole clothing issue.  Yes, I pack things in labeled totes.  It doesn't matter.  Where is the switch?  I really wish there was a switch that said, "Okay, cold weather starts NOW."  Then we could all just switch our closets out immediately without having to leave some short sleeves in with the long sleeves because right in the middle of two 50 degree days is a 70 degree one!  LOL  Is it like that where you all live, too?

Packing also revealed immediate needs for the kids like certain styles or colors of shoes, leggings, undergarments... stuff that just gets neglected when you are home all week and able to do lots of laundry and say, "Just grab your flip flops!"  Haha  So there were trips to stores to complete the wardrobes.

Anyway.... Lord willing, I'll be back in several days!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Past Couple Days

Well this is odd to blog in the middle of the day!  :)  I have been accomplishing my goal of getting in bed earlier.  Getting everything done before bedtime leaves me no time for blogging.  I've been setting my alarm for 6:30, but I've been getting out of bed more like 6:45.  But it's a start, right?  Lol  My husband also isn't much of a morning person.  We talked the other day, and he said he really wants to get out the door earlier in the mornings for meter reading.  I told him I thought it would really help both of us if we just got up together.  I mean, it's super hard to crawl out of a warm bed with someone laying next to you with their mouth hung open drooling peacefully.  Ha!  He agreed that it was a good idea, and so far getting up at the same time is helping.

I did get to take the kids swimming at the indoor pool on Tuesday.  I am so excited that there is rarely ever anyone there when we are.  Two elderly women were there when we came, but they got out before we even got in.  Not a soul came for the entire nearly 2 hours that we were there.  I was able to get some free time for my brain for a bit while the kids played, and then I enjoyed some playing time with the kids as well.  It was fun.

Today, I did 10 minutes on the treadmill for a warmup.  Then I did 2-step bicep curls, tricep drops, bench presses of the 18-pound bar, rope pulldown, rope pullback, biceps arm machine, triceps arm machine, and I'm pretty sure there was one more thing I'm forgetting.  Then I stretched and did 5 minutes on the elliptical for a cool down.  Now that I'm thinking of it, seems pretty stupid for a cool down.  LOL  But oh well.

I weighed last night before bed and then this morning was only down 1 pound from that.  What???  I almost always lose 3 pounds overnight.  Who knows.  My eating hasn't been completely off the wall, but it also hasn't been good.  While in the stretching room today, I just hated looking at my reflection in all those surrounding mirrors.  :::sigh:::  Even though I've been heavy for so long now, it just shocks me every time.  It just can't be me.  But it is.

Tomorrow two of my girls have eye doctor appointments at 9:15 am.  Then our homeschool group meets from 11:00 until 1:30.  My husband has the church service at the prison tomorrow night, so it'll just be me and the kids for nearly the entire day.  Lots to do!  I'm sure it'll be a long day.  It's been so rainy and yucky here today.  I hope for better weather tomorrow!

So that's my update.  I won't get to the gym tomorrow, but I plan to go back on Friday and hopefully do some of the new leg machines I learned a couple weeks ago.

Monday, November 3, 2014

What's Going On

Hello!  Wow. I really didn't mean to be gone so many days.  I weighed on Friday just to see where I stood, and I was up 2.5 total from the 9 pounds down mark.  That was actually a bit better than I thought it would be.  I felt a bit motivated to start tracking again, but then that went downhill when I made pumpkin pancakes since hubby was off work.  It was silly that I let pancakes detour me because I could've just counted for them!!!  But I did, nonetheless.  Saturday started the same way.  I even took a picture of breakfast.  But Saturdays always end up terribly busy somehow and I allowed myself to be derailed yet again.  Now Sunday I didn't track, but I did much, much better with my food choices.  I did take pics of breakfast and lunch, but I never posted them since I didn't track points that day.

Today, I finally made it back to the gym for my morning workout.  We got there later than planned because of stuff that kept putting us behind, but today my goal was to just GET THERE!  I did 15 minutes on the treadmill and 15 minutes on the bike.  It wasn't a lot, but it was nearly 200 calories and at least got me back in the door.  

My stomach has been bothering me all day.  It's not a sickness.  Girl talk, so any guy readers just skip.  When I had my right ectopic pregnancy and tube removal 12 years ago, I started noticing bad pain on the right side when it was ovulation time. I've read that many women can pinpoint that time after tube removal.  Wonder why???  Since having the left ectopic pregnancy with tube removal last year, now I have started having bad pain on that side when it's ovulation time.  I have got it going on.  I can say, "Oh, I'm ovulating and it's the right side releasing the egg this month."  Haha  Now isn't that a talent to have!  But I can't get over just HOW PAINFUL it actually is.  I spent today in pretty bad pain, feeling like my insides were being wrung around and twisted.  Thankfully, the pain part only lasts for several hours and is gone.  Anyway, just sharing this because I think it's so weird and also sort of obnoxious because I don't have bad cramping with TOM but do with O!  Oh the joys of womanhood!

I ate very good all three meals today.  Breakfast was oatmeal and turkey sausage.  Lunch was canned salmon, crackers, and cheese.  Supper was a bbq sandwich with sauteed pole beans and baked butternut squash.  Someone sent some leftover Rice Krispies treats and Halloween Reese's and stuff home with my husband today.  Grrr.  But today was definitely an improvement, so I'll take it.

I plan to take the kids to the indoor pool tomorrow afternoon.  I normally try to go on Thursdays, but our homeschool group meets that day this week so I can't.  I plan to go to the gym every weekday except Thursday.  Sadly, next week I won't get to go at all - again - because we will be out of town for the revival my husband is preaching.  But I just don't want to waste THIS WEEK because NEXT WEEK will be nada.  We are actually staying at the church this time and not at a hotel, so I won't have the luxury of a workout facility.

Well, there's my check-in.  It's not the best it could be, but it could be worse.  I am so glad I went back to the gym today and got in at least the 30 minutes of activity!