Monday, October 12, 2015

Nothing New

Hello!!  There's really been nothing to blog about since my daughter's birthday, so that's why I've been silent.  Any of you look at that last post title and think I was preggo?  Ha!  I couldn't resist when I was thinking of the title.  :)

I finally went back to the gym today.  I don't think I had been in a full month.  That is so bad!  I have been more consistent with exercise than anything, but yet I always find a way to drop off on that for 2 to 4 weeks at a time, too.  I only did the treadmill today because I figure I need to start back off slow and build up.  I was so glad to remember my locker combination!  Lol

I made the mistake of forgetting to wear good shoes a couple weeks ago when going to the grocery store.  Ever since, my ankles have been so sore!  I was doing my ankle rotation exercises this morning before getting out of bed.  I have been very lax with them since my feet started doing better.  Well, when doing my right foot my ankle popped really loud!  Oddly enough, I've had quite a bit of relief in my ankle since then.  I still figured I should only walk for 30 minutes at a moderate pace today, though. 

On a sad note, the elderly lady who got put in the nursing home a while back with cancer passed away on Thursday.  We used to go visit her and sing to her at her apartment.  Then she moved to the nursing home and we would visit her there.  The last time we were there, she told us that she was just visiting and didn't live there.  Before we left, she just broke down sobbing and told us she felt like she needed to be alone. It was so hard to see her that way!  Even at 83, she was so competent and full of life.  When we visited her on July 4th, she was still very coherent.  She started going down pretty fast after that, though.  We were sad that her family said she wanted to be cremated and not have any sort of memorial service.  They found our number in her phone the day she died and knew we would want to know.  It was like there was no closure or anything.  I sure wish we had gotten there to see her one last time.  I still have the poem she wrote for us earlier this year.  It was about our family and what we meant to her.  I hope she knew just how much she meant to us, too!

Birthday girl said to tell you all she lost a tooth just a few minutes ago.  :)  That is definitely blog-worthy news, right?

I am going to the doctor on Friday.  There is a very trustworthy place here at the local hospital.  Doctors donate their services for a discounted rate to people who qualify with low income or no insurance.  I qualify due to both.  Ha!  Anyway, I really like the PA-C I've been seeing.  I also like our local walk-in clinic.  But I hate paying $75 and $65 respectively just to be seen, not including any tests or medications.  This clinic only charges $20 for visits, so I'm going to go there and get established.  I have to be seen about twice a year for prescription renewals anyway, and this will be much cheaper than going to the other places.  Plus, the affordable pricing will keep me from putting off going in when I really need to.  A family member recently went and was satisfied, and I've had other people tell me I should go there, too.  So we'll see.

Unless something gets done really fast, looks like hubby's job won't be ending at the end of this year.  I hate that his job can be crazy and doesn't have benefits.  However, when looking around, we found out that he makes more at this job than he would at any other job he is qualified for.  Man, that was a bummer to me! Lol  It's really hard to make it nowadays with prices of groceries and stuff, isn't it?!  We are very seriously considering selling our home at this point.  If we did, we would be 100% debt free.  We've lived here long enough to pay the mortgage down so that we would make enough profit to pay off all our debts.  The problem is, we'd need to find somewhere to rent for a while.  Hubby called about one place, and when they heard 4 kids they just said no and hung up.  Ha  So that may be tricky.  I've always been against selling, even though our house needs quite a few updates and repairs.  Now, though, I am sick of the debt.  Hubby's job would be just fine for us if we didn't have the extra debt.

I'm going to try to start counting WW points again tomorrow.  We traveled on Thursday and Friday of last week for just about the last time this whole year.  Whew!  I am ready to just be in this little town for a while and stay put!  In fact, hubby called to say someone had invited us to their church hay ride and fall get together this Saturday.  I quickly said NO!  Lol  He laughed at me.  It's only 45 minutes away, and I know the kids would love it.  But you just can't be on the go all. the. time. yanno?  We really only know the pastor and his wife there.  My kids only know their daughter.  It's not like we're missing out on getting together with all of our best buds.  We've been in the past and it would be fun to go again sometime, but please not now!!!  Hubby agreed but wanted to hear my reaction first.  So I am hopeful that counting points for WW will be more reasonable with no traveling.  I do realize we're facing holidays, but usually Thanksgiving isn't that big of a deal for us.  It's just a one-or-two-day deal out of the month.  I will never be truly happy at the size I'm at right now, and I'm even feeling like some things from last fall aren't fitting like they should.  I definitely don't want to go up a size!!!  I plan to use some of the intermittent fasting along with following the plan.  I especially liked not eating past a certain time at night.

So that's a pretty long post for nothing new to be going on, I guess.  :)  Aww, who am I kidding?  I've never been one to be at a loss for words!  Hope each of you are well and are fully enjoying the fall weather.... if you have that where you are!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

It's a Girl

Meet Autumn Makenzie.  

Our middle daughter, Carley, has been asking for a Bitty Baby for 2 or 3 years now.  I honestly did (and still do) think paying $60.00 for a baby doll is ridiculous!!!  But I also realize that if you still want something that long afterward, you really do want it.  So I decided at age 11, it's now or never on the Bitty Baby.  She was able to buy a big lot of accessories that look unused on ebay for a third of the retail cost with her own money.  We purchased the doll today as her birthday gift.  It came with a free sleeper (that says $20, sheesh, lol).  I don't know if that's all the time or is a special they are running right now.  At the American Girl store today, she used some of her birthday money to buy a swaddling blanker for her doll.  She is just tickled PINK (ha) and has had a great day.

This may sound a little absurd, but you all know by now that I really try to do a birthday theme that revolves around what my kids are currently into.  Carley is all about babies.  She loves them.  She wants a dozen.  I always tell her I hope they are all just like her.  LOL  Love that kid, but she definitely gives me a run for my money!!!  :)  Anyway, I decided that the theme would be Baby Shower Birthday Party.  Unique, huh?  I was worried that would seem just too freaky, but I was right on the money with knowing that my daughter would LOVE it.  She thought it was the coolest thing.  So when you look at the pics, just keep the theme in mind.

First off, this was my baby girl 11 years ago today at 3:03 pm, weighing in at 8 pounds, 8 ounces.  She was the smallest of my four children. She also had the most hair.

And this is her today, at 11 years old!  Hard to believe.

We got up this morning and had the breakfast of Carley's choice.  She opened a card from my parents.  She opened one from hubby's mom yesterday.  She had to do a school subject that she didn't complete yesterday, and then we all got ready to go to the mall.  An American Girl store was just opened this summer.  Yay!  I would still rather ebay for the items, but it did make for a great birthday experience.  We had lunch at the mall, went to a few stores, and then we came home for cake, ice cream, and punch!

The girls LOVED the store.  Our son, however, didn't want to even be photographed in the place.  LOL  It was funny because this other little boy that looked about his age was in the store, too, only he was literally laying in the floor rolling  around in boredom!  Not a fan, I guess.

Even though Dollar Tree was out of all coordinating decor and then Walmart didn't have baby shower items (what????), it all turned out pretty good.  Carley says she thinks this is her best birthday yet!  Mission accomplished.  :)