Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Swimming, Pretzels, and Rearranging

Boy am I beat!!!  I'll explain more later.  Thanks to everyone who voted for my kitty in the contest I posted about earlier today!!!  :)  Those of you who didn't, please go vote!  You just click the link.  It will take you to Reese's picture and an orange button that says VOTE. Just click that, and you're done!  You are allowed to vote once a day until October 21st.

Breakfast was 2 fried eggs in 1/2 Tbsp of coconut oil.  I also had 2 small biscuits that are 1 points+ each.  I now know that I would rather have had buttered toast.  I drank black coffee.  I forgot about fruit, so I hopped up and washed some raspberries after I took the pic and took a separate pic for the berries.

Lunch today was really junky.  Childhood memories, actually.  242 grams canned ravioli topped with 28 grams RF cheddar.  On the side, I had 1 slice of Sara Lee Delightful bread, 16 grams of peanut butter, and then I ended up slicing the banana on top. 

Believe it or not, I changed things up and only had ONE Dove.

A bit after lunch, I left the kids with hubby to do school since he was off again today.  I went on to the gym to swim alone.  And I was TOTALLY alone.  Seriously.  I can't get over the fact that we almost always have the pool totally to ourselves!  So I swam in the indoor pool from 2:30 until 3:45.  I stayed busy with lots of jogging, leg exercises, kicking, waist twisting, arm exercises, swimming, and treading water.  I'm only going to give myself 1 AP.  I probably deserve at least 2, but since I always have to guess I just don't know.  I mean, it's not like I break a sweat in the pool.  When I left, I was still completely alone.  I showered, dressed, fixed my hair.  Before leaving, I peeked in the pool room again.  Still not a soul there!  The main area of the gym, however, was becoming VERY crowded since it was now 4:30.  I had to walk through there to leave.  I know for sure now when NOT to go.  Anyway, this was super relaxing.  I didn't have to count how many seconds anyone could stay under water, watch flips, be the judge in swim races, get splashed repeatedly in the face, or any of that stuff! LOL

I went to a few stores after swimming to look for midde daughter's birthday gifts.  She will be 10 on Monday!  So unreal!  I was able to get $27 in gifts for only $13 after a coupon I had.  Yayyy.  Then I went to Kmart.  Our store here is closing, so everything is on sale.  I got two new pans.  I was very frustrated this morning when frying eggs.  Everything always sticks now, whether I use cooking oils or not.  So I got a stainless steel 12" skillet and a 7" Green Life ceramic skillet.  I dunno.  I hope they turn out to be good!  So sick of throwing money away on skillets!

Supper was supposed to be Shake and Bake pork chops.  Since I was gone, though, I called and asked hubby if he would grill the pork chops instead.  That way, he could go ahead and grill the hot dogs that will be for lunch on Thursday.  He agreed.  I got my oldest daughter on the phone and had her and her sister work on making the boxed scalloped potatoes.  When I got home, I just steamed the broccoli and supper was done.  The pork chops were delicious!  Mine was 3 oz, but I counted an extra point since he brushed it once with bbq sauce.  I didn't use cheese on top of my broccoli.  That is actually Nutritional Yeast.  It is something I have still on hand from Trim Healthy Mama.  It's 0 points+ but kinda cheesy flavored and good for you.

I did NOT have another chocolate.  Can you even believe it?

Our whole family loaded up to go to Disabled Man's house after supper.  I ran in Walmart with my son to get a couple things DM needed.  While we were standing way out in the middle of Walmart, the smell of that stupid Auntie Anne's pretzel shop came wafting through.  My son, who is quite comical, stopped dead in his tracks, stiffened his shoulders, took a gasping, loud breath and said, "That smells like a sample!"  ROFL. Seriously???  Can you believe that!  So I bought ONE salty pretzel for us to HALF.  Yep, I only ate half.  Yay me!  I bought a cup of the cinnamon sugar bites to take to my daughters who were with their dad at DMs house.  I didn't even taste one of those.  I can skip the sugar, but give me the salt! 

We completely rearranged Disabled Man's living room.  He is so excited.  He has smoked for over 40 years (he says since he was 7), and he has quit smoking.  I told you all about his pet bird?  Well, my mother-in-law loves birds and has been keeping him.  Since DM has quit smoking and gotten lots of things in his life in order healthwise with his hip replacement and all, I asked if he would like to have his bird back.  He's so excited!  He got rid of it only because my mother-in-law would take it, he kept having falls and constant hip pain, and he was afraid his cigarette smoke would kill his beloved pet.  So now his house is Shelby ready!  :)  He is a pic I have posted before of a visit he had with his bird not too long ago.

So we didn't get home until 10:30 pm.  Ugh.  I told the kids we are still getting up on schedule tomorrow anyway!  We slept in today since we all got in bed so late last night, but we can't do that again in the morning. Hubby goes back to work tomorrow, and we just need to get back to our schedule.

I almost had another Dove or Bliss when I got home, but I decided against it.  I did really bad with water today.  I only had 2 bottles!  Eek!  And I'm 2 f/v servings short.  It's already 11:30 pm, so I'm just going to go to bed and do better tomorrow.  I only used 2 weekly allowance points today, and I still have 11 left and now 5 activity points to get me through Thursday night.  I haven't so much as peaked at the scale, so I don't know what's going on there.  Don't forget to vote for my kitty!  You'll just have to endure me telling you that for the next 21 days.  LOL

Vote Please

Okay, I never do these kinds of things at all, but my kitty can win us a $750 gift card to Publix.  That's a lot of groceries (or cat food, not sure what they let you buy with it, lol), so if this link works please vote for our cat Reese!  :)  Just click on what is written below, and it should take you straight to his picture.  Sorry to be annoying.  :)  Thanks! 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Wendy's and Wendy's

Good evening!  I am absolutely, completely, totally, and anything else that ends with "-ly" exhausted!  So I have some things to say but would like to be brief.

Breakfast was an oatmeal pack with a tad of butter mixed in, coffee with cream, 2 turkey links, and a banana.

I didn't go to the gym with the kids this morning because my husband only had to work a half a day.  He finished his meters for the month today.  So I just went ahead schooling the kids and then left for the gym when he got home to watch them.

I had half a Clif bar before heading out.

I did 30 minutes on the treadmill alternating from 2.0 to 2.5 speed.  No, that's not fast, but I've found that those speeds keep my ankles from hurting so much.  I snapped a pic when I was almost finished.  I forgot to enter my weight so I could get a # on calories burned today.  Phooey!  I really like seeing the # of calories burned.

After the treadmill, I decided to try the elliptical again. This time, I made it 7 whole minutes!  I found it way easier.  I should've went for a full 10, but I stopped because I promised myself 5 minutes and then upped it to 7 when 5 came and went.

My husband worries about "guys" at the gym.  Honestly, that's so hard for me to understand because I'm so overweight.  But he's my husband, so thankfully he thinks I'm pretty and worth stealing.  LOL  I've told him that I picked the very deadest times to go.  I went at a different time today, and it was just as dead.  In fact, I took this pic while I was on the elliptical.  It was myself and these two granddads there in the entire cardio section!!!  I hope they don't read my blog and fuss at me for using their pics.  Haha 

After my 37 minutes, I went on to the shower room because I had a dentist appointment to have my stitches removed today from that extraction site.  I went ahead and got dressed for revival. I felt kinda silly leaving the gym in very dressy clothes, but oh well!

I decided to take a picture.  I felt like my hair looked pretty good.  Then I took about 5 selfies and realized it didn't look as good as I thought.  Ha!

I had a roast with veggies prepared for our lunch today since we would be eating Wendy's tonight with our church.  Well, my dentist appointment was at 2:00 pm, and it was already 1:10 when I left the gym.  I called to see if they could get me in early, but they were all just going to lunch.  It didn't make any sense to go all the way back home and come right back out.  I was hungry, too!  I called my husband and told him I would just go ahead and have Wendy's today and take my roast and veggies with me to Wendy's tonight.  It made sense at the time.  LOL  

I had a grilled chicken sandwich and added bacon.  No cheese.  Even though I got a combo and paid for the small fry, I asked the man to please give me a value fry instead.  I didn't want to spend the 2 points+ extra on a small.

So after this, I went to the dentist.  Everything has healed great.  Got my remaining stitches out and have to use some sort of mouth rinse for 30 days that they gave me.

After getting home, I had 2 Bliss.

I started realizing that by the time I traveled an hour with my roast and veggies, they would be cold.  And I really don't think Wendy's would warm it for me, yanno?  Lol  So I started searching the website for their salads.  I'm glad I didn't trust my dining out guide!  It is from 2012 and was 7 points+ off on one of the salads!!!!  I would've went WAY over.

I took my own drink with me and ordered the half size chicken bacon ranch salad.  It was only 8 points+ total, delicious, and filling!  I will def order it again sometime.

We were about 10 minutes away from the church then and headed straight there.  The meeting was good, but I kept yawning and felt miserable tired.  Also, my muscles were tense from exercising today.  I needed to stand up and stretch so bad!  I was so excited when he called on me and my daughters to sing just so I could stand for a bit!  Ha!  There were 2 preachers, a good bit of singing, and it was an hour away from home.  So all of us were saying we were hungry when we got back in town.

After dropping everyone else from our church off, my family ran in Kroger to pick up two items that were forgotten from the grocery list this week and all picked a candy bar.  I had plenty of weeklies to allow myself one, and a Snickers just sounded good!

So I ended up using 12 weekly allowance points today.  That's okay!  I feel like I did pretty good considering how things got all thrown off.  The candy bar was 8 points+ of those.  I wish I hadn't eaten the Bliss earlier today, but I didn't foresee a candy bar in my future tonight or I wouldn't have.  I still have 13 weekly allowance points and so far 4 APs and only need to make it through Thursday night before my points reset Friday.  I feel like I have actually done better with using my weeklies at a slower pace than I did last week.  At least up until tonight!

Okay, I am outta here.  Sooooo exhausted!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

I'm Still In

Had a pretty good day today!  I didn't get in bed until kinda late, but I was still able to get up by 7:30 am to get everyone ready for church and lunch prep done.  My legs were still pretty sore when I got up this morning, but I just realized they aren't hurting anymore.  I'm so glad.  Still not sure how I feel about that elliptical...  LOL

I made 2 eggs in butter with raspberries, 2 turkey links, and coffee this morning.

For our lunch, I made chicken pot pie from scratch (at least not from a Marie Callender's box, ha), green peas (which my kids will now eat since my sister-in-law told them they were really called "strong pellets" that give muscles), and we had leftover mashed potatoes. Can you believe that was only HALF a portion of "strong pellets?"  I couldn't even finish them all!  It was only 1 points+ worth.  I still counted them as that much.

Dove wasn't on sale this week, but Hershey's Bliss dark chocolate was.  :)  I had two of these. They are also 1 points+ each.  As long as I keep accountable and don't abuse these, they are nice to have on hand. I can divide my chocolate out throughout the day and stay in control when I have a sweet tooth!

Before leaving for church tonight, I had a banana.

Supper tonight was 2 Smart Ones burgers with ketchup and a bag of Funyuns. 

I had one more Bliss after this.

About 30 minutes ago, I ate a pear. 

No exercise today. I drank a good amount of water.  I went ahead and preplanned what I will order tomorrow night at Wendy's while we are out with our church.  In fact, I loosely planned my entire day.  I feel so much better about eating out tomorrow night now.

Hope you've had a great weekend!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Elliptical of Death

I forgot to mention that yesterday I tried the elliptical.  Wow.  I'm a major sissy.  How do people DO that machine????  Because of my knees, people have always said, "Have you tried an elliptical machine?"  I would probably rather just walk around on two dislocated knees that devote my life to an elliptical, let me tell ya!

The gym was extra dead on Friday, so I decided to try the elliptical out.  I stepped on, with one foot pedal trying to get away before I got on.  But I was able to grab the handle bar and not wipe out.  I noticed there was a Quick Start button, just like on the treadmill and bike.  So I hit that and off I went.  Pretty cool.  Then, after 1 minute and 42 seconds, I wanted to be done.  My thighs were burning in ways they had never burned.  My legs felt weak.  My arms were going.  My legs were going.  My hips were getting a workout.  I collected myself and promised to do 5 whole minutes on this terrible invention.  At 3 minutes in, I bent over and placed my head on the board that shows the numbers and stuff, let go of the moving bars and crisscrossed my hands to hold onto the small bars under the board.  No doubt, anyone who walked up would've thought I had been going for at least 45 minutes.  LOL   I straightened back up and made it through my 5 minutes when I realized that I had burned 51 calories.  I thought - hey, at least burn 55!!!  So I managed to stay on for another whole 15 seconds past the 5 minutes.

WHEW!!!!  I made it off of the machine.  My legs felt like rubber or mush or something.  I dunno.  I wobbled over to the treadmill and did 10 minutes on that and burned 50 calories.  Then I did some arm machines again since I had a break from that on Thursday.

I stretched and then determined to tackle the elliptical again!!!!  I managed the 5 minutes way better this time.  Yayyy!!!!  I burned another 50 calories.  Then it was time to shower and get ready to leave.  I left feeling happy, though, that I pushed through and tried again.  I still can't say it's even close to my favorite thing to do, but I'm glad I tried it!

Anyway, I thought my elliptical experience was pretty comical and wanted to share that.  Now onto today's eats.

Our day didn't go as planned.  After getting up at 6:30ish all week, I threatened asked everyone to let me sleep as long as I wanted.  They did.  When I finally got up, the moon was back out.  Ha!  Just kidding.  Anyway, I got up and got busy with stuff and completely missed breakfast.

So this morning, all I have to report is a banana and water.

We were supposed to eat fast food for lunch today.  I said Wendy's, but then my husband reminded me we are eating there Monday night as a church group before going to a revival meeting.  So that was out.  Next, I picked Arby's.  Hubby wanted Papa John's.  I just gave him this look.  He apologized because he remembered from the past how high in points Papa John's is, but I told him it was fine.  After all, I had just started a new week with new weekly points allowance.  So I had 3 slices of pizza total (two with Canadian bacon and pineapple, one with pepperoni and black olives).  I only took a picture of two because that's what I intended to eat, but I was starving from missing breakfast so grabbed one more.

I had one leftover cookie from the ones I made last night.  I have to say they were very good!!!  I counted one as 3 points+.  I hope that's a fair guesstimate. 

After lunch, I showered and dressed for grocery shopping.  I downloaded my digital coupons and scanned over my list.  First I went to the side of town that has Publix and the Walmart WITHOUT Auntie Anne's in it.  :-D  It's sad but true that I can't control myself around those salty pretzels!  So I just rarely go to my closest Walmart anymore.

Supper didn't go just as planned.  For starters, I was supposed to make fried potatoes (fried radishes for me), but I wasn't home to cook any of that.  So hubby peeled some potatoes before grilling the bbq chicken legs, and my daughters boiled the potatoes and made some green beans.  When I got home, I mashed the potatoes.  My daughter forgot to put any oil in the green beans, so they were 0 points+.  I had only 1/4 cup of mashed potatoes tonight since I had spent so many points at lunch today.
We made a double batch of mashed potatoes so that lunch tomorrow after church would be easier.  Plan to see repeats.

After eating, I had to head back out to the other side of town to go to Kroger and take Disabled Man some plates of food and groceries.  I had bought some ice cream sandwiches for a treat that were b1g1 free at Publix.  They are 6 points+ each.  I have to say, it was a very good ice cream sandwich!  Had I known it was just a square and not a long sandwich, I probably wouldn't have spent the points on it, though.  Regardless, I ate one as I headed out to Kroger. 

And that's it.  Not the healthiest of days, for sure.  I'm super proud of tracking everything that I've eaten, though, instead of just giving up because I had some high-points foods.  I mean, that's what the points are there for - to use!  And my eating always seems off on the weekends, anyway.

No exercise today other than walking like crazy while shopping.  My legs are plenty sore from the devil machine, though.  I'm glad I get a couple days of rest!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Video Post and Jicama Fries

I decided to try a video blog.  Not sure how it will go!  I feel undecided about the video.  I really hate hearing my voice and seeing myself on the video!  Lol  But if you can stand to watch, I can stand to do a weekly video about my weigh in.  I had my hair up, but I recorded a video and noticed a huge strand was sticking up!  So I took my hair down and tossed it around with my hands . I was too lazy to get up and go fix it for you.  Ha!  The pool water is killing my perm wayyyy too early.  :-/  I hope to see that double chin disappear over the next several weeks!  I don't have a smart phone or a camcorder - just my plain 'ole digital camera.  So I apologize in advance for the quality of the video.  Maybe one day I'll be high tech!  Not to mention my oldest daughter caught my attention near the end and I started babbling and sounding pretty silly.  But hey, that's actually really what I'm like in real life anyway.  ;)

In case it doesn't work, I will say that I lost 4.5 pounds this week.  Yayyy!  That's a really good first week loss for me.  I usually average 3 pounds.  Food pics will be below the video.  

For breakfast, I put some butter on toast, grilled it, added a slice of Thin Sargento cheese, an egg cooked without any oil/butter, and 2 slices of turkey bacon. I stacked it all up.  Had black grapes and coffee with cream.

I left for the gym a bit late again.  Loving our new school schedule, but with 4 kids you are going to have catastrophes and bathroom breaks that start pushing things off schedule.  I hate that because it gives me less time for exercise since I have to have time to shower, dress, and at least partially fix my hair before leaving the gym.

I ran a couple errands after the gym today, which pushed our lunch behind.  I was tempted to just grab something while out, but I've tried to make this my no excuses week.  So I completed my errands and went on home to make lunch.

Today was a Healthy Life bun with RF mayo, a Boca burger patty, and a Thin Sargento slice.  I was out of tomatoes.  Our dill pickle chips were mispackaged and are actually bread and butter pickles.  My leftover shredded lettuce was brown and soggy.  So I had the burger with no veggies.  I had some frozen fries I bought on sale this week for the kids, but I didn't want to eat those.  Instead, I grabbed jicama root I had laying around and sliced it very thin.  Fried it up in 2 points+ worth of coconut oil.  Voila - 2 points+ fries!  I could've eaten way more than that, but I just made a tiny amount since I didn't know if I would like them.  I let them drain onto a paper towel and sprinkled them with sea salt. 

About an hour after lunch, I had two Dove.

I never did have a snack today.  I got sidetracked with something that needed fixing on the computer and had to call technical support over in Thailand or somewhere.  LOL

Supper was a salmon fillet baked in butter, a small baked potato with butter and sour cream, and pole beans sauteed in some coconut oil.  Yummy!  Just realized how huge my potato looks here.  LOL  I promise it was NOT.  Pictured, it is cut open, all tore apart, and I took the picture up close.  I counted it as 3 points+ plain because it was between a small and medium size.

About 2 hours after supper, I realized I had 5 points+ left.  I haven't splurged on a real dessert all week, just 2 points+ worth of M&Ms and 2 to 3 points+ in Dove each day.  So I conjured up ingredients that I already had in the cabinets to make some chocolate chip cookies.  Here they are prebaked.  I haven't eaten any yet, but I'm about to.  :) 

I will be back to blog again this weekend.  I just really feel that it keeps me from feeling like I can hide foods I've eaten, yanno?  Have a good night!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thursday Carbday

I made it through.  WHEW!!!!  Even with all the carbs at supper, I did make it.  Thank goodness!  TGIThursday.  Ha!

The carbs started at breakast.  I had two FF Krusteaz muffins, 1 hard boiled egg, a banana, and black coffee.  I knew I should've had 1 muffin and 2 eggs.  I wish I had listened to my first instinct.  My stomach was already growling when I left the house just a couple hours later!  Next time, I will do this differently.

I took a pic of lunch before packing it this morning.  I have discovered that Funyuns are only 3 points+ versus most bagged chips are 4 points+.  I had those, a meat and cheese sandwich, Fun Size peanut butter M&Ms, and an Aquafina drink.  I realized I was out of all fruits, so I couldn't bring anything.  Boo.

After our homeschool group, I had a snack in the van before tennis.

Today was the last lesson.  The kids were so thrilled to get new shirts and trophies for participating.  The instructor told me the kids really did very good with hitting the ball, especially my youngest!  He's only 5, so that is pretty cool.  This is good motivation to get back to playing tennis as a family.  The kids are hyped about it again, and I need the exercise!

Tonight was supper out.  We went to Captain D's because it was kids eat for 99 cents there tonight.  Boo-ya!  Lol  I really poured over my dining out guide, trying to figure out my meal.  I had initially intended to get the seafood sampler and only eat one fish fillet, one stuffed crab shell, a baked potato, broccoli, and a breadstick (it comes with more than that).  After taking a look at 5 points+ for one piece of fish and 6 points+ for one plain potato, I knew I couldn't "afford" those today.  Instead, I got the shrimp skewers meal that comes with rice and a breadstick.  I got steamed broccoli as one side.  I could get a salad with dressing I didn't even like for 3 points+ or mac for 4 points+.  I chose the mac.  I struggled with that because of so many carbs on my plate, but I decided to get what sounded good instead of something I wouldn't enjoy eating.  Anyway, it all worked out within my points range at least.

After eating, we went to Kroger because I told hubby I *had* to have some fruits to use tonight and tomorrow until I could grocery shop!  Sadly, Kroger was out of raspberries that were on sale.  But lots of their apples were 3/0.99, so I got those, pears, and grapes.

When I came home, I had 2 Dove to finish off my points (APs and all).  Nom nom.

Just a few minutes ago, I had some decaf coffee, black, and then an apple to get in another fruit.  I only got in 3 fruits/veggies today.  :(

So tomorrow morning is weigh in.  I'm going to go ahead and weigh.  I've stuck with the program, exercised, and drank plenty of water.  Whatever the scale says, it says.  I'm sure I've lost, considering this is my first week on plan and all.