Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New Home Sweet Home

We are *mostly* settled in now.  We've been sleeping in the rental house since Friday night.  We all really like it.  The kitchen is a bit bigger than our old one was (at least the dining area), and the living room is really big.  The kids' bedrooms are definitely smaller than our old home, though.  Our old home had HUGE bedrooms because it was an old house.  My 2 littles had 2 twin beds, 2 drawer towers, and all kinds of toys organized all in their room with space left to sit and play.  In their new room, their beds are each close to the wall and close to each other with only room to place 1 drawer tower of toys.  We took some toys to our church basement for storage and put some other toys in totes under their beds.  It's definitely different!  But we all agree it's cozy.

There is a wrap-around deck from the side door around half of the back of the house.  The kids have had a blast riding their scooters on it!  And there is only one house past ours, so the road is very dead and kid friendly.  That's important to me.

There's still only one bathroom, but it's much bigger than our old bathroom, so it's working out way nicer!  The master bedroom is about the same size as our old house's was, so that's not been an issue.  It's a tad smaller, but it's no big deal. The closets are the wide ones with sliding doors, so there's lots of space.  However, they have this wire closet system with shelves and all these different heights - some adjustable, some not - so it's been a bit awkward trying to arrange the clothes.

We STILL have stuff to get out of the old house!  We didn't get to start loading anything until 4 pm on Friday evening.  We worked ourselves to the bone with three men from the church to get all the furniture over.  Then I put stuff away forever.  Hubby's cousin called to say they had the carpets cleaned here but didn't have time to clean in general, so they knocked $100 off our first-month's rent and told us to do it. That's great, but that also meant more work for me.  It has just been crazy!  We spent from 4 pm til 9 pm yesterday at the old house still getting stuff out of closets and deciding between store, donate, or take to the new house.  We completely finished and cleaned 3 of the rooms, but there's still 3 rooms to go.  It's amazing how much stuff you accumulate over close to 11 years in the same house!

There are lots of cabinets in the kitchen here, but they are much smaller than in the old house.  So that's been an issue.  I've had to make decisions on kitchen items I can live without.  In the meantime, we have had to eat out every day because every time I get the kitchen cleared of boxes and clutter a new load comes in!  Not to mention the fact that we have been running non-stop from old house to new for days now! All of us are pretty sick of it and can't WAIT until we can eat home-cooked meals again!  It's made me feel just gross and awful. While I've still not gained any weight over the last couple of months or more, I just feel icky and gross from the food we've been eating and the lack of exercise.  I am definitely going to start counting WW points again sometime next week.  We took the week off of homeschooling this week, so we should SURELY be settled in and back to normal by next week!

To my surprise, the move hasn't been emotional and traumatic at all.  None of us cried or got moody (other than from lack of sleep on the moody part - ha), and we all really like our new place.  I thought I would really hate the location since I'm used to being in a central location to civilization, but I don't.  I enjoy being out here in the privacy of my own space.

I didn't have any internet service between Friday evening and Monday afternoon, so I've not done any blog reading or anything. Not that I would've had a chance to anyway!  But those of you who are fellow bloggers, just know I'll eventually catch up.  Those of you who are my readers, I hope to be back to more regular blogging before too long!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I've Disappeared

It is nearly 12:30 in the morning, so I am off to bed.  I was just sitting here in the quietness trying to scan some blog posts that I've missed lately.  I am still in a funk of sorts.  I think of things to blog about but then just don't do it.  I have also gotten lazy about leaving comments on blogs that I do read.  I guess that's fine, but as a blogger I know how receiving feedback is encouraging.  However, I've had my share of bad feedback and people even resorting to calling my kids "fat like their mom," so sometimes no comments are good, too!

Anyway, our house passed all inspections.  Closing is set up for Thursday at 4 pm!  We hope to start moving on Friday evening when hubby gets off work.  The rental house is all brick with a wrap-around deck and cute on the inside.  I'm not thrilled with where the rental is.  I'll be so far away from ANYTHING that I'm used to being around!  But the rent is $650 a month as a special since it's family, and the only thing we found close to where we already are was $1200 a month.  That definitely made the drive seem better!  Lol

I guess I have been in a funk because this is really an emotional time.  I cried yesterday afternoon.  I've lived in this house for almost 11 years now.  I have had my same phone number for 12 years now.  Everything is changing!  My kids have to learn a new address, and today I called the phone company and got our new phone number.  There's so many people and businesses to notify of the changes.  Everything will need to find a new place in the new home.  We'll have to take some time off schooling to get settled in.  What if the cats run away when we move?  We've had 2 of them for 10 years!  I would miss them! I'll now be at least 30 minutes away from the gym, and I'm really thinking I will not make that a priority and end up cancelling.  I'm gonna try to hang in there and make this work, though!

And then to think we're moving only to build or buy and move again.  Ay yi yi!  I used to really embrace change, but I realize I don't so much anymore.  Normal is good.  Routine is good.  Comfortable is good.  Only sometimes it's not.  My oldest daughter's 4-H speech this year is about stepping out of your comfort zone.  Well, this moving stuff has definitely shoved me out of mine!!!

We had a lovely snow last week that is actually still melting.  As I took pictures of the kids sledding down the road in front of the house and building snowmen in the yard, I kept thinking "this will be the last time they do that here!"  See, now I'm crying again!!!

I'm looking so forward to being debt free.  I can't imagine.  100% debt free.  We've never had that opportunity before.  So many hard times and arguments in our marriage have been over finances.  We made silly mistakes in the beginning years of our marriage.  Then we had kids and medical and just unforeseen expenses.  It all adds up and that creates stress.  So this will be such a nice breather for our family.  And so far there's still no end date permanently set for hubby's job!

Not only are we changing houses, but we are going to get a better vehicle.  Paid for in cash, of course!  We love our Honda Odyssey.  It has proven to us that we LOVE Honda.  But our van now has 178,000 miles.  So we are going to sell ours for the going price on Craigslist and put $5000 cash with it to buy a Honda Odyssey with lower miles.  People say they usually last for years and years, so we figure doing this now while we can actually buy straight out and not have to finance is the way to go.  But it makes me nervous.  I love my Honda and what if we get a lemon?!  I just need to learn to quit panicking and trust the Lord in all of this because He has sure worked things out perfectly in the situation so far!

Oh, another reason I have been a bit blue is I got into following a case of a missing 2-year-old boy just an hour from us.  It became national.  I signed into my mom's facebook account just to follow the pages that told what was going on.  But then in the comments people started bashing the family and demanding that the boy was murdered, etc.  I got en-drenched for an hour at a time on fb just reading all the comments.  The comments would get me mad. Then they would get ME to speculating things and what ifs.  I would check this fb page about four times a day.  Finally, the boy's body was found after a week.  I've been able to make my peace with the situation and stop torturing myself with people's opinions on the matter.  I just can't imagine not knowing where my child was!  I would want to at least have a body and know his/her whereabouts than to always wonder and never know.  There is a case just like that in our county from when my husband was a young teen.  Frightening!

So that's kind of where my mind is at lately.  I've still been weighing myself from time to time to keep up with where I'm at.  I'm still maintaining and even down a couple more pounds.  But I feel bigger and worse than ever.  My self esteem is definitely taking a hit.  Hubby treats me like I'm some gorgeous wife, but I feel completely embarrassed for him when he runs into someone he knows and has to introduce me as his wife.  I have one friend wanting me to do a program with her.  I texted another friend tonight who was my size and is gorgeous now.  I never knew her when she was my size and wouldn't have dreamed she had lapband.  I was asking her all about that.  But I don't see myself doing either of those things right now.  Well, especially #2 because she said that surgery cost her $12,000.00 several years ago.  I can just see us going BACK into debt for me to do that only to gain back every bit and more!!!  I think I need to dig deeper into my mind with my weight loss.  I'm eating less than usual lately, but I'm still not eating healthfully.

Well, this was just supposed to be about a 2-liner!  Now it's 12:42 am and I'm going to bed for realz!  :)  Psst:  I think this is another issue with my mood lately.  I've gotten back into the habit of staying up late and sleeping in.  It makes me feel lazy and unproductive and I need to STOP IT!  Hope anyone left out there who reads is doing well!