Thursday, June 25, 2015

What to Say

So, here I am.  I really have no clue what to blog about!  I just feel awful because I said I would blog and I've still sat silent.  I either said it in my previous post or via email to a blogger friend, but I feel like I've had SO MUCH going on but nothing blogworthy.  Not sure if that makes sense, but that's how I feel.  I mean, seeing a real, live bear  running down the yellow line in front of my parents?  Blogworthy!  Folding towels fresh from the dryer and grocery shopping?  Ehhh, not so much.  LOL  But still, let's just go off the top of my head here.

I am sick.  Such a bummer!  I woke up one morning at the hotel with a sore throat.  I figured it was just from the air conditioning.  By the next morning, my sore throat was gone.  The morning after that, though, my sore throat was back along with a circle of fire in my chest and some head congestion.  Next thing I knew, three of us had it.  I sound like I'm losing my voice, but I'm not.  I'm getting a spectrum of color in my sputum now, so at least I can share that news.  Ha!  I was SO SICK last year on July 4th.  I don't want to be this year!!!  If I'm not better by sometime next week, I'm defintely going to the walk-in clinic.  I love the 4th of July, and it was no fun feeling so awful in Paris, TN last year.

We are still homeschooling.  We have about 20 lessons left.  We were supposed to be finished by July 10th, but now that won't happen.  I have lots of homeschool friends who are going to skip some of the final lessons because they are review.  I am so OCD, though.  I have issues with skipping stuff.  I guess just because I homeschool, I want to make sure I complete ALL of the lessons because that means I "did it right."  Crazy, but I've come to accept it.  :)

I have not been to the gym in 5 weeks now!!!  That's horrible!  I was loving going!  For one thing, we rarely go swimming in the summer because the pool always has a crowd because of public school being out.  I did remember that last summer we would go at like 9:30 in the morning until 11 and have privacy, though, so I think we will try that one day next week if we are all feeling better.  Missing the gym has been a combo of 2 weeks of travel, 2 weeks of lazy, and 1 week of sick.  Ugh.  Now it will feel so weird to be back.  I don't even know if I'm correctly remembering my locker code.  I sure hope so!  I just need to go back as soon as I feel better.

My eating hasn't been horrible.  I told you all about the book The Diet Alternative by Diane Hamptom.  Well, I read the book and loved it.  It really made a lot of sense to me!  BUT... on days when I did go to the gym, the principles were too hard for me.  My body needed fuel for those days, and to follow this book properly I wasn't giving it what it needed.  I allowed myself to feel like a failure instead of just going with what I knew I needed for ME, not the author.  I even skipped the gym just so I wouldn't feel so hungry.  That was my first mistake, and now I'm going to be like a beginner again when I return.  Ugh.

One thing I have accomplished with reading the book, though, is this: I am having no problem at all stopping when I am full now.  I can't tell you how freeing that alone is!  I have almost always eaten past full, to the point of stuffed.  It is a sick and miserable feeling.  Anyone out there relate?  When I'm eating the food, I just "can't stop" because I really enjoy the taste.  The after effects, though, of feeling so awful physically and stupid mentally just aren't worth it.  So I've been eating to the point of full and stopping.  I've been doing this with main meals, snacks, and desserts.  It's obviously helping because I am slowly losing a bit at a time.  I do mean S-L-O-W-L-Y but I do mean losing a bit.  So yay for even small progress!

I have also learned to just eat.  I am not going to omit a food group unless it's something I'm intolerant to.  I'm also not weighing, measuring, or counting anything.  I'm not saying that's the answer for everyone, but for me it is what I need.  If I am doing away with an entire food group, that's all I can think about.  It is also hard to avoid something completely with the lifestyle we live.  Also, if I am weighing and measuring food I become hateful and stingy to anyone who comes near my "portion" with a fork or spoon!  Ha!  We have a lot of traveling in our lives, especially in the summer, and we have to eat what is offered to us.  This is definitely not a get-skinny-quick plan,  but where have all those previous plans gotten me over the last 4 years?  Lol

Home life right now is good.  I have been working on being a more respectful wife and mother.  I am just a jokester by nature.  I am fast with funny little quips.  I still do joke and have fun, but I'm trying not to do so at the expense of others' feelings, yanno?  I have held in a lot of words recently, and it's been a good thing.  At first, my husband didn't quite know what to think.  It was really funny.  After about 3 days of being different, his exact words were, "What?!  What's wrong?  You're being all weird, looking at me with googly eyes, and treating me like a god or something!"  It was hilarious!  I have to disagree with treating him like a god and making googly eyes, but I told him I what I was working on and why.  I haven't been perfect at my new goal, but I've really been putting forth an effort.  It seems to be that any time I go visit my parents, I come back with a renewed desire for my own marriage to be opposite of a lot of things with my parents.  When I visit, I see bad qualities that I took with me from each parent.  I love them so much!  But their marriage could definitely have used some work over the years.

Well, looks like I found plenty to blog about.  :)  I guess that should come as no surprise.  Would any of you be interested in having some recipes posted?  I got a few new ones from a friend (have only tried one so far), and there are things I make on a regular basis.  Some are healthful meals and others are just things I make that you could possibily tweak to fit into your eating style.  I know this started out as a weight-loss blog but has moved over towards more of a "let's-babble-about-life blog," so I wondered what y'all would think of that?  I get so tired of making the same stuff all the time and am always up for a new recipe that someone else uses regularly and loves.  If you'd be interested, just leave a comment below.  I don't want to take the time to post stuff if it's not something my readers would be interested in.

Monday, June 22, 2015


I have been SO busy with catching up after being gone for a week.  Then we had our mid-week church service on Tuesday evening so that we could travel Wednesday through Saturday for a meeting in the Paducah, KY area.  Late last night, I decided to check out my blog and realized I hadn't posted since June 11th!  Oops!  Definitely didn't mean to disappear like that.  I don't have time to do a real post right now (catching up on  MORE laundry), but I just wanted to check in so no one thinks I've croaked if they've noticed my absence.  Lol  Hopefully I'll have time to do a real post in the next day or two.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Real Live Bear

Hello!  I am still with my parents.  This week has actually FLOWN by.  Other than a tiff with my mom about an hour ago when my daughter got water on the hardwood floor, things have went really well.  I think it has been helpful that we've had somewhere to be each night from 6:15 until around 9:15.  Getting out of the house and letting everyone have time away from each other for a breather is nice, yanno?  Lol  I have been really blessed on this trip with friends buying my meals or making my meals, and then VBS feeds us at night, so my $200 is still going strong except for the gas I bought yesterday to fill the tank.  Woohoo!

The church we are going to VBS at is where my brother pastors in Kingston, TN.  There were 122 kids at VBS on Wednesday night, not couting teachers and parents and helpers.  That was the biggest night so far, but it's been over 100 every night.  The 2 year olds have their own class.  Then boys and girls are separated and put in classes of 3&4, 5&6, 7&8, 9&10, 11&12, and then teens.  My son went right on to his class the first night without me having to go in with him.  I was relieved about that.  I think he was excited to have a man/woman team for teachers.  At his age, he never gets a man teacher.  He thought that was cool.  Lol

They were expecting 6 children in the 3&4-year-old girls class.  Instead, they have ended up with 12 chattery, hyper, pretty girlies.  :)  There are 2 in particular who just have this take-charge and lead personality.  Whew!   Lol  So on night #1 my sister-in-law asked if I would please help with that class.  Both the teachers were older teen girls who were a bit overwhelmed.  Two moms stayed in class, but one was more of an observer and not a helper.  The first night, I was a bit put out with the class.  The teacher is so sweet and quiet.  These girls... not quiet.  Lol  They needed someone sweet but stern.  The teacher has gotten better at handling the girls each night that we've had class.  Regardless, we all survived!  Friday is the last night, and there is no class.  Instead, each class will do a little perforance of song or Bible verses for the parents and visitors. There will be a 15-minute preaching message, and then all the precious angels (ahem) will be free to be watched by their parents.  Hallelujah!

Naw, I'm exaggerating.  Yes, they wear you out, but a couple of the girls have decided they really like me and want to hold my hand or get special attention from me.  It's sweet.  First is meeting together in the sanctuary, then off to class, then supper, then outside play, then crafts, then back to class for recap and back to the auditorium for dismissal and pickup.  I have to say their VBS is very well organized and has been a lot of fun.

So now, the bear.  On Tuesday, my dad and 4 kids were outside on the front porch together.  I was freshening up my hair and makeup for leaving for VBS.  All of a sudden, middle daughter is screaming frantically while running in the house.  "It's a bear!  A bear!  A BEAR!!!"  I was like, "WHAT???"  The screen door kept flying open, and my kids were scrambling inside.  Sure enough, I ran to the door and there was a black bear about as tall as my hips on all fours running down the road towards the house!  My mom kept yelling at me to take a picture.  I was yelling at her that I'm trying to get my kids inside, who cares about a picture.  She would insist on the picture.  Good grief!  LOL  Meanwhile, Dad just continues to sit right on the porch and eat his apple.  I think he is old and didn't care if the bear ate him.  Ha!  The bear got to where it was literally maybe 3 car lengths in front of us, if even that (everyone but Dad was inside behind the glass, screen door) and then it just ran off into the woods right beside Dad's mailbox.

Dad told me to call the police.  A black bear really doesn't need to be running down the middle of a paved road in a community with houses so close.  Plus, the house is parralell with the interstate.  A black bear on I-40 could definitely cause a wreck.  Lol  I didn't know the local dispatch here, so I dialed 911 and explained.  The operator said they've been trying to catch that bear for weeks.  An officer came out to talk with us and said TWRA would be alerted and would probably set some traps so they could get the bear back to a better place for him.  Black bears used to really just stay in Pigeon Forge around here.  Lately, they are starting to come down this way in search of food.  

On Wednesday, I went to lunch with a friend while my parents took all the kids to McDonalds for an ice cream cone.  Apparently, the local news station came out while we were gone.  They showed Mom and Dad's house, car in the driveway, and talked to the elderly neighbor lady next door instead.  Dad has been SO funny!  He said, "She didn't see that bear!  We saw that bear and called her to tell her!  They should've interviewed us, not her.  I can't believe she lied and said she saw that bear!  Maybe she did.  I'm gonna find out about this!"  Hahaha  He has acted a bit jealous about missing his few minutes of fame.  :)

The bear has definitely been the excitement of the week.  We spotted it around 5:30 pm.  My kids couldn't wait to get to VBS and tell all their teachers and friends.  Then at 9 pm, mom's fb page said that the bear was spotted at a bank that is seriously less than half a mile from this house.  Eek!  No playing outside while here this week!  Lol

I have weighed every day while here, and thankfully I'm not showing any gains on the scale.  I've done much better with my eating here this week than in times past, and I've also stayed busy helping at VBS and trying to go behind the kids and catch any messes they've missed so that my dad doesn't trip and fall.  He is very wobbly now when he walks and uses a cane 24/7.  It's so odd to see him so unstable, but that's not uncommon for a 78 year old. :-/

I took a nap this afternoon after visiting a friend for a couple hours.  She has precious little girls!  I loved her sassy 2 year old.  Hilarious!  And her 8-month-old baby is sooo sweet!  My girls loved holding her.  Can y'all believe she fed us microwave hot dogs???  Hahaha  I'm kidding.  She grilled me one right up.  True friendship right there, for sure!

Well, I guess I've said enough.  Because of the nap, I'm not very tired.  But I'm on eastern time this week, and it's nearly 12:30 in the morning.  I better get myself wound down and turn in so I'm not a wreck tomorrow.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

An Electronic World

I thought I'd take a bit of time to blog.  The kids and I are packing to go to my parents' house Monday through Saturday morning.  Hubby will be toughing it out here at home.  Everyone needs some peace, but each time we do this he calls me saying the house is WAY too quiet and needs some chaos.  :)  There's a good chance something will happen while away that will drive me to blog and vent, but if not I don't really plan to blog.  Lol

The church my brother pastors is having their Vacation Bible School this week. We've not been to theirs in 3 years, I think it is.  The kids are really looking forward to it.  I am, too.  I'm supposed to have lunch with a lifelong best friend on Wednesday and also get together with a friend and her two kids one day.  Each night, we will have VBS to occupy our time.  They provide a simple meal each night and Mom plans to have food during the day, so it makes going very affordable!

We got our new tires on Thursday and WOW the difference in the van!!!  The issue with the power steering is gone, the steering wheel isn't bouncing anymore, and the rattling noise that was in the trunk of the van is gone.  Goodness.  Those poor tires from before surely were bad.  Lol  We were even considering trying to sell our van on Craigslist and purchase a different vehicle because we thought it had so many issues.  Instead, just getting new tires made a world of difference.  Whew!

In the bad news department, my husband told me yesterday that he found out he will no longer have a job as of January 2016.  He has had his water meter reading job for 11 years as of this month.  It has never been the best job.  There is no insurance, no vacation days or sick pay, and you have to work even in severe weather unless it's entirely impossible.  The pay wasn't great, but the job was dependable and pay was steady.  It was a pretty flexible job.  That was a good thing for preaching appointments and family emergencies and outings during weekdays when things were way less crowded.

My husband was working for his high school and college friend.  They were a contracted out company, so hubby didn't work for the water department.  His boss was relieved this year when the water department said they wanted to sign another 5-year contract and not go digital.  The digital system has its benefits, but it is extremely expensive to install and not always accurate.  Well, on Thursday hubby's boss sadly and pretty much in shock himself delivered the bad news about the job ending. The water department changed their mind and decided to go digital.  They are already using GPS to tag the meters and install the new system.

I am praying that somehow this is a blessing in disguise, but since my husband has no college or technical degree I'm a bit worried, just to be honest.  Plus, his company has provided his cell phone and work truck for all these years.  All that will end in January, as well.  Just a lot of changes to consider, yanno?  So anyone who would be willing to pray about our future, I'd appreciate it!  At least he got plenty of notice to be looking.  He told me last night that he is really so floored by it all that I need to give him time to process it before getting in a tizzy and expecting him to look for new work.  :)  I am an impulsive, do-it-now person.  He is a slow-going, steady thinker who takes his time.  We each frustrate the other.  Lately I have been practicing keeping my mouth shut when he doesn't do things the way or when I would. I guess God figured I could use way more practice with that so threw this in.  Lol  Poor guy kept this major news to himself from Thursday until Saturday because he said he just didn't know how to tell me.

It seems like there was something else I was going to yap about the next time I blogged, but I can't remember for the life of me!  I guess it wasn't all that exciting, huh?  If I'm not back before next week, I will be soon with pics and a recap of our week away.  Have a GREAT week!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What Up Wednesday

Sorry for the title, but it was cracking me up because I'm easily amused.  :)  I haven't posted in a few days.  There's not been too awfully much going on, I guess.  The sun finally came out again today!  Glorious sunshine!  It was so nice.

The issue my daughter was having isn't an issue after all.  She had told me she was seeing blood on the tissue when she went #2 (sorry to anyone currently eating a meal, lol).  She has had Clostridium difficile in the past, or C. diff.  It is pretty rare in children.  Our former pediatrician was doubtful that my daughter would have it.  When her tests came back positive, he said she was his first ever case in all his years of practice.  You could google, but basically it's some sort of infection that comes on after taking certain antibiotics.  It causes loss of appetite, bloody diarrhea, and stomach pain in most people.  Symptoms vary.  My daughter just never wanted to finish her food.  I would've never known there was an issue had I not noticed blood on the tissue one day when wiping her when she was younger.  So when she told me she was seeing blood, she had to be retested for C. diff.  She was on 2 weeks of antibiotics in January, so it was very possible the infection was back.  She had told her dad about the blood a week before, her sisters about the blood a few days before, but somehow no one remembered to tell me until Memorial Day!  Sheesh.  Lol  We went into the office on Wednesday.  A sample was sent out for testing, but it was negative for C. diff and blood.  I don't know what the issue was.  This girl doesn't get constipated.  She usually goes every day and is in and out in 30 seconds flat.  Ha!  I think she's just over wiping and irritated her skin.

Aren't you glad I shared?  :)

I was queen for the day on Saturday.  A church sent me a check for $270 and told me to use it for clothes or just whatever I wanted.  I was so shocked!  How nice!  My husband said he had been praying that I would get something to buy myself some clothes with, so he was very tickled about this, too.  I used $64 of it to buy some new frames for my lenses.  I had the other ones for over 2 years.  One arm literally fell off one day while I was wearing my glasses.  Lol  ????  They fixed it, but then not long after the other arm did it.  Crazy.  They said my only option was superglue.  Thankfully, Walmart Vision still carried the exact same frames.  I was able to just buy the frames and have the lenses put in since my prescription hasn't changed.

I went out Saturday evening alone.  I had a meal alone and went about 40 minutes from home to look for clothes in a different area.  I haven't been able to find anything in my area lately.  I had some luck.  I looked in several places.  Lane Bryant freaked me out with their $70 skirts.  SERIOUSLY???  I'm used to Cato - $24.99 max for a skirt!  I ended up finding mix and match things at Marshall's, Old Navy, Target, and Walmart.  I also was excited to get two items for my son  - a 24.99 pair of jeans for 6.49 and a 29.99 coat for this fall for 7.99.  Woohoo!  Overall, I was able to add about 3 outfits to my wardrobe, and that feels nice.

My laundry room is the size of a bedroom.  It's about 12x12, maybe bigger.  It is where I store all of our totes of clothes for different seasons.  It also tends to be where all the junk in the house ends up!!!  Today I decided I'd had enough!  I drug everything out of that room, which was a huge task, onto the back porch.  Then I swept (three times), even vacuumed the floors, and then mopped that room.  There is no central heat and air in that room, so I was so sweaty!  After the floor had dried, it was time to drag everything back in.  Whew!  The room looks so neat, clean, and organized now, though!  I'm going to enjoy it for the 24 hours it will last.  Lol

Next week, I am going to my parents' house for the week to let my kids go to their church's VBS.  My husband can't come.  He has to work.  My dad has been on him about how awful our tires are.  We knew they were.  We were just trying to make them last as long as possible.  One tire got super bad a couple months ago.  Our mechanic sold us a $15 used tire that was in better shape than our worst tire.  My husband decided to sell the trailer he hauls his mower on since he doesn't really use it anymore.  He had it so he could take his mower down to mow our church's grass, but he is so busy already that this year he finally just hired someone to do it.  Hopefully there will be a man in the church who will be able to do it next year.

Anyway, hubby knew I couldn't drive to my parents' on our current tires.  After a week of sitting by the road, his trailer sold today.  Yay!  That gave us close to the whole amount we needed for the tires, so that is really great.  I offered to put the money I received toward the tires, but hubby wouldn't let me.

Oh!  Did I mention the 4 kittens that we fostered for a friend who was allergic?  I love cats anyway, and I was needing a kitten fix.  :)  No way we can get another cat.  We're topped out.  Ha!  So I volunteered to take the kitties for my friend so her and her son could quit coughing their heads off!  I got the kittens when they were 7 weeks and 2 days old.  We had such fun with them!  I was able to find all 4 a new home on Monday and Tuesday.  The kids and I were so sad to see them all go, but we knew from the beginning that would be the case.

I guess that's about it.  Wait! I also have this to share.  One of my aunts emailed it to me, so if you know someone who could benefit from this feel free to share:
This is a brand new scholarship offered at UT-Knoxville -- free ride to low income students even without good grades but with potential.  UT is asking that the word be spread.  

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Multiplication Help

I think I mentioned a few weeks back that I ordered a CD that someone suggested on their blog to help with learning multiplication facts.  I've always talked about my struggles with math.  I can't tell you how many tears I shed over math during my school years.  Argh!  It amazes me how math can come so easily to some people and be like a foreign language to others!

To order the CD, the website said to call a long-distance phone number.  Our phone service comes with free long distance, so this was no big deal.  I left a message with a husband.  :)  The next day, I got a return phone call with an email address to reply to.  The CD itself is $15.00, and I was charged $3.00 shipping.  I felt like the shipping was very reasonable.  I mailed a check to the address I was given.  I was emailed upon receipt of my check, and my CD came a few days later.

At first, I felt disappointed.  For some reason, I was expecting actual multiplication problems via song.  The CD is a skip counting CD.  I already had one of these from Math U See.  It was good, but it wasn't anything that my kids wanted to listen to repeatedly.  I also felt like there wasn't enough repetition of each song.

I put the Access to the Answers CD in the van the next time the kids and I went out together.  Before the trip was over, they were laughing and asking for certain songs to be played over and over.  I was really pleased.  The difference with this CD versus the one I already have is that this CD repeats the facts in every song.  It's not just one verse and then done.  Most songs, if not all, repeat the facts through song 4 times in a row so that my kids were able to at least sing partly along by the time the song was done.  I noticed the next time my second grader was doing one of her math worksheets, she was singing the 4s song to get the multiplication answers right!  :)

My kids immediately noticed that the 5s and 10s aren't on this CD.  I told them that's probably because counting by 5s and 10s is usually easily mastered.  Other than those, the CD starts at 2s and goes up to 12s (which I never learned to count by until financing vehicle loans, ha!).

The recommended age for this CD is pre-K through 4th grade.  Upon first listening, I was afraid the CD would be too childish for my almost-6th-graders.  Now granted, we homeschool so they aren't hip to be cool like a lot of public school kids are in this age group. Ha!  But they are almost 12 and 11.  I was also afraid my hard-to-please, 6-year-old son would complain about having to listen to math facts.  This CD uses goofiness and skits along with the songs that have kept all of my kids interested, just to be honest.

Here is the website I first saw before ordering.  It's pretty plain, and I wish there had been some sort of link or cart to order from rather than having to make a personal phone call.  Even just having an email address on there to order from would be nice.  I made the call, though.

After googling, I also found that you can order the CD from THIS SITE which seems to offer lots of explanation on the main page about the item.  No clue what they charge for shipping from this site if you order, though.

I told the lady that I ordered the CD from that if I liked the CD I would do a blog post about it.  She gave me permission to share her email address in case any of my readers want to order.  She CAN ship internationally, but there will be extra shipping charges for that, which is understandable.  She told me she is planning to get a Paypal account, but she doesn't have it yet.  I wasn't scammed, though and I'm sure you won't be either!  :)

I am not getting any kickback, percentage, free CDs, or anything at all other than a thank you for sharing my opinion with you!  These are all just my own opinions about this product.  I'm glad I ordered it!  Even I've been going around singing my 9s!  Lol

So if your child needs some multiplication help, check out the above links to research a little.  If you decide to order, email (don't miss the period between the first and last name) or call the # on one of the websites I gave you.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Neurology Appointment Update

The appointment with Vanderbilt Pediatric Neurology went well today.  The nurse practitioner asked questions, listened to everything I had to say, and even took time to read over the entries in the headache journal I've kept since November.

After being very thorough with investigation, she agreed that everything our son has is just classic migraine stuff.  She said it is not uncommon for boys to have migraines when young.  They usually outgrow them.  Girls who have them, however, most often keep them up until menopause because of constant hormone changes in their bodies.  Migraines are usually hereditary.  I remember my mom having to pull off the road on the way to daycare one morning when I was around 8 or 11.  She had double vision, a pounding head, and just couldn't see right.  The NP said it sounds like she suffered from migraines and somehow I just got lucky enough to miss out.

She prescribed a triptan drug to take at the first onset of a migraine.  She said it may or may not help. If it doesn't, we can just discontinue it.  I can continue giving Benadryl for them because, if nothing else, it will help our son fall asleep faster, since that is his cure.  Ibuprofen is also fine to give. She said, really, you just have to experiment to see what kind of "migraine cocktail" works best for each individual person.

I am supposed to give my son snacks of protein throughout the day, every 2 to 3 hours.  She said especially little boys tend to expend all their energy and nutrients quickly.  He needs to stay very, very hydrated with 8 to 9 servings of water each day.  I feel that this is probably at least close to being met.  I only allow my kids water between meals ever since they came off their bottles.  He has no issues grabbing water throughout the day.

She also said you can "stock up" on sleep for several days before you know you will have a long, stressful, or tiring day.  A consistent bedtime ritual and time is also good for migraine sufferers.  Migraine people's brains like things to be familiar and low key, she said.  This is something I have been wanting to work on anyway to help with my own mood.  Regular bedtime and waking routines are supposed to be helpful for regulating hormones in women.

She said we only had to follow up as needed.  Basically, if he starts having 2 headaches each week we need to start doing tests.  She made him walk on his toes and heels and do some other things to prove that his brain function was fine.  He grinned like a possum when she said we needed to supply him with snacks during the day.  LOL

The nurse practitioner is a migraine sufferer herself, so she really seemed to empathize with such a young child having migraines.  She was able to identify with plenty of the same symptoms that he has.  I am so relieved that she didn't want to put him through rigorous testing.  I was really worried about that.  I want help for him, but his migraines go away so easily with sleep that I didn't see any need to torment him with MRIs and such if they weren't necessary.  I was definitely willing if she was concerned, though!

Youngest daughter is having a totally unrelated medical problem that was just brought to my attention on Monday.  It is a possible relapse of an old issue.  Her doctor thought it was best that she be seen, so now I have to go back out tomorrow with the kids to take her to the doctor at 10:15 am.  This week has seemed so busy, and it's not even halfway over!!!  Lol  Anyway, I will do a blog post on this issue separately, after I find out more.

Thanks to everyone who gave birthday wishes to my baby girl and complimented the theme.  I have fun coming up with themes that relate to whatever phase the child is going through at the time.  They feel so special, and that is my goal!  Parenting is a full-time job for sure, life is stressful, and everything seems go-go-go, but everyone needs to be made the center of attention every once in a while!  :)  Hope you are having a great week!