Sunday, March 6, 2016


I guess y'all have noticed that my blog posts are few and far between lately.  I've been thinking about this over the past several weeks.  I realized that I now only blog out of necessity.  I don't dislike blogging, but I no longer enjoy it like I used to.  Lately I just come up with something to blog about because it's been several days since my last post.  I used to want to always report in about this or that happening during the week.  There were even times when I would post daily.

I have had my ups and downs with blogging.  I've loved it so much in the past and then been very hurt by rude comments.  I've been given way more positive comments than rude ones, though.  I love so much those of you who have faithfully commented.  Anyone who blogs can tell you that comments are definitely a boost!  :)  I've also loved those of you who only occasionally comment to let me know you're still there. It's exciting getting comments from newbies!  And there are others of you who have contacted me in other ways to say you read but for different reasons can't comment.

But right now, I'm going to take a blogging break.  I'm not going to delete my blog.  For starters, I have deleted in the past and then decided to reactivate.  Who knows.  In a few days, weeks, or months, I may suddenly decide blogging is necessary to my sanity again!  Or maybe there will just be little things I want to post about along the way.  Secondly, Alissa over at A Journey to Thin did too great of a job on my blog design!  :)  I don't want to delete it!!

I don't know what exactly made blogging just not so appealing to me anymore.  In fact, I've noticed I've not even been keeping up with reading and commenting on blogs like I used to.  I guess it's just that I'm in a very busy season of life right now with the kids.  If you are a homeschool mom who actually homeschools her kids (versus running around all week to every activity you can cram in for the kids, yet they can't read, write, or do math and give all homeschoolers a bad name!!!! - sorry, rant over), then it takes a lot of time as your kids get older.  Even with video schooling this year, I always have a stack of stuff waiting to be graded, recorded, and filed away.  I think I am partly to exhausted to put any effort into blogging at the end of the day!

So I finally decided that I want to just say goodbye for now.  I don't plan on no longer reading the blogs that I currently follow.  I never followed more than a handful anyway, for lack of time.  You can spend all day reading blogs if you want to look for some!  So I refrained and really just read the blogs of those who faithfully commented over the years.  But as far as blogging myself, I just don't have it in me right now.  Thanks to each of you who have taken the time to support my blog - with alllll its many ups and downs - over the last several years!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Speaking Champs

Not much going on around here other than doing school and my son battling a cold that a girl in our homeschool co-op brought to him and 3 others last week.  Not a huge deal, but his asthma makes things bigger than they should be.  He had to have a few breathing treatments and had a fever for a couple of days.  He's fever free now but still super chugged up and coughing.

In happier news, our county's 4-H Club public speaking competition was last night (finally - after being rescheduled THREE TIMES because of snow).  Both of my older two girls are in 6th grade, so they always have to compete against each other.  There were three groups of 6th graders competing this year.  The kids are numbered off.  Of all things, my oldest daughter got #8 and was in group one and my middle daughter got #9 and was sectioned off into group two!  Hubby didn't get to come last night since our son was sick.  Thankfully, they call the kids up in numerical order.  So I went with #9 to her group because she was the first speech in her class.  Then I left and went over to #8, and she was the last to speak in her group.

Out of all three groups, they took the top three to the finals.  Oldest won first place in her group, and middle won third place in her group.  That means both girls advanced to the finals again this year.  Yay!  In the finals, the speeches seemed to be better this year than last.  I timed each of the contestants with my phone, so I knew some were disqualified for being under the time given even though they had good speeches.  There were 5 kids I felt could win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, and my girls were in that running (in my parental opinion - ha).

When it came time to announce the winners, it was shocking.  Just like last year, middle daughter won 3rd place overall and oldest daughter won 1st place overall!!!!  And just like last year, oldest daughter advances on to regional.  But unlike last year, I am not going to be a sore loser and bad example if my daughter doesn't place and I feel she should.  LOL

Here is a pic of the girls and the boy who won 2nd.  Oldest daughter is being presented a plaque for first place.  The orange ribbons are just participation ribbons for the county level.

I am one proud homeschooling mama!!!  :)  I guess all my incessant yapping and exaggerated story telling abilities have paid off for them!!!  Ha!