Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Flab Was Flyin

Hello!  I feel like it's been a really long day!  Hubby just washed the dishes for me this evening so I could do laundry and put tomorrow's homeschool lessons up on the board, so now I'm feeling a bit more relaxed.  I admire Mary, the mother of Jesus, more and more all the time.  I hate that I need things to be "just so" for me to be in a good mood.  I could just hear me if I were Mary - "Joseph, this is a BARN!!!  Could you at least shovel up that manure in the corner?  Don't you think the manger would look better over there?" Funny, but seriously!  I try not to sweat the small stuff, but that is just not me.  I guess I'm better than I used to be.  My mother-in-law will testify to that.  She used to not be "allowed" to come over unless she called first.  Now she just shows up and I shovel her out a path so she can get to the couch.  LOL

We were on schedule today.  It was a gray, ugly day.  It was a bit warmer, but the rain didn't make it seem so.  At the gym, I did 10 minutes on the elliptical and burned 103 calories.  Then I did my ball/floor exercise, 3 arm machines, and finished up with 8 minutes on the treadmill where I burned 43 more calories.  I forgot to stretch today after my workout, but I did do a bit of floor stretching after the ball/floor exercise.  I guess that was good.

While I was on the elliptical, I noticed this woman.  She is a mother who is there nearly every day that I am at the same time. She gets there before me and leaves right around the same time as me.  She isn't rude, but I can't get her to really reply when I say anything to her in passing.  It makes me feel awkward, but I know everyone is different.  Her kids are friendly towards me when I see them in the dressing room after she's picked them up.  Anyway, at the beginning of this year, I noticed how much she has picked up the pace in her exercising. She wasn't a heavy lady to start with, but she wasn't sleek or anything.  She always exercised normally.  Well, now she is like killing herself on the machines and gasping for breath and panting like she's dying!  She'll go from a full-speed run on the treadmill to a dead stop (not even a slow down) and try to regain her composure before going full throttle again.  I really want to ask her if she's training for an event, but I don't feel like I can since she doesn't come across as talkative.  Anyway, she was in front of me today on the treadmill.  She had on spandex capris and an exercise tank that has a crisscross back.  So just this tiny section of her arm around the armpit area in the back was exposed.  I was at about 4 minutes into the elliptical and wondering why I chose the elliptical when she started running.  Now she is NOT heavy.  But this exposed area beside her armpit started flopping.  It was obvious excess weight that I wouldn't have noticed otherwise.  I know this is totally a silly paragraph.  Lol  But I was just so amazed to see that SHE had flying flab on her back area!  It made me feel more normal just for a moment.  I mean, if I had been running, there would've been flying flab from head to toe.  Ha!  But even people who don't seem to have a struggle still have problem areas.

Came home for lunch.  Small victories, people.  Oh, my friend sent me this funny today.  I totally agree!!!  LOL

Hubby made grilled hot dogs, but instead of chips I opted to have sauteed zucchini, squash, and mushrooms with mine.  Right now, I'm just trying to find opportunities to make trade outs like that.  So while lunch wasn't an A+, it was more healthy than it could have been.  I also drank 4 bottles of water today, and I'm trying to really reach for it more now instead of a diet drink when I'm thirsty.  Water is just necessary!

Supper tonight was Oven Baked Tacos.  Everyone had FF refried beans with theirs, but I had sauteed peppers and onions.  To my surprise, my son asked to try some!  He even asked to try some of my squash today and tried to eat mine.  Now I love him, but he had lunch at the gym and I didn't make enough for sharing!  But this made me happy.  I want my kids to be kids that don't look at veggies and snurl their noses and say rude things.

We had an eventful day here.  My daughters have spent the evening preparing for their 4-H demonstrations that are supposed to take place Thursday.  Why did we wait until today to begin figuring those out????

Youngest daughter decided to climb the door facing between the kitchen and living room. She is such a monkey!  Baby brother, not to be outdone, decided to HANG from that same door facing.  I heard a loud crash and came running to find him laying there awkwardly sucking in a deep breath to let out a bellow.  I stayed calm, but I just knew he had broken his leg.  Thankfully, he had just landed directly on his left butt cheek on the hard kitchen floor.  He has a bruise, but otherwise he is good.  I just really have a feeling he is going to be our first broken bone. He has been pulling stunts since he was like 2, but he's not really GOOD at the stunts he tries to pull!

Then tonight, I was in the bathroom and saw youngest daughter's boots.  Her bedroom is directly across from the bathroom.  I decided to throw the boots over into her room so she could put them away.  I threw one boot.  Fine.  I threw the second boot... son comes out of nowhere at the exact moment the boot was flying through the air.  The toe of the boot caught him right in the nose!!! I thought it had hit him directly in his eye socket, so I was kinda relieved when I found out it was his nose.  It didn't bleed or swell, so hopefully we are good.  I felt terrible!!!  And when he got calmed down, I told him to get HIS boots out from under the kitchen table.  That kid stood up too soon when crawling out and NAILED his head on the very corner of the underneath of the table.  Crying session #3 for today.  Goodness!  Glad he survived the day!

Well, that's all the excitement you can handle from this household in one day, I'm sure, so I'll just close this out.  They are calling for more bad weather here, but I really hope it doesn't happen!  I am so done with winter!!!

Monday, March 2, 2015

New to Me

Good Monday evening to ya.... if there is such a thing!  :)  We are back on our homeschool schedule as of today.  I hated rolling out of the bed at 6:50 am.  So I didn't.  I hit snooze until 7:00.  Ha!  The kids were all able to get up on their schedules, and school went smoothly.

I also made it back to the gym today at my regularly scheduled time.  I did 32 minutes on the treadmill with varying inclines on level 5.  I burned 200 calories even and then hit stop at just 2 minutes into the cool down.  Of all things, I got on there and set my time for 30 minutes.  Then it always gives you a 5-minute cool down.  Well, 10 minutes in I noticed I needed to go to the bathroom.  My body was readjusting to being hit with a bottle of water first thing in the morning, I guess.  Lol  I didn't know how long the treadmill would stay on pause, or even if someone would take my treadmill not realizing it was still in use, so I just decided to hold it.  At 17 minutes in, I was in pain and hoping it didn't show on my face.  LOL  I was able to keep my mind distracted enough for the entire 30-minute walk to finish it.  Then I decreased the 5-minute cool down and decided when I hit 200 calories burned, I was outta there!  Ha!  And I was.

After feeling normal again, I did 2 leg machines and then stretched in one of the side rooms with all the nightmare mirrors.  Hehe  The stretching felt great.  Then I showered and came home to eat lunch while the kids finished school.

I spent my evening grading page after page of multiplication facts.  Yuck.  I found a neat website called  I signed all my kids up for it.  Then I signed myself up for it.  I was always SO dumb in math.  Seriously.  Dumb is the right word.  My English skills were always excellent, but word problems or clocks or basically ANYTHING math was like looking at a foreign language. This is why my kids do video school for math!  So I went to this website and signed myself up at 7th-grade level.  First, I had to master addition.  I scored a 100 on the second day of trying and got a certificate.  Go me!  Haha  Until homeschooling my kids, I had no idea that adding by 9s and 8s could be so easy!  An 8 becomes a 10 and steals two from the other #, or 9 becomes a 10 and steals one from the other #.  That makes things soooo much simpler!  Why did I never have a teacher in public school that taught me that?!  I'm sure some do, but I never heard that.  So I'm very proud of earning my 7th-grade math certificate.  Lol  Now I'm 5 problems away from earning my subtraction certificate, but those 5 problems are stumping me every day!  You have to be able to answer every question they give you in less than 3 seconds to earn a certificate and move on to the next level of math.  Next up for me is multiplication.  I enjoy the torture.

Well, that was random, wasn't it?!

One of my friends told me she enjoyed a recipe from Skinnytaste the other week.  I made it tonight.  So yummy and simple!  Here ya go:  One click to yummy goodness.

So the other night I was googling about body shapes.  I really can't tell if I'm an apple or what. I think I have gotten to cantaloupe stage, but I've never heard of that one.  Ha!  Anyway, as I was googling for that, I ran across this:  

It intrigued me!  I have never heard of the adrenal shape, the liver shape, the ovary shape, or the thyroid shape.  Hmmm....

What really stood out about this to me was the liver shape.  All my life, my dad has been a relatively normal-weighted man EXCEPT for his belly.  He has always joked about being pregnant.  Kids on the school bus would talk about my dad's "beer belly," but my dad has never drank in his entire life!  This video (or one that I researched from this man after, at least) says that if you have nothing but a protruding belly, you are the liver shape.  It says this person will crave fatty, fried foods.   HOLD UP!  That's ALLLLLL my dad has ever wanted to eat.  He can pass up any dessert and say no to bread or potatoes with a stronger will than I could ever hope to have.  But he has never, ever, ever been able to give up his fried foods.  He craves fried chicken, fried pork chops, fried squash, fried okra, fried, fried, fried.  He has had 3 or 4 open heart surgeries and 21 cardiac catheterizations to prove that, too!  So I am now very interested in this new tidbit.

I can't find much anyone can do to test the adrenals.  I found some info that "adrenal fatigue" is a myth and not even medically recognized by any.  I know my thyroid has always tested okay, but I also know my family has a strong history of hyper and hypothyroid as well as having a brother with thyroid cancer a few years back.  I will be seeing my family doctor on March 12th for a yearly checkup for med refills, so I will be getting labs at that time.  I'm interested to see what the results will be.  When I tried Trim Healthy Mama, I switched over to coconut oil and real butter.  I like the thought of using real butter instead of margarine.  And I do try not to overuse it.  But since I didn't follow any of the other precepts of THM, I wonder if I will have high cholesterol for my first time ever.  Eek!

I really think I am not going to get my dental implant. There's just no way that I can see.  I called the dentist to see what these final 2 steps are - $2900!!!  I'm sorry, but my dental credit card is only $900 from being maxed out.  Our payment is now more than $150 a month from all these root canals.  I canNOT do it.  We just really can't!  I am used to having a missing molar now.  While it's not my favorite thing to have a tooth missing at 35, at least it's the next-to-back tooth and no one will notice it much.  I can't believe I have needed all this back-to-back dental work.  My husband is trying to convince me that he really likes toothless women!  LOL  Neither of us want any more dental debt.  At one point, my dentist said we could hold the implant off for up to a year from the date we did the bone grafting (September 2014).  This last visit, he had just come back from an implant conference and said you really don't want to do it more than 6 months out because after that the graft may not be as strong (or something).  So March is pretty much the deadline for doing this.  Well, sorry!  I don't look to be coming into an extra 3k this month.  I dread them calling me about the appointment.  It isn't scheduled yet, but they are good at keeping records in their computer so I expect a call soon.  I think I'll tell them I'll compromise - if they'll do it for free, I'll get it done.  Ha!  Nah, it's not my dentist's fault I have all these crummy teeth from a childhood of junk food and well water.  I'm grateful this is a back tooth!  Bright side!

Speaking of being 35... I'll be 36 this month.  I really can't fathom that I'm on the down side to 40.  Wow!

Well, I think I'm about all talked out now.  I've said plenty of random things for your reading pleasure or torture.  :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

No Gym and More Snow

My laptop came today via FedEx!  Yippee!  It says they replaced the system motherboard, and everything seems to be working A.O.K.  FedEx gave me an automated call this morning at 8 am to say that my package would require a signature so be sure someone is available to sign for it.  After finding that out, I told the kids we wouldn't be going to the gym unless the laptop came before 11:15 am.  It didn't.  I finally decided to shower at 4;30 pm because I was tired of waiting! LOL  Sure enough, the guy came right after I got in the shower!!!  I had given the oldest two girls permission to answer the door for the FedEx man.  Oldest daughter told him I was in the shower and asked if she could sign.  He said, "Oh, I don't need any signature.  I can just hand it to you."  WHAT???  Okay, whatever.  I'm just glad to have my computer back!

It is snowing here as of about 8 pm.  It's so pretty!  It's only supposed to be a dusting in our area, from what the news is saying.  A friend of mine in AL text me saying they had 10 inches of snow!  She sent me an awesome snow pic from earlier in the day when they had about 4 inches.  So pretty!  Way nicer than all the ice we had last week.  In fact, some back roads here are still so slick that school was cancelled all last week and now has been cancelled so far all this week.  Oh well.  Gives me a chance to catch up with them since we got behind on homeschooling.  Ha!

If the weather is okay tomorrow, we will be going to our homeschool group.  I really hope the snow amounts to nothing so we can go on.  I can't imagine another week of being limited to where we can go.  That's no fun!

So today, I told my kids to choose a fruit to go with their lunch.  I bought several cans of the fruits packed in 100% juice a few weeks back.  My daughters got what they wanted out of the cabinet.  My son pulled a chair up and turned around holding a box of Jiffy cornbread mix and said, "Can I just have this for my fruit?  I realllllllyyyy love it, Mom!  Please?!"  Ummm, NO!  Lol  I really went wrong somewhere if he thinks that is fruit!  :)  I don't even make that stuff.  I use it in my chicken upside down recipe, so I don't know if he thought Jiffy was that in a box or what.  Haha  He's always cracking us up when he's not driving us insane.  Love that kid!

Well, this was just another one of my pointless updates!  I get in moods where I just have stuff to say.  Can't say it to hubby!  He's asleep on the couch behind me.  LOL  Last random thing.  Look what my kids did to the poor cat.  He looks happy, right?  He's sporting a hat, boots, and a rubber band gun that someone just gave my son.  I don't like those people.  LOL

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How to be Healthy

I don't think any of us could deny the benefits of exercise.  Whenever I have a day like yesterday, I start googling things like "how to fix a hormonal imbalance" or "how your diet affects your life."  No doubt these things really are big factors when it comes to our emotions.  The common thread I find when researching any of this stuff that comes to my mind at midnight is exercise, having a regular sleeping and waking pattern, drinking enough water, and eating whole foods.

1)  Exercise
Every time I get the exercise thing down, something happens to destroy a whole week.  Sometimes it is sickness, sometimes my own laziness or travel or major holidays, and most recently ice on the roads.  But I do love exercise, and I really never thought that would come from me!  There are things I'm not able to try or too scared to try because of my congenital knee dislocations, but I am loving the new ways I'm finding to exercise at the gym!  I am sad to admit that usually if one week is ruined, then I (me, myself, and I) allow one week to turn into two.

I have the ABC mentality (everything has to be just so before starting something), so since we aren't technically on schedule I wanted to find an excuse to stay home today.  At the same time, I knew I didn't need to stay home another whole week from the gym!  Middle daughter was pretty much begging to go to the gym today. She wanted to hold the babies.  I complained and kept saying, "I don't know yet," but the whole time I went through the motions of packing my gym back.  Somehow, I managed to get myself in the van and ended up at the gym.  Yay me!  I just wanted to take things slow since I was mostly totally unmotivated anyway.  I took a folder of spelling papers and tests that needed to be graded and went to the trusty 'ole treadmill.  I chose the Random Hill setting.  I had no clue what the different levels would be like, so I chose level 3 and set the timer for 30 minutes.  The machine adds in a 5-minute cool down.  After grading all of the papers in my folder and watching the verdict in a court show that was on the television in front of me, I was surprised when the machine was finished already.  I had walked 35 minutes and burned 197 calories! 

2)  Regular sleeping pattern
I stink at this one.  I do notice I am on a more regular pattern when we are on our school schedule.  Hope to be back to that soon.  HP sent an email today saying my computer was shipped.  The tracking # is still invalid at this point, so I'm not getting my hopes up yet!  Anyway, with the laptop back, our school schedule can resume.  It would be a complete dream to me to be IN BED by 11 pm each night and get up consistently by 6:45 am.  Even when I do get my regular sleep from 12 am to 7 am, I can't wait for Saturday to roll around so I can sleep in.  And that throws me off completely.  I would love to get to a point where I just don't even care for sleeping-in days, other than possibly one hour past normal waking time on special days.  A sleeping pattern is hard for me, though, because as soon as I get anything down pat we travel or are gone late at night.  Then it's back to square one.

I thought I was going to bed at midnight last night.  When I finally got IN the bed, I squinted to look at the clock to assure myself I was going to bed at a "decent" time . It was 12:50 in the morning!  Oh my.  So I didn't set my alarm and just went on to sleep.  I ended up waking up on my own at 7:02 am.  Although I laid there until 7:30 just enjoying a quiet house, I was still awake.  I mentally reminded myself how miserable I would be if I allowed myself to go back to sleep.  I also knew after being awake for 30 minutes, I would want to fall back to sleep deeply and sleep the entire morning away.  I sneaked out of the bed, stepping in all the right places to keep the hardwood floors from making the loud pop they make first thing in the mornings, and enjoyed some time at the computer totally alone.  I had to go in at 8:15 and wake my older girls up so they could start school.  Middle daughter is usually up and wired at the first sign of human noise.  Lol  So it was nice to actually have some complete time to myself!  I let my son sleep until he woke up on his own, and if you wonder why you can refer to yesterday's blog post!  Ha!

3)  Water
I used to do great with my water, but lately I just don't.  I failed at my goal of 3 bottles of water a day last week, and so far I'm at one bottle per day yesterday and today.  <sigh>  I don't know why I am having a hard time with this lately.  I really need to drink about 4 bottled waters each day to get to a goal of 64 oz.  If I tried to drink half my weight in water, I think I would have to put in an IV for water and just set up house in the bathroom.  LOL  But I definitely need to do better with my water, and that really should be such an easy thing!

4)  Eating whole foods.
Total loser status.  I really want to.  I have googled recently and even lay in bed at night trying to think of HOW to feed my family whole foods.  I know that makes me a loser and sounds pathetic.  But really.  I grew up during the beginning years of convenience.  Boxed side items, chocolaty cereals, instant oatmeal, TV dinners, canned everything.  When I tried eating low carb, I ate a lot of proteins and then just fresh veggies.  I starved.  Maybe that is normal in the beginning.  I dunno.  But I felt like I was constantly needing to go back into the kitchen and grab something else.  And it's not like I eat a lot of fruits, but I don't like the thought of no fruits.  I know people have differing opinions, but I feel like they are a natural food with lots of vitamins that our bodies need.  I don't like them being forbidden, yanno?

I did make an attempt this morning.  I had a scrambled egg, a slice of turkey bacon, and some squash and zucchini slices cooked in coconut oil.  Supper tonight was baked salmon, pole beans in coconut oil, and a baked potato with real butter and sour cream.  I never can seem to nail lunch in any kind of a healthy way.  Thanks for the suggestions I got on that, by the way.  It's just so convenient to grab a Smart Ones meal in the middle of the day when the day is at its hectic point than to get out 7 different items for a salad!  Lazy, I know.  Truthful, yes!

Another issue is that even if I figured out how to turn to mostly all whole foods for our meals, my kids would unhappily eat whatever I serve them.  My husband is a grown man without a weight problem and no real health issues that we are aware of.  I've tried no potatoes.  In his book, no potatoes equals no way!  LOL  My point is, I just don't know how well it would go over for the whole family.  But I do like the thoughts of eating whole foods.  I will try to at least incorporate more "real" things into our diet.


 I have felt so much better today than yesterday, and I believe making it to the gym and getting through a workout fueled that.  If you can find an exercise program that makes you happy and isn't boring to you, then exercise really is a great medicine.  It's a mood booster, for sure!  I am so far from where I need to be with my weight, but I can feel good in knowing I am trying to at least do one good thing as far as my health is concerned.

Monday, February 23, 2015

That was Odd and Two Recipes

Oddly enough (and thankfully), no one ever got sick.  Youngest daughter slept all night, never threw up again, and had no further kinds of stomach issues.  I did feel sick enough to my stomach that I took a trashcan to put beside my bed.  Hubby was totally fine this morning and able to get in a full day's work.  Whew!  I really think how badly we ate all last week just finally caught up with us on Sunday after eating out with friends that afternoon.  Although we weren't on schedule today, it was nice to be back to "normal" with just me and the kids at home all day eating regular meals.

As an update on my laptop, it was FINALLY delivered to the HP Repair place today around 11:30 am.  Instead of being back within 4 to 5 days of delivery to them, they have my expected return date as next Monday, 3/2.  Blah.  At least we are still getting schooling done, but it's just not as easy without the laptop.

I may have told you all about a new recipe I made on Saturday???  Here it is:  (click here) Skinny Turkey Burger Recipe.  To my surprise, we all really liked this!  I used a whole pound of turkey meat instead of half.  I used more cheese than called for on top.  I used onion powder instead of onion.  My veggies were zucchini, black olives, and half a can of petite diced tomatoes.

Tonight, I tried this:  (click here) Taco Bell Mexican Pizza.  Everyone really liked it, but I was disappointed that the shells were soggy instead of crispy.  I really figured it would be that way, but I was hoping that the crisping of the shells in the beginning was supposed to prevent that.  Bummer!  I really don't see me making this one again.

To be honest, I had a really hard day mentally today.  I just felt really down all day.  I hate days like that.  And I was having a terrible time dealing with my son.  He wasn't being bad at all.  He just GOES all day long!  He's nonstop.  My girls could always go off alone and pretend and play if they didn't have a sibling available at the time.  Not my son.  He just seems to talk at the top of his lungs and stay on the go all day.  "Can you read me a book?  Can I tape this to the wall?  Can I hammer nails into a cardboard box?  Could I set up a shop and you come to it to buy stuff?  Can I do a school page now?  Can I help you cook?  When is Daddy coming home?  When Daddy comes home, can he shoot the BB gun with me?  Do you think he will take me to the ballpark?"   WHEW!!!!  Lol

And I do take time out to read him a book or go to his play store, but I'm also busy with a million other things that can't be put aside 24/7.  He rattles my brain!  Maybe because he's the baby he's used to always having a playmate?  I do know his BFF sister has much more school work this year in 2nd grade than she did in 1st, so she's able to play with him less during the day hours.  <sigh>  So anyway, my nerves were shot and I just wanted to crawl into bed.  I didn't, though.  I did laundry, cooked meals, got some vacuuming done, etc.  Hubby came home, and he called me a grouch.  Oops!  I totally deserved it, though.  But my brain really wanted to just get in the van and drive somewhere to be all alone for a bit.

And then there's a friend of mine who has obviously been upset with me ever since I told her the truth about how I felt about a situation a couple months or so back.  And for some reason, her response lately is always only to ignore and then pretend nothing happened.  It's hard because there are three of us who have always been really close as far as sharing and texting.  Well, you can't help but know someone is mad at you when they share everything with that one friend now but not you and you only get small, generic replies when you text them.  <sigh>  I love this person.  I would never have dreamed this would have come between us.  I only told them the truth of how I felt because I didn't want them to end up regretting things.  You know how it is when you've been there, done that and you hope to save someone else the trouble?  But I guess our human nature is to make our own mistakes.  I wouldn't have interjected my opinion had it not been asked of me repeatedly for months with me trying to just be supportive and not really give an opinion, hoping things would work out on their own.  I'm really bummed about this friendship and I would be lying if I said it didn't hurt.  Tried talking about things again today and again the reply is not to reply at all.  That bugs me more than just telling me off!  Ugh.  I really am starting to HATE texting.  I think it's fine for fun or simple conversations,but serious issues and conversations just shouldn't be handled through texting.  It's so easy not to understand how someone meant something.  There is no tone of voice to use as interpretation in the meaning of the words.  And we can all just choose to ignore one another and not reply at all if we choose.

I sure hope tomorrow is a better day for me.  At least it's been a bad day WITHOUT the stomach virus being involved.  Hey, it could be worse, right?!  Lol

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Surely Not the Stomach Bug

So after missing a full week of work due to ice all week and then inches of standing water on Saturday, my husband started feeling sick to his stomach tonight after church.  Sometimes I think he has irritable bowel, so I didn't think much of it.  Around 10 pm, he said he felt like he was getting sick.  There is just no way he can take off work again tomorrow.  February is already a very short month, so on a normal February the four employees can barely get all their water meters read.  They read for various counties.  I know in one month my husband reads about 7,000 meters.  NOT my kind of job.  But anyway....

Around 10:30 pm, youngest daughter got out of bed to tell me that she felt like she was going to throw up.  She wanted me to feel her forehead.  I was hoping she had just overheard her dad's comment and things would be okay.  She asked for a bucket.  At 11 pm, she started vomiting.  Right before that, hubby said he really felt like he was going to throw up.

Surely to goodness we aren't going to have a week of a stomach virus right after a week of being stuck at home with the ice storm.  I missed a whole week of the gym!  I already know I definitely won't get to go to the gym tomorrow.  :(  No way I'm taking my kids to the gym daycare when one just threw up.  This week is also our homeschool co-op, so I guess that will be up in the air, too.  It's not until Thursday, but I just really don't want to take the chance of getting anyone sick if this thing hangs around in our home for a couple days.

And now... oldest daughter just got out of bed.  She says she doesn't feel sick, just can't sleep.  But I'm starting to actually feel a little queasy.  Maybe it's all in my head!  I sure hope so.  Better there than in my stomach!  Ha!

I feel like there is ALWAYS SOMETHING.  I guess that's how it goes when raising kids.  I don't know how you working moms do it.  I would've been fired back in December during the flu. If not, they surely would've ditched me in January during the three ear infections.  And if not then, surely this stomach bug would get me a pink slip.  Ay yi yi!

So much for getting up on schedule tomorrow.  Now I'm SUPER glad that we continued to school all last week even though public school was out.  Looks like we may be taking a day or two off if everyone gets sick.

On a happy note, our driveway and road were still solid sheets of ice when we left for church this morning.  All the main roads were clear, though, and we are just a 1-minute drive from the main road.  Hubby didn't have any issues picking up people in the church van.  I never drive on ice, but this wasn't too bad.  It would've been if it had been like that all the way to church!  Then we would've cancelled.  But I could handle it for a couple minutes like this.  Well, after eating with some visitors today and then going to a receiving friends at the funeral home, we came home to no ice at all on the roads.  FINALLY!!!

Oh no.  We were around people today - shook hands, hugged, held babies.  We had NO CLUE we were sick!!!!  A lady visited the church this morning (because her church cancelled with ice) who had the stomach flu one day last week on like Monday.  I wonder if she could've still been contagious?  But surely we wouldn't have gotten it less than 12 hours from exposure?
We did go to Walmart yesterday.  Germs, germs, everywhere.
Oh well, we shall never know.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Weighed In

Even after my disastrous snow week, I went ahead and weighed today.  I am grateful to only be up 0.5 from last Friday.  Amazing.  That puts me at a 0 loss and 0 gain since February 2nd.  And I thought I couldn't do this!!!  LOL  Ugh.  But it could be way worse after this week.  And I still really think exercising is causing the scale not to go down at first because my muscles are swollen or retaining fluids.  I tried really, REALLY hard in week 1 with exercise and counting points and only lost 0.5.  I've never, ever had that small of a loss.  And now I've only gained back 0.5 after this week?  I think not.  So something isn't right.

I actually decided to weigh last night before bed.  I stepped on and felt confused at the "low" reading I got.  If I had lost 2 pounds overnight like I usually do, I would've maintained my 0.5 loss.  Ha!  I stepped on the scale 3 times last night and this morning just to be sure I wasn't getting a bad reading.  I mean, it was still plenty bad.  Don't get me wrong.

I am very hopeful that Monday things will all be back to normal with the weather, and I can drive to and from the gym like I'm used to doing.  The kids have still gotten in a full week of school, but we've not been on schedule.  I mean, I'm not THAT cruel.  Lol

To be clear, I didn't sled with the kids.  (Just got your comment from the previous post, Lori).  :)  I took pictures from the door.  Zoom is an amazing feature!  LOL  The cold and I just don't mix!  I can't believe I used to think it was so much fun to play in the fluffy goodness.  BRRRRRR.  I really dread next month's gas bill after having to try to counter this cold!

Well, that is that.  Even if I was up 2 pounds, I had already decided I would report it.  Ignoring things can make them worse.  I meant to say yesterday that a friend of mine emailed me some pics of our family from back at the revival my husband preached in October or November.  How depressing!  I completely deleted one of me and her together.  The other one was a bit better.  It was just a head and shoulders shot, but I am still in denial that my face actually looks like that.  :(  I guess it was good to see it.  It lets me realize that I still have a very long road ahead.  <sigh>   Well, hey.  At least my thighs (that no one sees) look smaller.  Ha!