Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Birthday Girl

Yep, that's me.  The birthday girl!!!  :-D   Hubby has always teased me about my birthday because, before children, I called the entire month of March "my birthdays"... plural!  Lol  I don't know why the excitement of a birthday always gets to me.  We did celebrate my birthday growing up, but I never remember doing anything extravagant for it.  I know Mom always had a cake made for me, either by her or by a friend.  I specifically remember a Strawberry Shortcake cake that my sister-in-law's mom, Mary Lou, made me when I was somewhere between 3 to 5.   Oh!  And I remember having a Cookie Monster birthday party once when I was little.  We lived somewhere different than where I remember as my childhood home.  Anyway, this cake was the monster's head with an open mouth, and there were 5 chocolate chip cookies sticking out of his mouth.   I specifically remember my mom taking the cookies out and putting them in a container so none of my friends would get them.  LOL  Mom has always been on the stingy side.  That's just truth.  She was raised by parents who had endured the Great Depression.  She learned not to give stuff away.  When I married my husband, I was extremely stingy.  He has brought me out of that.  Sometimes stingy monster will still rear its head, though.  Lol

Anyway, back to the important topic.  ME!  Ha  Now that I'm a mom, the kids are more excited about my birthday than I am.  I'm 36 today.  While that's nowhere near old, it's on the downward side of 30... close to 40... which just seems SO unbelievable!!  The kids all had their own money, and they insisted that they buy me a gift.  I told them they didn't have to.  They really wanted to.  I feel like the worst mom sometimes!  No matter how much I fail them or end up being short with them because I'm stressed, they still act like I'm some great mother.  <sigh>  I am working on doing better as a mom because I know one day very soon (some are pre-teens now) my imperfections will be all too clear and magnified in their eyes.

So the kids gave me my gifts this morning while hubby was here.  First of all, the oldest two paid for decorations from The Dollar Tree.  How sweet!  They got some huge wall mural instead of a banner.  LOL  Son bought a candle for me with his money while he was there.  He is so proud of that $1 candle.  It's precious!  :)  He has asked me a million times if I like it, where I will set it, will I use it when the electricity goes off.  So funny!  I assured him how awesome it was.  It's vanilla scented.  Next, everyone went on over to the ever-famous Wally World.  Youngest daughter got me a kitty notebook to write my grocery list in each week.  :)  I thought it was cute that she thought of that.  All four kids went in together to get a green coffee mug that they knew I liked.  The two oldest girls went in together on a collage wall frame for my kitchen.  I was very happy with everything they got me and was excited that they actually put thought into what they got me.  I was even more pleased to hear hubby said no to some of the gift ideas.... like the necklace with a large, gold dollar sign as the pendant!  Haha  My son saw it at Dollar Tree and wanted to get it for me.  Usually hubby is just all "okay, if it's from the kids she'll love it."  The problem is, the kids expect me to love and wear those items to church and stuff.  So it's much easier when you say, "I'm not really sure that's something Mommy would use. Let's keep looking,"  and move to another aisle.  LOL  

I took some pics this morning. None of us were in the pics since we were all in PJs, but I wanted to share what all they did.


We're about to go walking at the track.  I walked a mile at the track yesterday.  I used my ipod pedometer finally.  I always forget.  The one mile was about 3000 steps.  I was going to go to the gym today because the weather said rain.  Instead, it's really pretty here again!  Plus, I need to stay close to home because I'm going to get my eyebrows waxed at 2:30.  I am FUR-ry!  Haha  Tonight is church.  Tomorrow is our homeschool group, and then hubby and I are supposed to go on a date afterwards. I just got an email from my dentist's office that said, "Happy birthday, Staci!  Birthdays are good for you.  Statistics show that those who have the most live the longest."  That cracked me up because it took me a few seconds for the joke to him me.

Well, off I go.  I need to lace up so I can give myself the gift of exercise for my birthday.  :)  Have a great day!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Surviving a Boy

I texted two grandmothers today, who were mothers of all boys, and asked, "Any tips for surviving a boy???"  I adore this boy, but he is going to be the reason I either gray or go bald!  Lol  I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again.  He runs wide open all the time.  And he has this issue with whining and complaining.  I am trying very hard to deal with that.  He can be such a joy, but he sure can pout with the best of 'em if he feels he has been disserviced.  I let that rotten stink play outside nearly the WHOLE day.  It was just so pretty here.  I made sure that one of his sisters was with him at all times by rotating out who did school when.  He jumped on the trampoline, built a fort, played on the swing set, etc.  Finally, around 4 pm, I told everyone to come in so the girls could do arithmetic.  Son always watches a video on the laptop during arithmetic class so the girls have no interruptions.  For a while, we had looked up some things he was allowed to watch on YouTube.  Then, we discovered they had commercials.  Commercials tend to be way worse than anything you could actually watch, right?  Lol  So he asked if he could watch his video, I said yes, he put in a request, I said no, that he could only watch a DVD.  He started bouncing up and down and giving some sort of whiny grunt and said, "Awwwwww, do I HAVE to watch a DVD?"  I said, "No!  You don't!  Go play in your room.  No video time today."   You can imagine how happy that made him.  Well, it didn't make me very happy either, I'll tell ya that much!  Lol

Drama, drama, drama!

The two replies I got from the grandmothers weren't very encouraging.  One said, "Yes.  Just sit down and buckle up because you ain't seen nothin' yet."  Lol  The other said, "No because I'm about to send my grandson back home.  He has been wide open and very disobedient!"  Gee, a lot of help these older women are to the younger.  Haha

At church Sunday morning, son somehow managed to fall in the grass while running outside between Sunday School and morning service and got grass stains on his chest AND shoulder of his brand new WHITE dress shirt.  He has a few ties that won't match anything but a white shirt.  The shirt was on sale at Walmart with a tie for $8.00.  But still.  Ughhhh.

As I was pulling his clothes from the dryer today, I noticed something all over his brand new pair of jeans.  He just went up a full size in pants, so I had just bought some new ones.  Well, these were a lighter color of jeans.  I realized what it was.  GREASE.  He had gotten his dad's screwdriver (and permission) and taken pedals and a tire off of an old bike.  The jeans were thrown in the dirties, and somehow I missed the grease.

Oh, and let's talk about the sparkling, white socks that he has worn to the local ball field and played in the red dirt in with his daddy.

I have to remember to let this boy live in nasty clothes unless we are going somewhere!!!  Even then, it's gonna be questionable!  :)

So my day was fine, just very frustrating where my son was involved.  Bless him.  I decided we wouldn't follow our schedule this week.  It's going to be a busy, different, crazy week.  Getting up early isn't going to work because of late nights.

I did go to the gym.  I was there 30 minutes later than I usually get there.  Boo.  But I still went, and I managed to do 9 minutes on the elliptical and 13 minutes on the treadmill.  I burned 163 calories and went a mile when you combine both machines.  It was all I had time to do before showering and getting the kids from daycare.

I came home and made myself a grilled chicken salad.  That was yummy.  I made some of the No Bake Energy Bites that I have on my Pinterest page.  Those things are good.  They are meant to be healthy.  I make them not healthy by having too many.  :-/   Some days I can do really good with food.  Other days, I totally overeat and backtrack. Grr.

This evening, hubby had to work until dark.  I took the kids up to the ballpark to give us all some new scenery!  I walked a mile while the kids rode bikes and scooters.

Tonight's supper was Oven Baked Tacos (I don't use all the refried beans they call for, we hated them like that), and those are always delish.  I only had two since I honestly wasn't even hungry thanks to the energy bites.  LOL

I feel like I did good with exercise today but not food.  I only drank 2 bottles of water.  My exercise shirt seemed a bit loose on me today at the area under my chest.  That is the area where I lost 3 inches, but I also don't remember if the shirt is fresh from the dryer or worn previously and hung back up.  LOL  That makes a difference.  I know all of you know that.  I remember in high school trying to squeeze into blue jeans straight from the dryer.  Talk about giving yourself a complex!  Haha  Take those same jeans and wear them a second time before washing.  Perfect fit!  So I'm not trusting the looseness of the shirt just yet.  :)

I have made over $100 in sales on ebay over the last 8 days!  I sold 11 or my 12 skirts last week.  So exciting!  I am getting more from my clothes than I would at a yard sale.  This is really helpful because oldest daughter needs clothes for spring and summer.  I've went ahead and purchased some things, and this money will definitely help defray the cost.  I am doing auctions with Buy It Now.  Lots of my stuff has sold immediately as a BIN.  I came home from church Sunday to have sold two dresses that I just listed that afternoon!  This week, though, I have listed 7 items and they are barely even getting views.  No clue what the difference is.  I guess you win some and lose some.

So any moms of boys out there?  Do you find them wide open and constantly on the go, or are your girls that way and your son is calm?  I always THOUGHT my girls were hyper, and they were/are.  But they can also be calmed down pretty easily.  With our son?  Not the case!  Not by far!  I'm worried homeschooling will require a totally different teaching approach.  Well, as hubby says, I prayed for a boy and sure did get one!  Ha!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ebay Success

So excited!  I had 12 denim skirts that none of us used anymore.  My oldest daughter has a totally different body shape than my younger two, so things that fit her will never fit my two pencil kids.  LOL  Then there is a skirt that I haven't gotten over these hips in years and years, and even when I did I just didn't like the fit.  Someone even gave me a knee-length, 3x skirt with tags still on them that was really big on me.  Even though I don't wear a 3x, I still think this was missized and is really more like a 4x or something.  So I put the 12 skirts on ebay.  From personal experience, I have found that I always get out-bit on denim skirts on ebay.  I was thinking I would do good.  Within the first 2 days of the auction, 3 skirts sold in the Buy It Now option I put on the auctions.  Out of the 9 skirts I have left for sale, 6 of them have been bid on so will be a definite sell.  The 3 that haven't been bid on have at least 2 watchers each.

I did all my skirts as an auction with a Buy It Now option except one.  And that one was an accident.  I didn't charge more than $10.00 BIN per skirt, with $4 or $5 shipping, depending on how heavy the skirt is.  Well, the one that I forgot to cap out with a BIN price is already at $10 in bids!  I'm kinda glad I accidentally forgot to do BIN so I can see how high it will actually go.  I don't want to rip anyone off.  I tried to be very fair in my BIN pricing.  But it won't let me change it to have a BIN option now that I"ve got bids.  I just knew I could get way more money out of a denim skirt on ebay than at a yard sale that I hope to have soon, and I was most definitely right!  My auctions end in less than 2 hours, and I'm anxious to see how it ends!

My birthday present came in the mail yesterday.  My actual birthday isn't until Wednesday, but I asked some friends and then researched to find just what I wanted.  I found my present BRAND NEW with a factory warranty for $50.00 less than what it sells for at Walmart on ebay!  I called my husband to tell him it was what I wanted for my birthday.  He told me to get it.  I got an ipod nano touch 7th generation.

The reason I wanted this is because I don't have a smart phone to be able to access the internet or music at the gym.  I love walking the treadmill or doing the elliptical, but it does get boring to do so in complete silence with only the TVs in front of you.  Sometimes there is something on I will enjoy watching.  Other times, it is just bad news or things I don't pay any attention to.

I also have been interested in a fitbit in the past but don't have one.  They are also expensive, and I couldn't justify spending $100+ on a pedometer with 4 kids and our tight situation, no matter how cool.  Lol  And I seriously think they are cool!

I found out the ipod nano touch 7th generation has FM radio and a Nike pedometer!!  You can, of course, buy music from iTunes and have it synched to your computer.  I don't have to pay for any music, though, because of the radio.  I can go right to our local radio station and hear Dave Ramsey tell me how stupid I am for buying a nano while I walk the treadmill.  Haha  I also can turn on the pedometer when I'm at the gym and see how many steps I get in when I'm exercising instead of using a fitbit.  You can synch your stats with the Nike website to see results and progress.  The nano also has a stopwatch, a timer, an alarm, and some other features that I'm sure I won't use much but might come in handy with kids that constantly say, "Mom!!!  Count how many seconds it takes me to _______"  Lol

The kids and I usually grab the mail each day.  It worked out for hubby to grab it yesterday on his way home to get something before going back out to work.  He and the kids came in smiling all big, and he had his hands behind his back.  They started singing happy birthday, and I started dancing around, holding my hands out, saying "Gimme gimme" being silly.  The kids thought it was hysterical.  Mommy doesn't ever really get toys, but this is a toy I am excited about.  Hehe  After the birthday song, I ripped open my package.  Hubby was a bit confused.  The nano is so sleek and so lightweight and so small.  He said, "I paid $100 for THAT???"  I made sure the kids knew they are never to touch it.  I can see them destroying it in 5 milliseconds, if it even took them that long.  Ha!  I also told my husband that I want this to be my birthday AND Mother's Day gift because I don't need a $100 birthday present.  It can definitely go for two things.

I went walking Sunday, went to the gym Monday, and went walking again Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursday, we had our 4-H Club demonstration speeches.  That was fun, although I felt that the girls had some hilarious moments because we didn't practice like we should.  Oh!  Middle daughter's promotional poster, I already told you, was top 3 in the county.  Well, she got it back yesterday with ribbons on it.  It was actually FIRST PLACE in the county and will be the cover on the 4-H Club yearbook in our county.  How exciting!  But oldest daughter's poster had a 2nd place ribbon on it.  It's a different division.  Only Best in Show division goes on to regional, but out of the other division, oldest daughter got a 2nd place ribbon.  A letter came with it, explaining that there were 180 posters that went to county.  They chose four 1st place, seven 2nd place, and seven 3rd place after picking 6 people for Best In Show.  No clue why there were multiple winners in this division, but that's still pretty cool to get a 2nd place ribbon out of 180 posters.  I think 4-H has been good for our confidence levels this year.  I was so proud of my girls after winning at the county speech competition, and now they both placed in the county poster contest.  Super cool!

Oh, back to topic.  I didn't walk on Thursday because of 4-H during the day and hubby being gone to prison services that night.   I really meant to walk on Friday, especially so I could test out my birthday present.  It was a bit cooler, though, and gray.  The walk just never happened.  It's very nice out today.  I do have to go to the grocery store and all, but hopefully I can spend some time outside with the kids and get exercise in.

Well, I'm off here to stare at my ebay stats again.  LOL  Just wanted to do a check-in since it's been a few days.  Thanks for liking my blog just the way it is - life in general and whatever hits my mind to talk about!  :)  Glad to know I have some new people reading.  And to my stalker in Dayton, TN, I'm originally from Harriman, TN and have been to Dayton many times!  Small world!  I'm just glad to know I have some readers, even if it's only a few!  :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fevers and Migraines and Sneezes, Oh My

Just a random, mid-week update from this crazy lady!  :)  After sleeping from like 5 pm until 8:30 am  Tuesday morning, youngest daughter's fever was gone.  Not sure what that was about, other than each child has been complaining of intermittent sore throat.  Oldest daughter sounds really stuffy and nasal.  Don't you just hate hearing someone with a stuffy nose talk?  Lol  So annoying!  Let's not forget the new, constant sneezing. I got refills on everyone's prescription allergy pills yesterday because, if I don't, then son usually ends up with some sort of asthma attack at change of seasons.

Last night, son said his head was hurting when he went to bed at 9:30.  I try not to make a big deal about his migraines because I never want to put that he is having one into his mind.  So we told him to go on to sleep and he'd feel better.  I was jusssst about to turn in at 11 pm when out of nowhere son woke up bawling.  His crying got worse and he was unable to be comforted.  I gave him two chewable ibuprofen and some benadryl.  One person with migraines said their neurologist prescribed benadryl because it opens up the blood vessels or something or other.

Poor kid was crying for 30 minutes.  He would drift off because he was so tired and wake up crying really hard again.  I had to move his sister out of the room so she could get some rest.  He was on his hands and knees, burying his head into his pillow and begging me to take him to the doctor.  :(  From what I've read, there's not much they can do for you at the ER for a migraine other than give some pretty heavy pain meds.  Since his usually resolve with sleep, I just don't want to drug him up any more than necessary.  Thankfully he was fully asleep between 11:30 and midnight.  I lost track of the time, but I know I was in bed just before midnight.  He whined one more time after I laid down, but then he didn't wake again until 10:00 this morning.

I have read that change of seasons can trigger a migraine in sufferers.  The kids spent all of Sunday afternoon, Monday evening, and then son spent 80% of his day outside yesterday with me while the other kids schooled before coming outside.  I really bet that has something to do with his migraine attack.

I couldn't go to the gym yesterday because of youngest daughter having a fever the night before.  When son was riding his bike up and down our road yesterday, I just walked up and down the road with him in my athletic-y flip flops.  I would walk sideways and even backwards to work different muscle groups in my legs.  When the girls got to a stopping point in their lessons, I told them to come out and enjoy the beautiful weather!  I put on my tennis shoes and we walked up to the ballpark.  I did a mile's walk while the kids rode their scooters and bikes around the track.  Love, love, LOVE this weather!!!

Spring likes to give us a tease.  It is only high-50s today and will be for the next few days.  That's okay, though.  I'm less likely to want to whittle our day away outside when it's in the 50s, and we have schooling to do!  :)

I took measurements a few weeks ago because I ordered a swimsuit from and had material ordered that is 90% polyester, which should be (I sure do hope so) chlorine resistant.  I miss swimming at the gym pool so much, and so do the kids!  The lady is glad that I wanted to try this because she has others who have wanted a chlorine-resistant suit in the past.  I kinda pressed her about researching materials for me (I am clueless), so she said if this works for me maybe it will be a new product line she can offer.

Anyway, I measured my natural waistline again yesterday and was down 3".  That was exciting!  I am not down any sizes because I wear my skirts just at or below my belly button.  Thanks to my son, I have been left with the hanging stomach sag that doesn't seem to go away unless you have surgery to remove it.  I really think I would be at least one, more like two, sizes smaller if THAT was not THERE.   I have always had the upper, pregnant-like belly.  The lower belly is a new thing to me as of nearly 6 years ago when he was born.  The fourth kid did me in!
Haha  Saw this yesterday and loved it.  So true!

I wanted to go to the gym today, but I decided I should just hang out at home to see how son was doing and because oldest daughter SOUNDS sick, even though it's just allergies.  I didn't want to put the daycare worker or any parents on alarm.  Plus, I didn't want to take a chance in case this really is something viral and not just an allergy thing.

I feel kinda funny about my blog.  I have no clue what genre it would be considered.  I know it started out as a weight loss blog (ha, good try), but I guess it has evolved into more of a "this is my life" blog.  What do you all enjoy?  Hearing about food, struggles, parenting, my fat rolls... what?  Lol  I hate to have a blog that's boring everyone to death.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Walking on Sunshine

It has been so nice to see SUNSHINE the last couple of days!!!  Having 70-degree weather on top of that doesn't hurt, either!  It was honest-to-goodness gray here for a solid week before yesterday.  All that gloominess just gets to you.

I took advantage of the weather yesterday by going for a 1-mile walk at the track in between church services while hubby played with the kids at home in the back yard.  It was nice to get a walk in and just listen to the sounds around me.... like the coach yelling at the 10-year-old boys for not doing their throwing mechanics correctly.  Lol

Today, we woke up on schedule.  That means I went to the gym.  I did 10 minutes and 110 calories on the ellipitical and then 25 minutes and 140 calories on the treadmill.  I totally forgot to stretch and decided to try to stretch in the shower stall while my conditioner was setting.  Bad idea.  So thankful I didn't fall out.  Ha!

The muscle strain in my right arm is STILL giving me some issues!  I took two Aleve yesterday morning, and that seemed to help greatly.  I haven't had to take any since.  I just mostly have some tenderness on full extension now.

My lab results were back today, and everything was totally normal except my ALT.  It is slightly elevated.  The doctor didn't even mention it, but I remember it was high last time, too.  I am betting on fatty liver disease.  I dunno.  I am glad, however, to know that my cholesterol is normal - even with real butter!  :)  I felt kinda stupid because the nurse called and said, "Jeff said all your results are normal so just work on eating right and keep up the good work!"  I know he meant the exercising that I told him I'm doing, but all I could think was, "Good work?  I haven't accomplished  ANYTHING!"  But then I scolded myself because it really is an accomplishment that I'm enjoying exercising now. I've never been this consistent with it before.

This evening, I found my youngest daughter asleep in her bed.  That was odd, but I thought maybe it was from playing outside so long yesterday afternoon and then again today after her schooling was done.  I woke her up so she would sleep tonight, and I could tell she was hot.  <sigh>  Sure enough, her temp has stayed steady at 100 all evening.  She tried to stay up for me, but she really wanted to sleep.  I let her, of course, since I found out she was sick.  She has stayed in bed all evening and wouldn't eat supper.  Nothing at all hurts her or is bothering her, so I'm hoping this is just something that passes quickly. This means the gym is out for me tomorrow since she can't go to daycare.  I also can't get up early and go to the gym because tomorrow is my husband's only required early day of the whole month.  Of course.

Every time I try to get back on track with doing things how we are used to, something throws it for a loop!  I am hoping everyone is fine tomorrow and we can at least walk at the ballpark during the time we would normally be gone to the gym.

I still haven't received my exercise skirt, but it's coming from Israel.  It could take up to 3 weeks.  I get cracked up every time I check the status and see that my product is coming from Tel Aviv.  Just catches me as funny.

Oh!  I was still down 2 pounds at the Publix bp and weight machine this weekend.  That made me a bit happy. I really dreaded seeing the #s go back up.  Glad they didn't!  I got in 3 bottles of water today, too.  I may drink another one here in a minute.  I'm feeling pretty thirsty.  It's funny how sometimes I crave water and other times it just makes me feel grossed out to think about downing any more water.

Well, I can't think of anything else that would be of any possible interest to anyone in the entire world.  Not sure that what I have written already is, actually!  Lol   I hope everyone survived the weekend and is doing well.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Doctor Visit

I had my doctor's appointment today.  I just love my PA-C.  I think I've said before that he is a triathlete.  Somehow, though, I don't feel the least bit ashamed to be his heavy patient.  He is so, so nice and very supportive.  He's such a good listener, too.  That means a lot to me in a doctor.  I have a lot to say.  Just ask my friends!  Lol

Seriously, though.  He asked what I was in for. I told him I needed my yearly physical to get a refill on my Wellbutrin.  I told him I did try to wean off of the Wellbutrin in 2014 and just felt like a very angry person who blew up at someone one day, so I apologized to that person and went back to taking the Wellbutrin.  I honestly do believe I have OCD in some ways, and Wellbutrin helps that.  I believe it has helped.  For all my life, I flat out REFUSED to breathe in the bathroom if the commode lid was up.  LOL  I'm serious.  Now, I can even brush my teeth if the lid is up.  Complete freedom!  Lol  

I told him about my muscle strain.  Yesterday was a great day with it.  Today, I've had a little bit of pain.  I think I will take an Aleve before bed, just to ensure that it doesn't get worse after being stiff all night.  It's nowhere NEAR as bad as it was previously, though.

I also told him that I have had some chest pain under my left breast.  My dad had his first open heart surgery at 42 years old.  I'll be 36 on the 25th.  From what I googled, my pain isn't consistent with a heart attack.  Still figured it would be good to mention it with my family history.  Since my pain happens at rest and never with exertion, he wasn't concerned.  He feels that it is an inflammatory process going on.  He did take it very seriously, though, and told me to come in at the first sign of pain on exertion.

We talked about my hair falling out.  He agreed with me that it can be a sign of thyroid trouble, but we both agreed that was really my only symptom.  So he looked me square in the eyes and told me the second most major thing that causes hair to fall out is - STRESS.  He said it also causes weight gain and makes people have a very hard time losing weight.  My shoulders dropped. I took a big breath and told him I am under such huge amounts of stress.  I hate admitting that, but I am.  Adults face all kinds of stress - bills, marriage, kids.

I think my kids are probably my #1 cause of stress right now.  I feel stressed just saying that.  There was a time when I really thought I would never have a child.  I know there are others out there who feel like life is so unfair because they want a baby so badly and can't have one or haven't been able to yet.  I was that woman 12 years ago.  So I feel terrible to admit my kids cause me stress!!!  Babies can be tricky and stressful.  But oh my word.  I'm learning just how hard kids can be as they grow up.  And I've got "good kids" according to most people's standards!!!  My son is just a burst of 24/7 energy.  My oldest daughter is getting a good dose of hormones.  Middle daughter is such an instigator and quite honestly could give me meltdowns with her subtle ways of being disobedient in a non-disobedient way.  Youngest daughter is so sweet and cute but always needs backtracking because she can't seem to follow directions.  I LOVE THESE KIDS!!!!  I would die for any one of them!  We have fun times and great times.  But boy, do we have hard times.  I know it's just normal and part of life, but it's stressful!

The OCD I mentioned?  I'm much better than used to, but I still can't stand the fact that I have lost control of my living room.  Actually, it's my living room, laundry room, and my bedroom.  I have totes and folded clothes that need to be ebayed or yard saled in my living room.  In. My. Living. Room.  That's just a no.  But I don't know where else to put it because my laundry room is loaded down with totes and stuff in there.  We have 4 kids.  These are clothes that have to be kept and handed down to younger kids.  I somehow fell behind on the yard sale/consign/ebay department over the last year and a half, and it has taken over my home!  My bedroom isn't piled up, but my dresser seems to be a catch-all, and our bedroom is still waiting to be remodeled.  After reading Trim Healthy Mama, that makes me feel guilty because my bedroom should be my den of love.  Hahaha  Seriously.  And I think that's a great idea!  However, I have no clue how to make it a "den of love" when it's old and yucky looking with kid DVDs stacked high in a corner and random things are laying on my un-dusted dresser that I never have time to dust.  Ugh!

I have been googling stress relief, and I definitely know poor time management and the ideal of perfectionism cause me stress.  
  • Manage your time better. Poor time management can cause a lot of stress. When you’re stretched too thin and running behind, it’s hard to stay calm and focused. But if you plan ahead and make sure you don’t overextend yourself, you can alter the amount of stress you’re under.
  • Adjust your standards. Perfectionism is a major source of avoidable stress. Stop setting yourself up for failure by demanding perfection. Set reasonable standards for yourself and others, and learn to be okay with “good enough.”

I am getting better at adjusting my standards, but messes still just send me on high alert.  I really, REALLY wish messes didn't bother me!!!  In my mind, I have an idea of what my house SHOULD look like. And then there's my house....  Those two pictures aren't the same!

Grocery shopping each week is stressful.  I always spend too much.  Always.  I don't mean to.  I pre-plan a weekly food list.  I have 6 people to buy 3 meals and 1 snack per day for.  Groceries are ridiculous nowadays anyway.  Let's not forget the toilet paper and other nonfood items.  I take inventory before I go out.  Hubby doesn't mean it rude at all, but every time I get home from the store he starts going over my purchases.  "Did we already need more toilet paper?  Why did you get this?  We already had some of this and didn't need more."  It makes me sooo tense!  I finally told him this last week that I can't take that anymore.  I know he doesn't mean it in the way it makes me feel, but it makes me feel like he is scrutinizing my every purchase.  And it's toilet paper, not a new outfit, yanno?  Lol   He apologized later and said he tells himself every week not to do that but just gets stressed himself because of how much everything costs.

So all that to say that at this rate, I expect to be bald soon.  LOL  Naw.  Thankfully, the Lord has given me a sense of humor.  Sometimes I use that humor to hide real pain and feelings that I have, but sometimes I can push the bad aside and just keep going with a quip that makes things feel okay again.  The nurse, PA-C, and phlebotomist were all in stitches today by the time they got through with me.  I love making others laugh.  I just need to do better about making myself happy!  I'm working on it.

The PA-C was very happy to hear that I've been exercising regularly.  He reminded me again that losing weight is hard and there is no magic pill.  He seems to think I have a good start by at least exercising.  That's good for my health.  I think I'll have my lab results back around Monday.  We drew for sugar, liver, thyroid, cholesterol, and kidneys.  I'm anxious to get my results back.  All my vitals today were completely perfect, so that was reassuring.  Sometimes that machine at Publix will say I'm "at risk" because my BP is just 2 points over the normal range.  The doctor's scales were spot-on with Publix, so I guess that part of the higi machine  is pretty accurate.

Well, I'm just rambling on forever as if I'm something grand to read about!  Lol  Let me end this thing!  :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Yummy Recipe and Muscle Strain

We have a busy day ahead.  Today is our local homeschool yearbook group and individual photos.  All we have to do is individuals, music photos at 1:20, and tennis photos at 3:10.  To my advantage, all the pics are taken at the Church of Christ that is a 1-minute drive from my house!  Woohoo!  I'll definitely be coming home between pics to get some schooling done!

Last night we had an amazing supper!  If you want to find me on Pinterest to follow me, look up Staci Moize.  May be kinda dumb to put my name out here like this, but it's not like you couldn't really find it anyway if you were a stalker and wanted it, right?  Lol  I don't do much on Pinterest, but I have recently discovered how great it can be for finding new recipes.  I have a board on there I call Tried and True Favorites.  These are the ones I will make on a regular basis.  If there are any edits to how I made it, I put that in the comments below my pin.

So last night's supper was this:  Man Pleasing Chicken  with sauteed pole beans and Crash Hot Potatoes.  DE LISH!  Everyone was happy, even all the kids.  I don't care much for mustard at all (though I do like honey mustard), and I really liked this!  What's weird is I went all over the stores looking for boneless thighs WITH skin.  Not sure why because it says to use boneless/skinless thighs.  But then, in the comments, someone specifically says, "I see you leave the skin on your chicken?"  And the poster replies yes, because the sauce carmelizes on it and gets so crispy.  I didn't think her pic looked like the skin was on when it was raw?  But whatever. So I googled for a video on how to remove the bone from a chicken thigh. I cut off a LOT of the skin (there was tons!!!), but I did leave it on top because for whatever reason I was convinced I had to.
I had one more chicken thigh after this one.  To be honest, I reached in the pan with my fork and tore off a chunk of a third and then just knew I didn't need it.  Hubby gladly ate it.  I only had the one potato... or maybe I had a second.  Now I don't remember!  It was a very small red potato, but smashing them makes them look bigger.  I followed the chicken recipe to a T - turning in the sauce and then setting my time for halfway through so I could baste the juices back on top of the chicken.  Be sure to line your pan with foil!!!  I used a 9x13 dish and crammed 12 chicken thighs in there.  I also doubled all the liquid ingredients!  We had 1-1/2 pieces left over.  Some of the kids didn't care for the skin, so next time I am going to buy some boneless/skinless thighs and try them that way.  Some comments said they had used chicken breasts and even pork chops and liked this.

Here are the ingredients I used.  I had never heard of rice vinegar.  It was cheap (less than $2).  Thought it might help someone to see what you need.  The maple syrup was pricey.  I found out it was cheaper at Publix than Walmart!  But I found out too late.

The last time I worked my arms out in any way was last Tuesday.  Well, on about Thursday, my right elbow area/muscles started hurting.  I let it go on Thursday and Friday.  By Saturday, I was really noticing it!  On Sunday, I could barely spray the girls' hair for church.  Making that pressing motion with my pointer finger caused really bad pain.  I took some ibuprofen.  Things got a bit better.  I took a 6-hour nap that afternoon and missed church that night, thinking sleep would heal it.  When I got up again, the pain was back.  I took more ibuprofen.  I had to take ibuprofen on Monday.  The pain is probably worse today than it has been the entire time!  I can do side-to-side motions okay.  When I get to the end of range-of-motion, I feel pain.  But I can't grab and lift things straight up at all.  IT HURTS!  In fact, even making a fist causes pain.  Putting my hand upward to scratch my forehead or anything like that hurts.  I looked up muscle strain and elbow tendonitis, and I have some of the symptoms of both.  The muscle strain seems more like it.  But I didn't have any pain after the arm exercises.  Hmmm... now that I think of it, I used my right arm to push off on with one of the machines that I had never tried before.  I bet that's what did it!  Well, I go to the doctor on Thursday, so I will mention it then if it's still a problem.

Okay, off here to help pick outfits and fix hair.  Pray I can hold up to the hair spraying!  LOL