Friday, January 23, 2015

Should Have Been a Weather Gal

Snow.  No snow.  Snow's back!  Stock up on milk and bread!  Well, looks like it went right over us.  Seriously?  What's the only profession where you can be wrong nearly every time and STILL get paid (besides politics)???  I should've been a meteorologist!  :)

Well this week has been a flop, as predicted.  On the ironic side of that, I saw a lower # on the scale than I have in several weeks.  I guess I really do need to take some measurements in inches and not rely solely on the scale while exercising.  Looks like going to the gym really does add numbers to the scale from swollen muscles or water retention or whatever because I have been super inactive and not eaten very well this week at all.  It's been run, run, run all week!

Yesterday was my older two girls' 4H speech workshop.  The actual speech contest is on Tuesday evening, but anyone who wanted to could go to the workshop to see what critiques the 4H lady had for their speeches.  Public speaking was always my strong point in school. I was public schooled.  I have several ribbons or certificates for public speaking contests in DECA or 4H or other competitions in school.  My kids, being homeschooled, have never had the opportunity to stand in front of a classroom and read a book report or anything.  I know public speaking isn't for everyone, but I do think it's a very good skill to have.  The girls were reluctant to participate in the county competition after winning their ribbons at our local 4H club, but I have really encouraged them to.  So yesterday, I was SO PLEASED with how they did.  They were honestly the only kids you could clearly hear without straining.  They also were not boring to listen to.  The 4H lady told them both that they had great enunciation of their words and good inflection.  Middle daughter is a fidgeter (kept raising up on her toes and falling back down on her heels), and older daughter needs to work on eye contact.  Other than that, no corrections.  Just continue practicing.  I told them just how proud I was of them and how well they did.  I really think one of them would've won out of yesterday's crowd.  But I let them know that the county competition will have many more 5th graders who could be way more awesome than them but to just do their best.  They don't seem to care, and I really don't either.  I am just tickled for them to have this experience.

I'm about to go for a much-needed hair trim and eyebrow wax!  My hairdresser always teases me that I definitely get my $8 worth in my eyebrow wax.  Haha  I just find myself so busy in life right now that I wait until things can just be put off no longer.  Of all things, after the week I've had, I realized that on Monday Disabled Man has his first-time hematology appointment.  I usually just get him a ride to routine appointments, but anything special like this I need to go to with him because he doesn't answer questions accurately.  :::sigh:::  But at least it's not until 2:45, so I will get to go to the gym and have a mostly normal day!

Well, I hope you each have a great weekend, snow or not!  :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Defeated by my Week

What. A. Week.
And it's only Tuesday!  Lol

I completed 2 weeks of my challenge really well.  Then, this week, it's just falling apart.  I was so exhausted on Sunday that I took a long, hard nap on Sunday afternoon between services.  Because of that, I wasn't able to fall asleep Sunday night.  So then I didn't get up by my alarm Monday morning, which always throws off the day!  Ugh!  Youngest daughter had her checkup for her lymph nodes on yesterday, as well.  Thankfully, that went very well!  All lymph nodes are gone now except for the one that she has had for over a year.  It is back to being extremely tiny, so unless the lymph nodes reappear no recheck is scheduled.

Also yesterday, our next door neighbor died. :(  He was 80 years old.  He left his house to go on his paper route and had a heart attack just up the road from the house and died.  He did wreck,but no one was around and he just ran off into a ditch.  His wife is so distraught.  My husband has been asked to preach the funeral, so today has been off as well.  I'm about to start getting all of us ready for the receiving friends tonight.

Tomorrow is my root canal, which I couldn't get rescheduled.  They charge a $60 fee if you reschedule less than 48 hours before your appointment.  I didn't think about needing to reschedule until today, which was too late.  So tomorrow we are going to juggle my root canal at 1:00 and the funeral service at 2:00, swapping out kids and all.  Luckily, the dentist and funeral home are seriously right across the street from one another.

Thursday is our homeschool group.  Thursday evening is the 4H Club speech workshop for the girls to get help with their speeches before the competition.

Friday, middle daughter and I have haircuts scheduled for midday because the lady we use stays really busy and booked up.  You take when you can get.

So... this week has been a bust at getting to the gym so far, and it's not looking any easier for the rest of the week.  I actually put one of those exercise balls in my buggy at Aldi's yesterday, but then I told the cashier I changed my mind because I have no clue where I would keep that giant ball at!  We are already pressed for space.  lol

Basically, I could work around these things, I'm sure.  I was actually going to go to the gym last night at 7 pm.  They close at 8.  But after the doctor's appointment and errands and our neighbor coming over to talk about her husband's death, supper was pushed late and wasn't ready until 7:00.  So there went that idea.

Also, I'm not sure how I will really feel after my root canal on Wednesday.  Sometimes I am hunky dory afterwards and don't need so much as an ibuprofen.  Other times, I am in a lot of pain for a couple days and on pain meds that they prescribe and ibuprofen.  So while I say I could work around these things, I may or may not actually can.  :-/

So what was the point in this post?  I'm not sure.  I guess just to be truthful about how this week is going.  Also, I wanted to tell about another thought I'm having.  I always say that I do love WW.  And I do.  I love the flexibility.  But after a few days of tracking, I get bored of it and frustrated by it.  So this is what I'm thinking now. I think I will try tracking Monday through Friday and staying right within my points range, maybe allowing myself 3 or 4 over on days that I go to the gym and get in exercise.  On Saturday and Sunday, I will just eat what/how I want, have a dessert, etc, but not track because I will have all of my unused weeklies plus my dailies for those days.  I feel like this would give me some freedom that I so desperately need while also giving me the structure that I need 80% of the time.  Also, if I knew I was going to have a day of travel on, per se, Friday, I would just not track on Friday and Saturday instead of Saturday and Sunday.  I hope that makes sense!  Anyway, sounds like a plan to me.  I really think I'm going to add that to my 2-3-4 Plan and see how it goes!  I really need to ditch this extra poundage!!!

Oh, the water part of the 2-3-4 Plan isn't being met, either . I've drank at least 1 or 2 bottles each day since Sunday, but I've not met my 3.  Blah!

Well, I've rattled on.  I'm sure I've been scattered.  I don't have time to edit and check for error.  Sorry!  I need to get off here because time is slipping away faster than I'd like.  I just needed to vent out my frustrations with how this week is going and also tell about my new idea for tracking foods and weight loss.  Thanks for sticking in there!  Lol

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lovin' It

I am really loving consistent exercise.  I may not be showing any kind of real achievement on the scale, but I just love how exercising makes me feel.  I can definitely tell I have more flexibility.  I often feel like I'm dying during the actual exercising, but once I have stretched and get showered I just feel really awesome.  Yesterday, I took school papers that needed grading with me to the gym.  I hopped on the treadmill.  A million math pages and spelling lists later, I decided I'd better check my time.  I had been walking 27 minutes without even realizing it!  So I stopped at 28 minutes and then did four sets of 7 on my ball/floor exercise.  I finished up with 5 minutes on the bike, which I barely could manage to do!  That really surprised me, but I'm telling you that floor exercise will kill your stomach and thighs!  My legs were burning soooo bad on the bike.

We didn't get up on schedule today.  I must've accidentally hit dismiss instead of snooze on my cell alarm.  The older girls didn't set their alarm clock last night, either.  Hubby had to be at work by 7 am today, so he was already gone when my alarm was going off.  I slept until 9 am!  Goodness.  I have always been one of those people who can never seem to get enough sleep.  Even if I go to bed early, I still have issues getting up in the mornings.  At least I do much better than I used to.

When my son woke up, he said his ear was hurting.  Since he just had the bronchitis, I figured all the gunk had settled into an ear infection.  So we did some school, headed off to the gym, and then went to the doctor.  Yep, ear infection.  So now I have two kids on antibiotics.

I was 20 minutes late getting to the gym.  That's just how it goes when I'm not on schedule.  I planned on doing 5 minutes on the elliptical.  I decided to go to 6 minutes, but I made it to 7 minutes.  I could've gone longer, but I really wanted some time to do machines today.  I did 5 different machines, three reps of 10 each.  I ended with 7 minutes on the treadmill.  I had to hurry and shower and get ready for the doctor's visit.

Yesterday held some excitement.  As I was driving to the gym, a vehicle started coming backwards off a huge grassy hill that was just behind a parking lot.  I was thinking, "Why don't those idiots just use the driveway??"  Lol  Well, the vehicle plummets off the hill backwards, hits the pavement in my lane, bounces, backs on up into the opposite lane, stays that way for a minute, and finally the vehicle rolls forward and lands in a ditch with its nose in the hill's embankment.  I was the first one to approach the vehicle.  I reached for my phone to call 911, and I had forgotten it at home!!!  I hopped out, and several other people in both directions had now stopped.  Someone yelled to ask if anyone was in the vehicle.  I ran to the ditch and looked in every window.  No one was in it, and there were also no keys in the ignition.  I drove up to the building that the vehicle had come from to make sure they knew what had even happened.  They said they didn't see it but had heard it hit.  I explained what happened and asked if they felt I needed to stay for a police report witness.  The men said no, so I headed on to the gym.  Man!  I so wanted to call and share the story with my husband. Can't believe I forgot my phone!  Lol

Well, other than all the above, there's really nothing more to tell, I guess.  I have gotten in my water challenge each day except Sunday, I believe it was. I plan to go to the gym tomorrow for my second day of ball/floor exercise for this week and fourth day of physical activity.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Mouth Full of Money

Went for my 6-month cleaning today.  My bone graft from extraction looks great!  We should be should've been ready for the implant by February, he said.  But then he looked in my mouth.  <sigh>  My teeth are a WORLD of trouble, y'all!  There is this one back molar that has had an aluminum filling for years. He has been concerned with it, saying it is "leaking aluminum."  Sure enough, the aluminum color is even largely showing on the side of my tooth now.  It has been for a while.  My kids thought it was a giant, black cavity.  Eek.  Every time he would want to fix it, I would tell him this tooth or that was hurting.  We would go with fixing the pain issues since the worst tooth wasn't causing any issues.  Today, though, he said NO MORE.  The tooth now has a chunk missing from the side and a crack just a bit away from that chunk.  In essence, my tooth is just setting up to crack further and crumble in my mouth.  Lovely.  He knows money is an issue with my teeth, so he said he would be willing to wait up to 1 year on the implant because the bone graft buys that kind of time.  I am scheduled to have yet another root canal and crown next Wednesday.  Blah!  What's worse is the tooth in front of and the tooth behind that tooth both need crowns.  They have very large fillings (thankfully not aluminum!) which currently seem to be completely intact, but they have been there since my teen years.  They need a crown on top to protect them.  He told me not to worry if I couldn't do anything but the bad tooth, though, that my other two teeth may have many good years left.  No rush.  So I'm just gonna do the one tooth, a whopping $2240 AFTER my 15% discount.  I. Hate. Cavities.  I use myself as proof to my kids that they need to take care of their teeth!!!  The good news is that it's almost income tax return time, so we will be paying off the current amount owed on my two other teeth on that 0% card.  This new tooth will have 12 months same as cash, as well.  So I guess that's a bright side, right???  Lol

My appointment was at 8:15 am, so hubby stayed home with the kids while I went.  After my appointment, I ran about 3 errands and got a Subway breakfast sandwich.  My stomach was seriously talking to the hygienist this morning.  Ha!  I was going to be on time for my appointment, but then I put 'er in reverse and backed into my husband's work truck.  Ughhhhh!!!  It was stupid.  I'm just not used to anyone ever being parked behind me.  Um, hello.  That's what a rear view mirror is for!  Don't worry - I'm only that careless in my own driveway.  I am very alert when backing out in public or if any people are near me.  Lucky for me, we just hit bumper to bumper and no damage was done.  I got home around 10 am, and we finished up our school day.

I decided we would go to the pool today after school.  We've not been swimming in a good while!  It was fun.  Another homeschool mom and her daughter were there that we've gotten to know, and that was completely it.  So my exercise for today was 2 hours in the deep end doggy paddling and chatting with this lady.  I was really hoping to be totally alone at the pool with the kids so I could just relax and keep quiet.  If anyone's around, I'm gonna talk!  But I made sure to keep moving the entire time I was in the pool, and I did enjoy talking with an adult!

I am still flunking at working my new camera.  So frustrating!  It just has SO many options and buttons!  I can't figure it all out.  It is getting just a bit easier, but I still need lots of practice.  I decided I would take a shot of tonight's supper.  I played with having the flash off or on, smart capture or a still picture, etc.  I finally decided on flash off.  Pardon the paper plate and food smears.  I don't have any intentions to become a photographer!  Lol
The picture may not be top quality, but the meal was!

My 10 year old, however, took my OLD camera and came up with these.  Maybe she has intentions to become a photographer???

The two above are 100% untouched from her original.  This one is, except that I cropped excess scenery like their bed and a stray Nerf bullet.  LOL  Maybe it's just because she's my kid, but I was rather impressed.  It's better than I can do, anyway!  And if you missed the theme, this was a western photoshoot.  Lol

I went to bed at 10:30 last night, even after waking up late.  I guess I was still catching up!  It's 11:12 pm now, and I'm about to turn in.  I just need to get off here and read my Bible first.  I just finished my third bottle of water for the night, so that's not good as far as timing.  Lol  I plan to do the ball/floor exercise tomorrow and Friday and go to the gym each day left this week to get in my 4 days of exercise.  Goodnight, partners!  ;)

Monday, January 12, 2015

Not a Good Start

Sheesh!  We just can't catch a break in health stuff lately.  Thursday afternoon, my son started coughing.  No big deal.  Slept all night.  Friday, he still had the dry cough, but it was a little more frequent.  We got up to KY pretty late Friday evening.  The cough was a bit more consistent by then.  With him and middle daughter having asthma, I knew that cough.  I also knew that cough meant we would be getting no sleep that night.  <sigh>  Sure enough, poor little guy couldn't stop coughing at all.  We were all trapped in a hotel room together, the 4 kids sleeping sideways in one bed, and this little man coughing every minute a loud, sharp, constant cough.  Ughhhh.  The other kids, being kids, were able to let the cough fade away in their minds and slept.  Being a mom, I couldn't sleep.  I was worried because I didn't have the breathing machine with me.  We are totally out of M-END Pediatric cough syrup, which is the ONLY thing that lets those two kids sleep when they have this cough.  Plus, I was out of town so didn't have any anyway.

I kid you not when I say he coughed the entire night.  Then he coughed all during breakfast.  He wasn't hot at all.  He coughed all during the church services that day.  It was so constant that a couple people turned around looking.  I tried giving him his inhaler two separate times to no avail.  So frustrating!  He coughed the entire trip home and it was sounding more harsh, so I decided that we would go straight to the walk-in clinic when we got home.  Got there and the clinic closed early on Saturdays.  I didn't feel this was ER worthy, so I stopped by Dollar General to get some Benadryl.  I was hoping if I could get him relaxed, the coughing would stop.  It didn't help a single bit.  A couple hours later, I decided to try ibuprofen in case he had inflammation in his lungs and it would help.  Nope.  We drained a can of 100% pineapples to have him drink the juice because mother-in-law had suggested that once in the past.   No help.  Around midnight, we dug the humidifier out of the closet, cleaned it all up, and plugged it in.  No help.

I was torn on whether to give him a breathing treatment or not.  I'm new to having my own breathing treatment system at home.  I have two different meds to give, but I couldn't remember which med was for which issue.  Ugh!  So we had a second night of absolutely no sleep.  I mean zero.  Well, there was a 40-minute span with no coughing.  It was glorious, for us and for him.  Then the coughing resumed at 11:10 pm.  After all this lack of sleep, hubby and I were feeling pretty irritable!

At 6:30 in the morning, son was up for the fifteen millionth time that night.  My glasses are broken, so I asked hubby to get me the breathing machine and some albuterol.  Because of his family's history of abusing meds, he immediately gave me the speech of "medication is not always the answer, you've already given him a bunch of stuff that didn't work, we just can't keep drugging him," etc.  So I got mad at him for not trusting me about trying the steroid breathing treatment and broke down crying from sleep deprivation and frustration.  Lol

I called the walk-in clinic to check the hours.  I wanted to be there right at opening time!  But their answering machine said they wouldn't be open until 1 pm since it was Sunday.  I couldn't take one more second of that CONSTANT coughing and not being able to help my son, so I threw on clothes and went to the ER.  I really try to avoid the ER at all costs.  Part of me felt so dumb to go for "just a cough," but I had no other options since walk-ins were closed.

Upon getting to the ER, son had a temp of 100.9.  The nurses heard him nonstop coughing in the lobby and took us straight back, bypassing triage.  What was the first thing the dr ordered after seeing him?  Steroids!  In my mind I thought, "told ya!"  Lol  But they were liquids instead of a breathing treatment, so who knows if my method would have helped.  Chest x-ray revealed viral pneumonia or viral bronchitis, so no antibiotics since viral.  We got prescribed yet another inhaler with aerochamber.  I really like this aerochamber.  We've never had one, and I really think it is making a huge difference in administering the med correctly.  I told the doctor that our former pediatrician had given us the cough syrup with codeine.  One bottle lasts us past the expiration date.  Our new pediatrician confirmed that we obviously don't abuse it since he's never been asked to fill it for us.  So thankfully the ER doctor wrote the script I knew we needed to get any sleep!

To my surprise, the coughing didn't get a ton better, even after the oral steroids.  When son was still coughing 4 hours after the steroids, I pulled out the inhaled albuterol at home.  It helped a bit, but he is such an active boy.  With asthma, any time you get too active when you are like this, you start coughing.  So nothing seemed to help too awful much.  Blah.  Right before bed, I administered the M-END cough syrup.  Success!  That boy fell asleep and slept the whole entire night without a single cough.  Thank you, Lord!  He woke up coughing at 7:30 am.  I gave him one dose of his inhaler with the aerochamber, and he went right back to sleep with no coughing.  It is 11:30 am, and he is actually still sleeping.  It's not the codeine.  That wears off in 4-6 hours.  I am just letting him sleep til his heart's content because he basically went 48 hours with no sleep.  So did hubby and I, so last night I declared that there would be NO school schedule today.  We all slept in, and now we are just doing the main subjects in school for the day.

Yesterday was so completely out of sorts that I didn't get in my 3 bottles of water.  I did manage to do it on Saturday, though, even while traveling.  Yay!  I sure hate that I can't go to the gym today, but as long as son is better after waking up I should be able to go tomorrow and still have plenty of days left to get in my 4 days of exercise.  I prefer not to go on a Saturday, but if I need to at least I have the option.

Oh, funny story!!!  Yesterday hubby told me, "You look pretty today."  Son immediately piped up, "That's what the doctor said!"  My husband whipped his head towards me with it cocked to the side, eyebrows up, questioningly.  My mouth flew open and I declared, "HE DID NOT!!!!"  Son said, "Yes he did."  I asked him when.  He said, "He asked me how I was.  I told him 'not too well' and he said, 'well you look good!"  Hahaha  Not sure why he thought of that when hubby told ME that I looked PRETTY, but he just about got me into trouble... or the doctor... not sure.  :)  Plus, I didn't look good at all at the ER!  Lol  I didn't shower and just put my hair in a sloppy knot on top of my head with zero makeup.  I mean, I guess if a guy likes huge, black bags below the eyes and a woman that isn't really clean looking, I would've been a hit.  Lol

Well, just thought I'd tell another story about my crazy, every-day life.  There's always some kind of drama around here.  May as well blog about it!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Week One Accomplished

Well, I made it through one week of my 1-2-3 Plan.  Almost, anyway.  Saturday is a rest day, so all I have to worry with is the water part of the plan.  We have a church meeting to go to on Saturday out of town, so getting in the water actually will be a challenge.  I'm sure it can still be done, though.  

I took a lovely picture of myself at the gym today.  LOL  I was laying there doing my second day of the week of the ball/floor exercise. It is SO killer for me!!!  I ache all over during and after.  It burns!  All those are good things, though, right?  Anyway, I saw the trainer today and asked her if I was to do three sets of 10.  I honestly couldn't remember.  She said I could change up sets and do two of 15 if that was easier or even six of 5.  She even said it would be good to change up sometimes just so my body didn't get accustomed to three sets of 10 on everything.  So to make the exercise more bearable, I did five sets of 6.  Still adds up to 30!  While I was between sets and feeling like I would surely not make it, I decided to be silly and snap a pic of a big, cheesy, FAKE smile. I grabbed my phone and just held my arms up while I was laying there recovering.  :)  I was the only person in the whole room, or I would never have done that!  lol

Today I made it to 8 minutes on the elliptical, then did the ball/floor exercise, and then I finished off with 15 minutes of treadmill.  I tried doing the incline for the first time today.  There was an option that said "hill," so I chose it.  It wasn't bad.  I'm sure if I had went longer the inclines would've gotten bigger and been more challenging.

So this week I managed to exercise M, Tu, W, and F.  I did the ball/floor exercise on Tu and F.  I managed to get in 3 bottles of water each day this week beginning on Sunday.  I was even down a pound on the scale this morning, which was nice to see.  I just have so far to go.

I feel so good with exercising!  I even actually feel mostly comfortable at the gym now.  There are a few ladies I see a lot, so we will say a few words to one another.  The daycare lady loves my kids and brags about how helpful they are to her and how respectful they are.  The kids love going to the gym daycare.  It's a nice break in their school day.  Oh, and packing lunch for them has gone GREAT this week.  The kids like it, too, so that's definitely a keeper of an idea.  I feel comfortable on the machines that I know now.  I no longer feel like the idiot that everyone is staring at if I decide to sit down and try a new machine.  I have definitely noticed a greater flexibility in my legs when doing certain things around the house that used to would've made me grunt from lack of ability.  Lol  So I know the gym is really benefiting me in several ways.

It's just really hard to look in the mirror and honestly be in shock that it is you.  I've been exercising pretty consistently since July.  It's the eating I have a problem with.  And that's even been getting better.  I guess my mentality is just, "Hey, I've been doing good for a WHOLE WEEK now, and I'm still fat.  What's up?!"  I know that is horribly unrealistic.  It will probably be two or three months before I see any true difference just by looking in a mirror.  But this is my blog and my place to be honest, so I just have to say that I am really disgusted with myself.  I feel embarrassed.  For the first time in my life, I feel like people will look at my food choices in a restaurant.  I feel like people will look at my husband and wonder how he feels to be stuck with me as a wife.

I was actually thinking about that very thing today.  As I've said here before, my husband treats me like I am beautiful.  He will send me random texts throughout the day sometimes that say little things like, "I love you, Beautiful."  Ughhhh.  That is SO sweet!!!  But I have no clue how to react to that. I feel stupid instead of honored.  Anyway, today I was thinking that maybe I would never have really believed that my husband TRULY loved me if I had always been this perfect wife with the perfect figure.  Instead, over the last 15 years of our marriage I have often been this ill-tempered, grumpy, lazy, selfish, rude, sloppy, neglectful, gripe-y wife.  On top of that, I have now officially packed on 80 pounds since our wedding day.  The weight started coming on by the time we had our first anniversary and has continued to accumulate.  Yet through all of my most terrible times , he has shown me sincere love!!!  Sure, I mean, we've both had to grow.  Early on in our marriage he wasn't as wonderful as the man he is now.  But we have grown together to be the couple we are today.  I'm afraid oftentimes his efforts have surpassed mine.  I get so busy with being mom, housewife, teacher, cook, pastor's wife, etc, etc, etc, that I don't always have my best out there for my husband.  Nor does he always leave his best for me.  But I never doubt that he really does love me.  And after taking time to think on that today, it amazes me.  It makes me wonder if this whole thing has been a process that I've had to go through to really realize that I am loved for me.  I don't have a marriage that causes me to HAVE to impress and be perfect to be loved.  I have a marriage where my husband LOVES ME for just being  ME.  Because I'm his wife.  Because he made a vow to God in front of a group of people to love me for better or for worse.  And being loved unconditionally like that suddenly makes me WANT to improve the wife that I am.

Wow.  Sorry for the marriage counseling 101.  Haha  That's about as profound as you will get on my blog.  ;)  But that's what has been on my heart and mind today, so I guess I just had to spit it all out!!  I hope you all have a great weekend!  Have you made progress this week in any areas?

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

So Sore and Hating the Scale

Oh ya'll.  I am SO SORE.  I kinda like it, but it causes me to constantly say, "Oh, my arms," or "Oh, my legs."  Lol   So far I've completed Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of going to the gym.  I have completed 3 bottles of water each day.  I have done one of my two required days of the ball exercise.  Thursday will be my rest day, which I feel that I actually badly need at this point, and then Friday I plan to be back to the gym and do my last day of the ball exercise.

I already told you in the previous post about Monday and Tuesday.  Today, I only made it 5 minutes on the elliptical.  My thighs were burning horribly!  It was all I could do to make it to 5.  Also, I was on level 6 instead of 7.  No clue what those levels mean, but I always put the up arrow to level 5 or 6.  Lol  So I got off of there and did three leg machines and two arm machines, then I completed my workout with 15 minutes on the treadmill.  I hobbled off to the locker room, where I did some stretching before showering.

The pool is closed until January 9th because of pouring new concrete, so we haven't swam since either the end of November or the beginning of December.  It'll be nice to swim again soon.  The kids have especially missed it, and my sore muscles could use a nice swim right now!

Have I mentioned I'm sore?  :)  I actually forgot about the two arm machines until I was just blogging.  I kept wondering why my arms were so sore!

Tomorrow is our homeschool group's first class day of the new year.  I'm actually dreading it, considering it's only 7 degrees outside right now with a windchill of -5.  Any of you northerners can laugh me to scorn now.  :)  Anyway, about 4 people have texted me saying they wish we could cancel because of how cold it is.  And one friend called last week saying she wasn't coming because of the temps they were calling for.  I guess she was planning ahead.  Haha  But apparently no one will tell the lady over it that they don't want to come because she said she asked and everyone seemed to be gung-ho!  Oh well!  LOL  I do believe I will survive.  The kids are really looking forward to going.  It's the getting out to the van and then back in the cold van when it's over I'm not looking so forward to.  Blah.

I am so mad to have actually GAINED 4 pounds over the last few days!  I really have done so much better.  I am hoping it is either sodium from the Chinese food we had Monday evening or my muscles retaining fluid from exercising this week after a three-week break.  Or maybe it's just my mom's fudge from last week catching up with me.  <sigh>  Either way, it stinks to see a higher number on the scale.  Grrrr.  I'm trying not to get too worked up about it right now. I just want to give myself time to get used to my 2-3-4 Plan.  Then I will see where I stand and start adding some other measures to work towards a more healthy me.

Update on my daughter's lymph nodes:  Last night hubby and I were actually worried because the lymph nodes felt like they had hardened!  Today, though, they definitely feel squishy again.  The ones up top have shrunk some, but now the one she has had for a year is very large.  So frustrating to wait and wonder about what is going on.

I'll try to pop back in at some point during the weekend.
Stay warm!