Monday, September 15, 2014

Dental Day and Birthday

Update on my tooth.  Went to the dentist this morning.  He said that he didn't think it would be feasible to redo my root canal.  Since the entire post/pin, crown, and all came out, an extraction and new root canal therapy would have to be done.  By the time that was all accomplished, I would be less than $500 away from what an implant would cost.  Plus, an implant should last for years, whereas redoing the root canal could last only a few months or only a few years.  No guarantees.  :::sigh:::

So I went back in this afternoon for a surgical extraction with bone graft.  My jawbone is thin under the root canal, and the front part of the jaw cracked.  This should heal okay, but there is no way to know for sure until I go back for followup x-ray.  Anyway, got my graft done.  Thankfully, he wants this to set and grow for at least 3 full months before an implant is put in.  I asked him if I could wait 5 months, because by then I should have my income tax return.  He said that would be no problem.  So next step is go in for the implant.  Then I need to allow that to stabilize and my gums grow up around it for a good foundation to place a crown on.

The dentist said to expect to be very sore, have swelling and possible bruising, and my worst day will probably be on Thursday.  Ughhhh.  What a huge ordeal!  But I am thankful that it's not off to dentures just yet.  Lol

Today, my firstborn turned 11 years old.  I can't believe that.  At all.  It seems like I was just posting about her 10th birthday!  Aubree is the most caring and giving person.  She puts me to shame with her giving.  She has a true heart of compassion for others.  At her young age, she has been our sole church pianist for at least 2 years now because there is no one else to do it.  She puts time into practicing for this position, and she really does a good job.  We are so thankful for that talent.  Visitors make comments about it all the time, but it never seems to go to her head.  She loves to read and will often get completely lost in a Janette Oke, Sarah Maxwell, Nancy Drew, or Boxcar Kids book.  She is a diligent worker who completes tasks in a timely manner and is super obedient.  She is more of an organizational neat freak like her mother.  She has her faults, like we all do, but sometimes my husband and I look at her in awe because of her maturity.  We feel the Lord has something really special in store for her - some sort of service position possibly.  Not sure.  But no matter what, she sure is a special girl.  :)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Laying Aside My Crown

Yesterday, I asked hubby to bring me a Dove dark chocolate bar from the store he was at.  He called to say they didn't have one.  Bummer!  No Hershey's dark chocolate either.  I majorly felt the desire for chocolaty chocolate, so I told him to bring home the $1 pack of Chocolate Riesen.  I was working on the final tweeks to our school schedule, when suddenly I chomped down on something totally crunchy and disgusting in my candy!!!  I spat out the chunk of chocolaty chocolate to discover a root canal and crown I had done three years ago just fell out in my candy!


I can't tell you how devastating this is.  For starters, that is over $1,000 thrown away.  We don't have that kind of money to blow.  Secondly, I just had another root canal done - what, a month or two ago? - so we're making payments on that until income tax return.  Really don't want to double that payment!

But the REAL reason I was so upset?  When I had that root canal done, it was my first ever.  We had more bills then than we did now.  I remember crying when the dentist told me I would have to have a root canal and named the price.  Being money conscious, I had called all dentists to find the cheapest price for my initial visit.  This place cost only $59 for cleaning and x-rays.  Well, I should've taken a hint when the x-ray lady took 45 minutes to do my x-rays.  She said she was a student, so I didn't think much of it.  Whatever.  You get what you pay for!

The dentist was soooo nice.  It was a woman.  I felt stupid for crying.  But she felt so bad for me, that she gave me some kind of crazy discount for this "one day only" that I would come back in.  I remember it was either Veteran's Day or Memorial Day because one man in the lobby was offended they would be open on that day.  But I needed my discount!

So I went in on the day of my root canal.  My dentist walked in and talked with me.  Then they started numbing me.  Then she drilled out the tooth.  THEN a man dentist came in and started WALKING HER THROUGH MY ROOT CANAL!!!!  No one, and I mean NO ONE told me this was a STUDENT DENTIST.  I may have went ahead with it anyhow, but shouldn't they tell you that???  The root canal took over 2 hours.  She couldn't find my mesial something-or-other, and turns out I'm a special patient with either one less or one extra - can't remember.  My jaws were sore for days after being propped open for that long.

There was no way I could speak up for myself, seeing as how I was already numbed and drilled into.  :-/  I should've said something afterward, but it just felt wrong.  I felt like we were "friends" at that point, plus she gave me the nearly $1000 discount. :::sigh:::

Two weeks later, I had my permanent crown placed.  On the way home, I bit down and it cracked!!!  I pulled over and called them.  I came back.  They worked and worked to get the crown off, said they must've ordered it from the wrong material, and reordered it.  Two weeks later, I got my new NEW crown.  Everything seemed okay, although something felt poky on the side.

When I had new tooth pain a year or two later, I made sure to go to the dentist with the best reputation in town!  He isn't known for being very personable, but he has done two root canals for me now.  I am in and out in 30-45 minutes, and there seems to be a real difference in my healing time, quality of the crown, no pain in the area, etc.  And turns out, his prices are very comparable with other non-teaching dentist offices.

When I first went to him, he showed me on x-ray that the root canal done at the other place wasn't done properly.  They didn't go down far enough and there was some "white" at the end of the canal.  He said if I ever got an infection under it, I would definitely know.  If it ever came out, he said he would refer me to a surgeon for a dental implant.  LOVELY.  He also confirmed with me that it is a teaching office and that he even went there 20 years ago for his "practice."  :::sigh:::

So for three days I was having some tooth pain while chewing, but I honestly couldn't pinpoint which tooth was causing it.  I guess now I know.  :(  I have to go in Monday at 9 am, which just aggravates me further.  That was supposed to be our first day on the new school schedule.  Plus, that is my oldest daughter's 11th birthday.  Hubby is working too far away, so I'll have to drag all 4 kids out with me at 9 am to sit in a dentist lobby.  I'll get the news that I'll have to go to an oral surgeon or whatever.  I will cringe.  My pocketbook will cringe.  Blah!  LOL

A root canal has a little stump called the buildup or pin.  Well, that whole part is missing, too.  It's all stuck up inside my crown.  Ugh.  There is nothing but edges of my crown and a deep recess of gum that shows.  Yuck.  I was actually able to clean the area and tooth really good and then pop it back in place.  It fell out once today, but I still need to go get my temporary cement from the drugstore, so that's expected.

So there's my latest drama!!!  It's always something, right?  I did call the office that did the original root canal, but you sign papers when you have them that there is no guarantee.  Lesson learned.  Speak up at the time when you KNOW there is an issue.  Don't wait until the issue escalates and you are holding your crown in the palm of your hand!!!  Lol

Thursday, September 11, 2014

I Should Be In Bed

But I'm not.

Monday, I went to the gym.  I did 30 minutes on the treadmill and 25 minutes on the bike.  My legs felt so heavy and sore.  Sadly, the treadmill caused terrible right ankle pain and tenderness.  I limped a lot the rest of the day.  By the next day, though, it was better.

On Tuesday, I went back to the gym with the kids to swim.  I knew my ankle couldn't handle more treadmill time.  We got there at 11:00 am, and not a soul was there.  Several people were at the indoor pool doing senior water aerobics class.  After that, several people went in for physical therapy class.  It was sorta borderline "cold" for swimming.  It was 74 degrees and windy.  But as long as we stayed with our bodies under the water, we were good.  Lol  Once I told my husband not a soul was there but us, he took a couple hours off work to come swim with us.  It was really nice.  All four of my kids can swim now.  They taught themselves this year.  :)  All of them go into 5 feet except my son, who is only 5, so I'm glad he doesn't want to venture out there yet!

Tomorrow (which is really today) is our homeschool co-op group.  It makes for a busy day.  It starts at 11 am.  We try to get in some schooling before we leave.  Classes end at 1:30 pm, but then we all go to the park and play some organized sports or play on the playground.  During the month of September only, the kids have free tennis lessons every Thursday from 3:30 until 4:45.  I'm definitely doing crockpot meals on Thursdays this month!!!

We tried out our new school schedule on Monday.  It worked pretty well, but I could tell things needed tweaking.  So I started rearranging subjects and time frames.  Thankfully, the kids absolutely LOVE going to the gym.  I have time worked into our schedule for me to exercise on the equipment M, W, F for one hour while the kids are in daycare and for the kids and I to swim Tues and Thurs for an hour and a half during non-busy indoor pool hours.  I had to work it around the indoor pool classes.  I didn't want to work the schedule around the outdoor pool because it will be too cold to swim out there very soon!  On Tuesday, not a soul was in the indoor pool after physical therapy ended at 1:00.  In fact, we were all cold so we moved over there and stayed for nearly a full hour.  No one came in the entire time.  Perks of homeschooling - you can do things when everyone else is at school or work so it's less crowded.  Lol

I'm not going to force myself to go to the gym M-F, but I want to have it worked in so I can go if I want to.  The kids love playing with the young ones that come into the daycare, so they pretty much ask me EVERY DAY if we can go.  I guess that'll be a good motivator.  :)

I actually bought some travel supplies and take a quick shower, dress for the day, and do my hair at the gym after exercising or swimming.  This way, I don't have to shower and fix up in the mornings and then just get all sweaty later and defeat the purpose!  Haha  The shower stalls are very private and fairly roomy, so it's worked out pretty good.

I hope you all are doing well.  I'm really barely on the computer during the day right now with school in full swing.  Then in the evenings, I'm grading or filing papers, or preparing for the next school day, cooking supper, doing laundry, or one million other things.  :)  My son started kindergarten this year.  He has gone from not caring a thing about learning and me worrying he would be a booger to teach to being so smart and having a desire to learn.  He is on day 3 of kindergarten, and he's sounding out one-vowel words.  I give all the credit to Leap Frog DVDs and his older sisters.  Lol  Seriously!  Anyway, he walked up to me after day 2 of school and said, "Mama, I wasn't excited about school, but you make it fun.  Thank you."  Then he threw his arms around my leg and squeezed with all his might.  That just touched my heart.  Homeschooling is so time consuming and not easy, especially with more than one child to focus on, but I'm so thankful we chose it.

Well, this was a sort of random post.  I just can't sleep (too much on my mind) and realized it had been a few days since I last posted.  I guess this is becoming more of a "life story" blog than a diet blog, but I think that's fine since it was a pretty stinky diet blog anyway, right?  LOL  Goodnight!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Nonstop Busy

I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted!  Oops!  When I say we have been go-go-go for close to a month now, I'm not exaggerating.  I am SO tired.

I went to the higi machine at Publix the other day, and to my surprise I was acutally down 1.0 on their machine since my last visit.  But I've not done well.  Of course I've not.  As if I could ever report consistent success.  UGH.  I was doing good with the low-carb thing, but then I missed 5 days in a row of my Wellbutrin.  I forgot to fill my prescription, then it took another 24 hours for them to get it filled, then I forgot to pick it up, etc, etc.  You aren't supposed to just stop that med cold turkey, so I got back to taking it ASAP.  I could tell a major difference in myself.  For one, I took some Prozac (that I normally only take for major PMS) while I was out of Wellbutrin.  That made me completely blah.  The whole reason I started Wellbutrin was to counter the effects of the Prozac.  I didn't want to cook.  I didn't want to clean.  I didn't even want to shower or dress!  So I wasn't motivated in the least to care what I ate.  :::sigh:::  I've been back on Wellbutrin for about 4 days now, and I can tell I'm feeling my old self again.  I even dusted today.  LONG overdue.  Lol  

To be completely honest, I feel very gross right now.  I've not really even gained any weight.  I just FEEL gross.  I made a remark to my husband today and called myself "tubby."  He told me I was not tubby.  He's not blind.  He knows I'm overweight . He's expressed his concern for my health.  Shoot, even *I* am concerned for my health at this point. But he obviously doesn't look at me with the same eyes as I do.  I feel so icky.  When will enough be enough?

Disabled Man, bless him, is about to drive me nuts!  He is 53 years old and says he has been smoking since he was 7.  Omgosh.  Anyway, his oxygen levels have gotten SO bad that his doctor told him he HAS to quit smoking.  So he's been on a Nicotine patch for the last 7 days.  He made his own cigarettes, so I took his cigarette machine away from him and got rid of his ash tray.  He gave away his tobacco and filters to someone.  He's calling me nonstop, whining about wishing he could smoke, going on and on.  I am really trying to be supportive here.  LOL  I know smoking is a super addictive habit.  He is mentally challenged, so he disobeyed the rule and got a cigarette from someone.  After that, I had to go to all his neighbors and tell them not to listen to his begging, just say no.  Ha  I even called the gym and told the lady that if he steps outside, follow him.  Tonight he cracked me up because he asked his neighbor for a cigarette, but she told him no because she remembered our talk.  He said, "I thought she had dementia?!  I didn't think she'd remember not to give me one!"  He cracks me up.

Well, just realized something.... I don't understand how quitting cigarettes is so hard for him, but I can't even lose 5 pounds and keep it off.  Hypocrite???  Yes, I do believe so.   Okay, that's it.  I've went and blogged myself under conviction.  LOL  So with that, I'm going to go.  I need to wash up some dishes and put vegetable beef soup in the crockpot for Sunday lunch.

Friday, August 29, 2014

On Again Off Again

I'm up way too late, so I figured why not blog?  :)

Tuesday, I was low carb all day.  I already blogged about that.

On Wednesday, I had 2 fried eggs on top of spaghetti squash "hashbrowns" with turkey links and coffee.  I didn't have a real lunch, but I did grab 0% plain Greek yogurt with some natural pb, chia seeds, and a dash of THM Sweet Blend.  Supper was small because we would be going out to eat after church that night with our visiting preachers.  I had one low carb tortilla with salsa chicken, shredded cheese, and sour cream.  Salsa chicken is simply chicken in the crockpot with a taco seasoning pack and salsa on top.  Cook it all day and then shred the chicken with a fork and serve as tacos or taco salad.  Went to Denny's after church, and I have to admit the food looked yummy.  To stick with low carb, though, I ordered a steak with sauteed zucchini and squash and got steamed broccoli instead of rice.

Thursday was a super busy day!  It was our first day of homeschool co-op for the year.  I'm teaching the preK thru K class.  I had to prepare for that class, plus I had to help each of my kids pack their backpacks with things necessary for their classes.  Even though my 2 skillets were dirty and I was in a big hurry, I was determined to have a low carb breakfast!  I soft boiled 2 eggs, added 1/2 TBSP butter and 2 turkey sausage links and mashed and stirred.  Voila!  Drank coffee with cream.

Just as I was about to walk out the door to mail out an ebay sale, my neighbor lady walked up onto the porch.  She needed a phonebook, which I have no clue where that is because hubby was the last to use it and didn't put it back.  I invited her in so I could search the internet for the phone number.  Mortified.  My house was NOT visitor friendly since we have been running like mad for 2 weeks solid!  She told me she had locked herself out of her house and her car and needed to cancel her dr's appointment.  Plus, she was sick and it was 95 and humid today.  She called her doctor's office, and then I asked her if I could try to break in her house for her.  LOL  Every pastor's wife knows how to break into houses, right?  Ha!  She said that I could try.  I was able to get it open with my library card after just a minute of trying.  She gave me a big hug and I was on my way.

So we were just a couple minutes late for homeschool co-op.  I'm not the teacher until after lunch, thankfully.  We had over 70 kids there this year, not counting parents!  Craziness!!!  Last year we only had like 30 kids.  Lots of parents had pulled their kids from public school and just started homeschooling, so today was kind of crowded and crazy but fun!

I only packed us snacks for lunch, because we were taking the preachers out for lunch as soon as co-op was over.  I had a cheese stick and a beef stick with water.

Shoney's was chosen for lunch.  I ate grilled salmon with the veggie medley and a salad.  It was really good salmon.  Glad I got that instead of beef again.

I ate 2 Dove Dark Chocolate pieces this afternoon, just to be honest!  That was 9 carbs according to the package serving and division.  ;)  I drank some almond coconut milk with it and also had just maybe 1/2 TBSP of natural pb.  

Tonight I got all thrown off because we planned to take the preachers to Denny's again, but both of them preferred to just go on to their rooms and rest tonight.  We were very hungry and hadn't eaten, so we weren't sure what to do.  Hubby said Wendy's, and as soon as I heard that I knew I was getting the #1 combo.  :::sigh:::  Old demons die hard!  I also had a small choc frosty.


But I went nearly 3 full days of low carb before having a slip-up this time.  I'm making little improvements, right?!  To my surprise, eating low carb hasn't been nearly as hard as I thought it would be.  At first, I kept telling myself I didn't want to do it because I couldn't eat fruits.  Then I pointed out to myself that I never eat fruit when I'm eating all junky and terrible, so what's the difference?  So in lieu of fruits, I try to aim for veggies at every opportunity.

So there's the update I knew you were all dying for, unable to sleep waiting for, and are so glad to have gotten.  Haha  Despite ending the day on a bad note, I am overall proud of myself and the self control I have been exhibiting for more than 2-hour increments.  Seriously.  Lol   Goodnight!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday was Monday.  I did NOT have a low-carb day at all.  In fact, it was the polar opposite.  Nothing went right.  I think I mentioned that my cell phone is messed up.  Well, I stayed up way too late scouring the internet for solutions or replacements.  Woke up Monday morning and began looking on the Verizon site.  Nowhere near my upgrade date.  :-/  I was about to give up hope and succumb to putting one on a credit card.  The cheapest basic phone I could get, without it being time to renew, was $149.99.  The only one my store had in stock was $199.99.  Yuck.  Why do I have such bad luck with phones???

In the end, I put a post on fb stating what had happened and asking if anyone had a basic phone I could have or buy from them.  A girl I know said she had one that she was no longer using, had upgraded to a smart phone, and she wanted to give it to me because it was free when she got it.  I picked it up from her this morning, and she still had the FedEx box it was delivered in with the manual, charger, and all.  Wow.  It is a flip phone with a full keyboard, and everything is in a slightly different place.  Texting is slow going for now, but I'm happy to have a fully working phone!

I got my permanent crown this morning.  While at the dentist, my crazy other phone kept turning itself off and on.  Lol  I explained to the staff that I was NOT being rude and playing with my phone.  After the appointment is when I got the "new" old phone.  I'm so thankful that I didn't have to spend a dime!

So anyway, Monday was a flop.  I actually didn't feel guilty for it, though.  It was a crazy day, out of the house a lot, which wasn't planned, and I did have two good low-carb days the two previous days.  I had no breakfast, an Arby's sandwich for lunch but no fries, and grilled cheeseburgers for supper with chips and baked pole green beans.  I did make a dessert, called Rolo Brownies.  It's a recipe from back when I sold Pampered Chef.  Somehow, I only ate 2 brownies.  Instead of skim milk, I drank my almond coconut milk.  I'm in no way claiming this was a good eating day, but it could've been WAY worse.  Another plus is that we wrapped up the leftover brownies in packages and gave some to neighbors.  So now they are outta here!

Today, though, I jumped right back into low carb.  I knew it would be tempting to grab some breakfast while out and alone at 8:00.  So while getting ready, I promised the Lord I would come home and eat scrambled eggs.  So I did.  I had that along with turkey sausage links and mixed squash and peppers cooked in coconut oil and drank some coffee with cream.

For lunch, I made the kids whole wheat spaghetti.  For myself, I cooked a fresh salmon fillet and some spaghetti squash.  Then I made up an alfredo sauce with Laughing Cow, cream cheese, heavy cream, and seasonings.  Then I cooked 4 Brussels sprouts and tossed those in, too.  Delicious.  I really, really never knew how much I loved salmon.

Later in the day, I had some almonds for a snack.

Supper was a beef roast with carrots, celery, and radishes instead of potatoes.  I also had green beans.  Hubby and the kids had some mac and cheese, but I didn't take one bite.  We all lived without dinner rolls and drank water.  :)

My husband had to go mow the church grass, so I stayed home and sat outside and watched the kids play what they called basketball.  Lol  I got a bit hungry, so I grabbed a 0% plain Greek yogurt.  I knew that would be gross, so I put some natural peanut butter, chia seeds, and a sprinkle of the Trim Healthy Mama sweet blend.  Now that I could live with!  I actually liked it.  I think technically I'm not supposed to do much of the erythritol/stevia blend, but right now I'm really only concerned with an honest effort, not perfection or rigidness of rules.  I am sure I will bend and break the rules plenty.

Oh, I did have one Dove dark chocolate square today either before or after lunch.  That tad of chocolate is just really amazing for me.  Lol  I always buy it and say I'll just have one or two and then go haywire, but now that I had hubby hide it all is well.

Right now, I'm drinking some unsweetened almond coconut milk - probably 4 to 6 oz.  I am so happy that I found a milk substitute that has zero net carbs and a taste I can enjoy.  I did really good with water intake today, too.

Tomorrow starts revival at our church, so I'm not sure how much I will be able to blog over the next few days.  I am really going to put forth effort during this time.  We will be taking the guest preachers out to eat for two meals a day - usually late afternoon and then after the evening church service.  I'm sure I will have one day of not doing low carb, but I'm really, really going to try to make this work at least two of the next three days!  It was so exciting to see 4.5 pounds gone in 2 days.  I didn't weigh this morning, though, because I didn't want to see how much came back.  Haha  Talk with y'all soon!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Two Days of Low Carb Eating

I am still conflicted about dieting, eating programs, and what to do!  Obviously, I don't have enough self control to do WW anymore... at least not right now.  I think it's GREAT that you can eat whatever you want with WW, but right now I'm having huge food issues.  I can't stop at a normal serving, and having one bad thing just makes me want another.  So trying to count points lasted all of two days.  Yeah, nice.

So then I went a few more days with no restrictions at all.  That's not gonna work, no way.  I finally just stopped and prayed.  I admitted to the Lord that I know what I'm doing to myself.  I just don't understand WHY I'm doing it since I know better.  So I just prayed and asked for help.  I didn't make any specific vows or commitments.  I just needed to pray and vent and get everything out that was on my heart.

I decided to try low carb on Friday.  I did great with breakfast!  And then I failed.  NOTHING went right on Friday.  Nothing.  So things just got pushed aside and I told myself I'd start "tomorrow."

Thankfully, I actually did start on Saturday.  I had scrambled eggs and sausage for breakfast.  Lunch was grilled bbq chicken legs, half an ear of corn on the cob, and some oven baked pole beans with seasonings.  Now technically, I'm sure the chicken legs weren't officially low carb because of the bbq sauce.  And I looked up the carbs in corn before eating, so that's why I cut my ear in half.  But I did start BEFORE going to the grocery store and already had that meal planned for the day.  Kudos to me for not putting things off yet another day because everything wasn't perfect.

I didn't have an official supper because I was out grocery shopping.  I didn't know what to do, but I knew I didn't want to mess up!  So I got some almonds, beef jerky, and a cheese stick and ate that (only about 1/4 pack of the almonds).  When I got home that night, I had a spoonful of natural peanut butter with some of the stuff I'm gonna tell you about next.

I could not STAND almond milk when I did Trim Healthy Mama.  Grossed me out so bad!  But last night I picked up some Almond Breeze unsweetened almond AND coconut milk mixture.  I love it!  Sure, it has a different aftertaste than milk. But it is actually milk-like in texture.  I can't tell you how much I hated almond milk.  I tried to like it.  I would buy it and it would ruin.  Blech.  So if you hated it, too, but like coconut try the blend.  Zero net carbs for 1 whole cup, and it has double the calcium as milk.  I was surprised!

This morning I made 2 eggs fried in coconut oil and 2 turkey sausage links.  Had my coffee with cream.  Lunch was pork bbq that I rolled up in a low-carb tortilla with mayo and jalapenos.  My sides were broccoli and cheese and fried radishes with onion.  I really enjoyed that meal.  Tonight, I had tuna salad (tuna, eggs, mayo), cheese, and pork rinds.  Hey - they're low carb!  I only had about 7 pieces.

I had a mega huge craving come over me.  I told my husband to give me ONE dove dark chocolate piece (he hid them at my request).  I savored that thing, and even after one day of no sweets it tasted more flavorful.  I drank the almond/coconut milk with it.  Then I had decaf coffee with some of that in it, too.  I drank a good amount of water today as well.

Overall, I'm pleased with yesterday and today.  I sure hope to get back to the gym this week.  My son is mostly better.  He went two nights with no breathing treatments but had to have one tonight after playing outside after church.

It poured the rain here last night while I was grocery shopping.  The wind nearly jerked my umbrella away.   When getting out of the van, I heard something hit the ground.  My phone had fallen out of my purse! I don't have a smart phone, but still.  I grabbed it up immediately and it seemed fine.  I didn't take it apart, though, and I guess I should've.  Sometime during the night the screen went black.  I can send and receive calls and even receive texts, but I can't see who is calling or texting.  Ugh.  I'm not due for an upgrade until 06/2015.  Not good.  I found an old phone here at home that I hope will work for switching service to.

You can have that last, totally unrelated paragraph for free.  No charge.  So that's all for now!